Thursday, August 28, 2014


I read that there are approximately 155 million blogs in the world. That's a lot of bloggers. That's a whole lot of posts on a whole lot of topics. It makes me think how many other people are posting about it what I am. Right now.

It makes it hard to be original. That post you thought was so original because you wouldn't have thought about it if that thing didn't happen. Yeah, I bet a hundred people already posted about it. Maybe even today.

I'm not saying that having your own voice isn't being original. It is. Especially if it's your authentic voice. If not then yeah not so original, sorry. I am saying that topics, ones you thought were 'omg so random' most likely aren't 'omg so random'.
Is that a bad thing? No, not if you're authentic. Authenticity is hard to fake even on the internet. People call others out on their bullshit all the time. Rightfully so, I think. Bullshitting others is like a smack in the face, a 'I think you're too stupid to realise I'm bullshitting you because I'm obviously a lot smarter than you'. How. Rude. You. Asshole.

So what to do? Keep posting about whatever YOU want in YOUR voice. Be yourself. Fuck whatever everyone else is doing, focus on yourself. If you think a topic is great post about it YOUR way. If you think someone's voice is great then read or listen to them but don't try and be them. That isn't being original and you could piss people off including yourself.

So to those others that may have posted or posting about originality and being original, good topic choice. Please link below, I'd love to read it!

Monday, August 25, 2014


The winter flu has hit our household. It may be tonsillitis or teething regardless it's not fun. 
The week before exam week too. Of course.
It does mean lots of sleep and cuddles which make up for the snot and vomit. It's so hard seeing your kids unhappy. Thankfully they've both been fantastic taking medicine which definitely helps.
I made a cake with the help of the kids. Lufflump chose the colour of the cake. It feels like every cake we make is blue. I managed to convince them that white icing is 'fancy' and we can have sprinkles to make it pretty.

There's a reason why I don't bake or cook often. This photo is of the best piece, the only piece that didn't fall apart. The falling apart started when I took it out of the tin. This isn't a one off disaster, this is very common. It's a miracle when it doesn't happen.

An ugly cake can be delicious though and this is a photo of a delicious cake. The mister managed to consume most of it in one sitting and the kids have asked for more so it must be delicious.
We moved into this house about a month ago and know how long we are going to be here, roughly. We have never lived in a house knowing how long we would be here. We were living in limbo as we didn't know when the mister would be leaving for the airforce. Now that we are here for a certain period of time, give or take a few months, we have decided to make this house our home.
I have a desk nook which is a work in progress and probably will be forever. I like it though, it's cute and functional. My dream is to fix up the table and chairs. They previously lived in my Opa's kitchen and were known as the casual or kids table. I fell in love and when he died they became mine. They deserve to be in good condition.

The kids have their paintings up in their rooms. We need to buy some bits and pieces for their art wall in the toy room and then that will be done too.
I am a hater of bright lights like the ones we have outside. Not only are they too bright but they flicker slightly. I cannot stand it so I got my handyman on and put up fairy lights. It's still too cold at night to be outside but it's a start. 
I have a remote on my phone! Yes, this is an exciting part of my weekend. I fell asleep trying to get sesame asleep on Saturday night. At 5pm. So yes this is now my exciting life.

Getting this remote app on my phone means we don't have to click through the ten or so home shopping channels just to get to a good channel, that probably doesn't have anything worth watching anyway.

What is with all this AFL on all the channels, Victoria?! We get it, you like AFL. We also understand that we suck at being Victorians. We don't need it rubbed in our face all the time. Is there an off season for this madness?

The rest of my weekend included reading, studying, eating, watching many TV series; The Office, House of Lies, Mindy Project and Parks and Recreation.

Please tell me your exciting weekend so I can live through you. Alternatively, please tell me your stay at home weekend so we can be in solidarity.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sick Children. Inspirational Quotes.

I have a sick child. Not sick sick just flu sick.

It's made me think about how lucky we are and how strong parents can be. Fur parents too. Before children I was a mum to a cat and seeing her after she was hit by a car was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Wall-E is my third child and I'm more over protective of him at times than I am of my own children. Wow, that sounds bad. I'm not saying I'm not over protective of my children, I'm just saying that I care for my cat too and I'm not undermining any parents, fur or otherwise.

