Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Want to play? Join in the fun - Faith Hope & a Whole Lotta Love and My Little Drummer Boys. I'm not linking up this week as I don't have the time or energy to go to everyone else's wonderful photos.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Admirable Women I Don't Secretly Hate

You know those mothers that you hear or read about and they are just so wonderful it makes you so envious you kinda hate them? You then meet them and they are so lovely you can't hate them but you still admire and want to be like them? No? Me either because you know that would be petty and weird. But let's say you do know what I'm talking about, humour me.

I know some of those mothers from blogging. Two that I can think of straight away. Two mothers and women who I admire and secretly hate because they make me look terrible and lazy. No, seriously these women are so lovely that you can not hate them even secretly.

One is Naomi from Seven Cherubs. Yes, she has seven gorgeous kids who are so well mannered and behaved. She even takes all seven kids shopping and to dinner. I struggle with one, I couldn't imagine seven. Naomi is the brains (and beauty) behind the Happiness Project which brought over one hundred bloggers together about one thing - being happy. Her current project is Cherishing Cherubs which is all about appreciating the little people in your life. 
Naomi isn't just amazing on her blog either. No, she is one of the most lovely people I've ever met. She is cute, sweet and oh so nice. Every time I see her I want to give her a BIG hug. She's the type of person that radiates happiness and makes you want to be a better person. She's contagious! I may or may not have a mummy crush on her.

The other mummy I really admire is Kelly from Be a Fun Mum. If you are one of her 273 followers on Instagram you'll know why this woman is so admirable. Her photos are all about her and her kids doing stuff like going to the park, going on adventuresdoing craft and beaching it. They always seem to be doing something and I usually am still in bed while looking at her amazing photos. 
I met Kelly last week at the Kelloggs Mum Brunch and she really does glow. She also was wearing some awesome white lace stockings and I scared her little boy but anyway her smile can brighten up a room. She makes you want to smile and she has that Oprah thing where she makes you feel like the most important person in the world. I may or may not also have a mummy crush on her.

There are so many mothers and women who I admire but these two are the ones that stand out to me. I believe it's their positivity towards parenting, life and others. It's like they wake up on the right side of the bed every morning. They aren't pretentious either, it's just them living the best life they can for themselves and their family. That's beautiful and admirable.

Do you know a woman/women you admire but don't secretly hate?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Pretty New Me

I've been very lucky lately winning some awesome stuff through blogs. I've won a Dettol pack from Kate, a DVD from Naomi, eye cream from Dani, a bathroom cleaning pack from Lori, an amazing vacuum cleaner from Brenda and a blog makeover from Melissa

So what do you think of my makeover? It's bright, it's fun and it's in your face - everything I like to think I am.
Thank you Melissa, you genius you! If you are looking for a makeover (she's so quick too) check out her blog, she's friendly and very helpful. In fact she was the one who helped me do my original design when I began this blog. She has some pretty amazing tips on her blog too. 

Happy Monday

"If you focus only on yourself and neglect others, you will lose; but you will gain if you value others as much as you cherish yourself.”
-Dalai Lama

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sesame - Twelve Weeks

We are there. Passed the horrid first trimester, finally. It feels like I've been pregnant forever although I sometimes forget I'm pregnant. It happened last time and I'll be the size of a house and forget again. Can I blame a bad case of baby brain?

I'm so glad I have energy back. I like the second trimester, apart from the hormones and big belly it's not like pregnancy takes over your body. Exhaustion and nausea don't take over your days like the first and last trimesters. I actually feel human again.

Oh and I've felt human as in womb human moving about. I didn't feel Lufflump until I was eighteen weeks pregnant but I swear I've felt Sesame this week. I know some of you said you felt the second baby a lot earlier than the first and I'm riding on that. I'm adamant I've felt Sesame move around. I like the first feelings as they don't hurt, there's no elbows or feet in awkward places.

