About Me

Hi, I'm Ames. I suck at introductions. I never introduce people and I'd rather find out about you rather than talk about me. That defeats the purpose of an About Me page though, so I'll introduce myself the best I can.

I'm a twenty-eight year old full time accounting student and mother. I don't call myself a housewife as I'm not a wife and I hate housework. I live with my mister who refuses to put a ring on my finger as two children is enough commitment according to him. Yeah, right. The mister works hard for his family in the airforce. 

We are new to the defence life and are in our lovely first posting in regional Victoria. The city girl in me winces each time I hear or say regional. It's very nice here though and we are enjoying learning about this area.

I like unicorns, cats, matching pegs, skulls, teapots, chocolate, skating, tea and salmon. I dislike folding washing, the sound of biting nails, failing, sweating, hills and vacuuming.

The mister and I had been together for just over five months when we found out I was pregnant. It was also the week before we went on a three month working trip to mango farms in the Northern Territory and north Queensland. It didn't take long for us to fall in love with our Lufflump. He slotted into our lives so well and was such a good, happy baby and now child. He loves cars, dinosaurs, tools, music, soccer, ninja turtles, telling stories and movies. His favourite person is my dad, his Opa. 

In 2011 I found out I was pregnant with surprise number two, Sesame (after the size of the baby when we found out I was pregnant). I used this blog as my pregnancy diary, as I wish I'd done with Lufflump. She's Miss Attitude and loves music, cuddles, dancing, bottles, purple, Peppa Pig, Hoopla Doopla, The Wiggles, Playschool, running and painting. Her favourite person is her daddy.

I keep starting and stopping blogging. One day I'll decide but until then this is my journey. 


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