Lucky may be the wrong word. I don't know what the right word is. Maybe, fortunate is the word. We are very fortunate that we haven't had to deal with a very sick child. Every night I hug my children thanking the universe that they are healthy and happy.

Well, maybe I don't do that every night but I should. I should be more thankful, more grateful for my life. I really need to print off more inspirational posters to put around my desk which I am not sitting at. Maybe not.

I have a slight obsession with inspirational quotes and posters. In fact, I have one as my phone background. This one;
I don't know if they work but I like the thought and look of them. I don't have them posted all over my bathroom mirror though. The mister would not like that. I also don't have that many anywhere except for my Pinterest boards. Which, I don't really visit as much as I should. Wow, I fail at inspirational posters. How is that even a thing?

I can't leave this post on that crappiness. Maybe I don't fail so much and if I do then all I need to do is read and pin more inspirational quotes. Quotes that remind me to be more thankful and grateful for the health of my children and family. In the meantime here's one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite inspirational people.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Searching. Posting.

Wow, I really didn't think I'd be able to log back into this account. I thought it would be dead like my myspace account when my old email got hacked. Luckily, I thought, I didn't make this blog private like I had my myspace.

Anyway, I'm in and I'm posting.
Or am I?
I don't want to feel the pressure of posting again, like I had to post rather than want to post. What do people normally do when they miss blogging but aren't sure if they really miss it? Do they have a bunch of posts in drafts? Do they keep their updates a week or a month behind? Have a bunch ready in drafts and just live in the past in the blog world? I don't think I could do that. In fact I know I couldn't do that. I have no patience at all, for anything. Well, maybe for my children but that's selfish, it's more for my sanity. So I'll probably post this because I have to. For me. Maybe there will be more posts, maybe not. We'll see if I feel like I'm living a post worthy life.

I don't even remember when I stopped blogging. I remember why, well a couple of reasons why. One was because I felt pressured to write but I also felt like I was going nowhere with it. It was a chore rather than a hobby. It became all competitive and unfun (spell check wants me to change that to unfunny - so unfun isn't a word but unfunny is...).  Two was because I didn't feel like I was living a life worth sharing with other people. I'm just another stay at home mum with two kids and a working partner. Woop-de-doo. I'm still not sure whether I'm living a life worth sharing but I feel like blogging again so there's a positive.

What has changed? SO much! I shall list them because I like lists and I can. Numbers so I can either be all 'woah that's heaps that has changed' or 'oh that's all that has changed'.

1. The mister (finally) got into the RAAF. I am a DG, defence girlfriend. There's one thing that hasn't changed - still no ring on it. We went through the eleven weeks away from each other and survived. It was hard though. We went from talking all through the day about anything and everything to talking for half an hour once a night, if we were lucky. It was nice though. I became independent, taking the kids to and from school and daycare every day. Skating, of course, as I still have to get my licence. He is still studying and doing what he loves. Finally.