My belly is definitely growing as are my boobs. Not complaining about the latter although I liked it when they weren't as sensitive. I've bought a Belly Belt pack so I can still wear my loved jeans. It works out a hell of a lot cheaper than buying maternity jeans too so the mister is extremely happy. I've also invested in some longer t-shirts that I'll be able to wear throughout my pregnancy. I still haven't bought anything else maternity (apart from a pair of jeans that collect every bit of lint and two maternity bras) but I think I'll wait until I'm bigger.
12 weeks 4 days
Please excuse the belly shots the mister wasn't home to take them.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Kids Birthday

In honour of Dani's little man's birthday this week's Polyvore is Kids Birthday Party. Our birthday parties are pretty laid back both have been at parks with more adults than kids. 

Casual is the key so I went with some simple black skinny's, a Batman shirt and yellow connies with dark sunnies and a Pink Floyd bag. Of course we'd have a delicious cake, plenty of balloons and presents.
Kids Birthday by tutuames
Wanna play along? It's fun, a little bit mean (limitless, free credit card anyone?), perfect procrastination and if you are anything like me you won't be able to stop at just one!

Check out other Polly Dolly's at Danimezza. While you're there check out Danielle's other posts. She is one happening woman!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Date Day

The mister is still working heaps. I'm still irritated that we don't have our weekends together BUT he has cut down his hours so at least I see him for more than an hour on the weekends. Plus I'm not sick anymore so it's not a massive deal looking after Lufflump. Wow I sound like a babysitter rather than a mother. Bad mother.

Anyway, last night I was thinking that the mister does SO much for me yet he hardly does anything for himself and he deserves SO much. I told him we were going into the city for a pampering day. Me to get a manicure and my eyebrows done and him to have a massage. He didn't want a massage, he'd rather shop. What is it with guys and pampering? So we headed into the city for a city day.
New eyebrows
I got my eyebrows done at Benefit Cosmetics. While they are darker and thicker than I'm used to, I like them. The girls were lovely too which always makes it a better experience. I also got two maternity bras, a Jim Morrison (male) shirt and an awesome singlet with built in bra. The mister got a shirt and awesome headphones. We also had a delicious lunch at a restaurant we love. The first time we went there we sat at these half tables and I knocked my whole lunch off the table onto the floor. At the time the mister and I were having a conversation about similar experiences where we both thought the customer should have to pay for another meal/drink. The staff were amazing and quickly brought out another meal which they gave to us for free. We are now loyal customers. One shitty thing did happen; I finally got the balls to get snake bites (piercings on both sides of my bottom lip), after fifteen minutes of talking it out with the piercer I remembered I was pregnant. Of course that means they can't do them so now I have seven months until I can get my balls back. Dammit!
Ignore the dirty mirror and check out those pregnancy boobies!
The day wasn't made wonderful by what we bought or paid for. It was wonderful for me because it felt like we weren't parents, we were a couple again. Today I fell more in love with my wonderful man. He didn't get pampered or feel like a king like he deserves, so I asked him what would make him feel like a king. The simple things obviously, he wanted the house back in order. So I've spent all afternoon and night doing just that for him. I even did the shitty jobs like taking the rubbish out and organising the bills. 

I can't wait till he comes home. My king can relax tomorrow before he embarks on an eleven hour shift.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Back... I Think...

I think I'm back. I think I'm going to stop abandoning this blog. 

Where have I been? Physically, my mum's house and home. Mentally, bed. I've been sick. Bedridden with the flu, vomiting and then a nasty double outer ear infection which landed me in hospital. Lufflump has also been sick with a nasty case of the flu which also landed him in hospital. That was over a week ago and we are both still unwell. I can't hear quiet or long distant noises which is extremely annoying and apparently will last another five or so weeks. It's taken it's toll on not only me and Lufflump but our whole family. I couldn't even see my dad on his birthday because we were still contagious. 

Twitter has been my only contact with the outside world and even that felt like too much work most times. I became a hermit, not even touching a computer for over a week - the most time I have stayed away from one since I was eleven. Bed became my home, most days I'd wake around 8am, napped for five hours during the day then back in bed at 7pm. Friday was the last day of that. Today I only napped for a couple of hours. It's getting better.

I haven't answered emails and the ones I have answered I barely remembering answering. I have neglected wonderful people (I'm sorry) and I'm slowly getting back on board. Today was the first time I spent over an hour on the computer.