2. We moved interstate. From Queensland to the NSW/Victoria border on the Victorian side. It was a long move. We drove and stayed at my MIL's, grandpa's and mum's house during the move. We then moved into a hotel apartment for almost two weeks. I don't mean to brag but we had a daily cleaner. Oh to be in serviced apartments again. We ate out a lot while we were at the hotel, it was nice checking out our new town. Now we live in a massive house; two living areas, four bedrooms (the kids each have a bedroom and a joined toy/play room) with a huge enclosed yard. It's so enclosed our cat, Wall-E can play outside without worry. Sorry to tell you Queensland folk but you are getting ripped off. Our energy bills are so much cheaper down here (electricity anyway, we didn't have gas up there), health care cards give you concession on everything and the houses are built for the weather. I can honestly say Victoria is much better than Queensland if you ignore the AFL crap EVERYWHERE and terrible drivers.
3. We got a cat, Wall-E. One day the mister was at work, in the University bar. They knew there was a family of cats living in the wall but for three days they could only hear one, very loud meow. They got someone in who made a hole in the wall and rescued this tiny little, bony kitten. The mister sent me a photo of the poor kitten and I knew I had to have him. Long story short, we named him Wall-E as he was found in a wall. He has been with us for close to a year and he is my third child, my baby. He is loved, not spoilt, loved.
4. I'm studying accounting full time. I hate maths. Not only do I hate maths, I'm hopeless at maths. I do, however, love accounting. Something about the numbers and data just makes me happy. Studying accounting when you are shit at maths isn't easy. I enjoy it though and it keeps me sane. I'm almost half way through and will hopefully be finished somewhere between the end of 2015 and mid 2016. Sooner the better I think but we'll see.
5. Lufflump went to school for six months and is now back in Kindy due to his age. Lufflump loved school. The school wasn't fantastic, teachers were nice but slightly incompetent. Yep, I said it. He is now flourishing at daycare and his kindy teachers informed us he is top of the class and very clever. His school report went in the garbage truck along with any worries that we were doing the wrong thing by moving him out of school. He's still obsessed with dinosaurs but has exchanged the cars for ninja turtles, most of the time.
6. Sesame loves daycare and has long hair now! Sesame and lufflump are at the same daycare where lunch is provided. That means no more making lunches every night! We had four weeks without school or daycare and they learned to play lovely together. They sometimes ask to play in the same rooms at daycare which is just lovely. Sesame has long curly hair. Coming from a straight haired family, both sides, it's strange and envious. She hates getting her hair done at home but loves the daycare ladies doing it. Yep, she's still a terror with full personality and attitude. Her first word was Peppa and her love for Peppa Pig has grown to include Play School, Dora, Barbie and Hoopla Doopla.
7. While I love skating I have realised that derby isn't for me. At least for now. I love skating. I skate everywhere. I love watching derby but I don't enjoy playing it as much as I used to. I fell out of love with derby last year and I haven't managed to rekindle it as much as I wanted to. Maybe one day I'll be back. Maybe one day I'll be fit again and motivated to be strong, healthy and fit. Hopefully.
8. We all live in routine now. It's unexpectedly (for me) nice. When the mister was away I needed routine. The day would begin with a skate to school and daycare, I would come home and study and clean, the kids would be picked up at 2:30, home for afternoon tea, play and then dinner, bath and bed by 7:30. Including me. Well, I would be in bed but reading or watching movies. Now, the kids leave with the mister at 6:30 every morning. One day I spend with sesame and the next day I spend with lufflump, playing and doing fun activities. The rest of the week I'm home alone studying my butt off. They get home around 5, I try to have dinner cooked or at least prepared by then. Then it's dinner, bath and bed by 7:30, sometimes earlier if they are super cranky. The mister and I then have our alone time, watching movies and organising for the next day. Before he left we had no routine, we couldn't. He would work different hours each week so sometimes I'd pick them up and sometimes he would. It was wacked. Being in routine is so nice for us all now.
9. I found out what was wrong with my digestive system and, even though it's a daily battle, have overcome anxiety. For three months last year I left the house a total of two times. Both times for exams. I wish I were exaggerating. When the realisation of traveling to Canberra by car could no longer be ignored I went to a naturopath and acupuncturist. Acupuncture is amazing. I felt normal for the first time in months, years maybe. We discovered my food intolerances and that my blood was full of bad stuff and I started a diet free of eggs, dairy and wheat. I now can eat those in small doses and no longer feel constantly sick. It's so nice leaving the house without fear. It's so nice traveling without fear. I've even eaten out at restaurants, something I hadn't done in years! Life is worth living and I'm living it.

So there's a post. I forgot how long it takes to write a post with a child around. I've gotten afternoon tea, been on dinosaur hunts and read books all while typing this. 
If anyone knows how to archive my old posts so just my new post/s come up on the home page that would be fantastic, thank you.

Monday, May 27, 2013


Day twenty-four: Your top 3 worst traits.

One: Procrastinating. I am a professional procrastinator. Not something I'm proud of although I'm good at it.

Two: Short attention span. Seriously short. I cannot do just one thing. If I'm watching a movie or TV I'll also be reading, playing games or on social media on my phone. It drives the mister crazy.

Three: Lack of confidence. I write myself off before I attempt new things. I still attempt it but my mind usually is right and I suck. I need to be kinder to myself but after 27 years of beating myself up it's hard to be nice. I'm working on it.


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