So that's where I've been (bed) for the last week and a bit. I'm back now and making sure I don't get sick again eating lots of fruit and drinking lots of mineral water or fruit juice.
Fruit salad and yoghurt dinner

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I've been MIA (missing in action) on here I know.

Lufflump is getting teeth which means he has been sleeping terribly with a temperature. We spent the weekend down at my mum's (complete with a trip to a Wedding Expo - a post is in the works) and arrived home Monday to a sick mister. Yesterday I slept when Lufflump slept then the mister went to work (sick) so there was no real time for blogging yesterday.

Today I've been addicted to Pinterest and organising our first Halloween party which is to be Zombie themed. 

The mister is still sick and Lufflump is better but still not 100%. His eyes are really odd and his cheeks are bright red. Teething sucks. I thought he already had his two-year-old molars but apparently they have two sets of molars if the two-year-old ones are through? Molars are cruel.
Vegemite toast, orange and rice crisps for dinner
The mister has gone to work because everyone else called in sick. Warning: whinging begins. I know he is working hard seven days a week so we don't have to worry about money and I appreciate that but I miss him. He has always worked long weeks but recently he had a few weeks off so I got used to him being home. It was wonderful having him home when I was getting evening sickness (which has thankfully settled down) but he started working seven days a week when I was still getting sick. I really noticed him not being here. I miss having dinner with him even one night a week. I miss having us time without having to do anything else. I miss being awake when he comes home. I told him today that for his health and our family he needs to ask for Monday nights off. Not only am I missing him but I'm also worried he'll burn himself out especially now he is sick. End whinge.

Want to check out some awesome zombie stuff I've pinned? There is some serious stuff over here.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hippie Polly

My favourite style would have to be the hippie style. It's in my blood, as both my parents are hippies.

I have no idea what the urban hippie style is so I just went for a set that I would love to own and wear. So where's that limitless, no pay back credit card?
Hippie Polly by tutuames

Wanna play along? It's fun, a little bit mean (limitless, free credit card anyone?), perfect procrastination and if you are anything like me you won't be able to stop at just one!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Food Habits

I love food. Chocolate especially. The mister shares my love of chocolate and we are known to buy a weeks worth of chocolate and eat it in a day. I've heard it's good for you. Something about endorphins. I know you can get them while exercising but eating chocolate is so much better. Also, chocolate apparently sets off similar chemicals in your brain that falling in love does.

Lufflump, however, does not like chocolate. He's eaten it before but doesn't like it. He'd much prefer to eat savoury food like olives, chips and anything really salty. I think it was because I ate chocolate and cake all throughout my pregnancy with him. I caused his dislike of sweets. It works out well though. We, adults, eat the chocolate while Lufflump eats apples, oranges, olives or vegemite sandwiches. Apparently that's healthier than chocolate.
Eating Barbie is NOT recommended
Lufflump doesn't like a lot of things. In fact he refuses to eat a lot. He does love certain foods though like sausages. I think he could eat sausages forever. He also likes spicy food especially curries. Let's not forget yoghurt. He makes yoghurt companies rich. In fact we are looking to buy a yoghurt machine to save money, that's how much yoghurt he consumes. The only time he eats vegies are when they are on pizza.

I worry. The mister tells me I shouldn't, that his body will eat what it needs to, but I still worry. It's part of being a mother isn't it? I worry that he isn't getting the nutrients he should be from vegetables. I worry that he drinks too much milk and that he should be using cups instead of bottles. I worry that he eats too much vegemite, doesn't that have a lot of salt in it?

He does eat fruit, an apple and orange at least, every day. Sometimes he'll eat carrot but more often than not he just chews then spits it out (like an old man). 

I know this isn't a common toddler problem so please help me out with suggestions. What do you put in your kid's lunch box?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sesame - Eight Weeks

I've missed a week. Sesame did have a seventh week in the womb but it wasn't very eventful.

I don't feel pregnant. I know I am but I don't feel it. I know I didn't feel pregnant last time until late in the third trimester. I'm still getting sick in the evenings. I stopped drinking soda water as my stomach ended up feeling like it was on fire every time I did. Cordial and water seems to upset my stomach too. I'm now drinking a couple of glasses of coke or other soft drink as it seems to have the right amount of bubbles. The mister actually picked up a couple of bottles of mineral water for me to try so I'll give that a go tomorrow when he's home.

I've been sooking when the mister goes to work which is every night. I know it's not fair but I'd gotten used to him being home more and now he's gone every night coming home when I'm asleep. I think once this sickness is gone (it hasn't been every night lately so fingers crossed that's a sign) I'll be used to him working and feel grateful again. Until then I'm going to try and bite my tongue.

Lufflump has been wonderful. If I'm sick we both turn everything off and head to bed to watch movies sometimes for three hours before he falls asleep. He doesn't even try and get out of bed which helps me so much. I can't wait till we won't have this routine anymore. It's not fair to him and I'm forever grateful that he has been helping me out whenever I tell him mummy feels sick.

I haven't gained more weight (that I know of) but I'm still not prepared to put my jeans into storage. It took me so long last time and I think that it will take until I swap my winter wardrobe for my summer wardrobe. So a while. I can't wait until I have a belly so I stop just looking like I have bad muffin top. Vain I know.
8 weeks
My anxiety has also sky rocketed and I have become a major hermit. I haven't left the house since last Wednesday (drive way doesn't count). I know it's because I've been sick and the last thing I want is to be sick when I'm out and about. Thankfully the mister understands and has been so helpful. Today he did the grocery shopping all by himself and bought a fancy steam mop thingy (it looks more like a vacuum cleaner).

I can't say I'm enjoying this pregnancy yet. I know I will. I hope I will. I know it's all worth it at the end so I'm more than happy to stick it out. I can't wait to hold Sesame for the first time. Just under 220 days to go!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Conference #nonnb #nnb2011

While most of Australia's bloggers were at the Nuffnang Bloggers Conference in Melbourne on Saturday I was not. Instead of pre #nnb2011 drinks, conference and post #nnb2011 drinks I looked after a sick toddler, was sick in bed both Friday and Saturday nights before 7:30 and drooled over everyone's #nnb2011 tweets. It wasn't all bad though. I did nap every afternoon, spent most of Saturday home alone watching what I wanted to watch, got my hair done and spent time with the mister, Lufflump and my dad. Did I mention my early bed times? Bliss.
Home alone Saturday watching The Renovators
Do I wish I had gone to Melbourne? Honestly, no. Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to meet all the amazing bloggers who attended the conference but I know I would have felt anxious the whole time and sick in the evenings. I'd much rather see those amazing people when I'm healthier and can drink. I don't think dancing on tables sober has the same feeling as after a few drinks.
Having cuddle attacks instead of going to #nnb2011
The conference did get me thinking though. There are another two conferences for bloggers that I'm aware of and they are both in Melbourne. Another two I cannot attend. I just financially and physically cannot do it. I wish I could though. I wonder how many other people in Brisbane are in my shoes. Or in Adelaide or Perth or Darwin? Places that seem to be forgotten when it comes to blogging conferences. I understand the reasoning behind it (more bloggers in Sydney and Melbourne as well as businesses) but that still doesn't help me or other bloggers who aren't able to leave their families or travel.

So what if Brisbane had it's own bloggers conference? Of course people could travel from other states and areas to us and it's closer to Darwin than Melbourne is. Plus it would mean I and other Brisbane bloggers would be able to attend. There's a catch though. I have NO idea how to organise these things, I've never organised a conference let alone an event for bloggers. Sure, I have ideas like venue and numbers but that's where it stops. 

I'm putting the call out to the experienced, talented and knowledgable bloggers out there, would you like to help me hold a conference here in Brisbane? Maybe like a committee (is that the right word)? Or you could totally take over and do it yourself. As long as the outcome is the same I'm happy.

Please email me if you are interested in any way. Oh and you don't have to live in Brisbane, we can totally Skype!!

Happy Monday

Mondays aren't usually the brightest days so I thought a happy start to the day would make at least me feel better about the day ahead (today is too early, lazy day!). So here goes. If you want to join in please link to your post in the comments. Smiles :)

You are beautiful.


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