Friday, September 28, 2012

Roller Derby Update

It's been a while since I've done a proper roller derby update. So much has happened since June!

I finished and passed phase one of Northern Brisbane Rollers (NBR) Recreation League (rec league). I still had a lot to work on before phase two and thankfully we had a roughly six week break between rotations. During that time I trained once or twice a week still with a lovely group of girls at a social derby skills skate. I still attend that every Wednesday night and I cannot explain how valuable that time has been.
My helmet thanks to the mister. My number is the years the children were born - 2009/2012.
So far I'm in week five of phase two. Our next session in two weeks time will be our skills test to see if each skater is ready to move to phase three. I will be doing the test but doubt I will move up to phase three. Phase two is pretty fun and I have a lot I'd like to work on before scrimmaging in phase three.

What I can comfortably do;

  • Skate in roller derby position (knees bent, elbows against side, hands in a fist holding boobs in)
  • Single knee falls/slides
  • Double knee fall/slide
  • 180 knee slide
  • Baseball slide
  • Get up from the above falls/slides without using hands
  • Stepping
  • Weaving
  • Transitions to the right
  • T-stops on right side
  • Crossovers
  • Starts
  • Anything on my toe stops
  • Plow stops
What I need to work on;
  • Balance. Still.
  • Blocking with hip not shoulder
  • 25 in 5 (PB: 23)
  • 5 in 1 (PB: 4.5)
  • Pack speed endurance (12sec pack laps)
  • Transitions to the left
  • T-stops on left side
I'm enjoying skating so much and advancing. My favourite move is the Owl Stop where you turn around jumping onto your toe stops. I suck at explanations but if I can get it on film I will post it up. My balance is so bad yet I can do this, it's amazing!

Here's to growing as a skater, athlete and person :)
Clashing on the rink is my style.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What I Wore: Hospital Pick Up

The mister finally had his operation last week. Nothing big, just a hernia removed but it means big things. In six months he'll be sending off a letter from his doctor stating that he is now fit to join the airforce. After almost four years he'll be going away. That's an entirely different post though.

I wasn't meant to be going to pick him up from the hospital. His mum was but at the last minute we decided it would be easier if we all went so I could run in and we didn't have to pay for parking. There was one problem, nothing major just the fact that our car doesn't really fit a person and two carseats in the back seat. Luckily I didn't need to sit in the back as I waited at the hospital for the mister's medication while his mum drove him home so he could lay down.
Waiting at the hospital.
This outfit was thrown on in literally a minute. A quick 'oh shit, what am I going to wear' moment. Luckily I'd just done a shitload of washing so everything was clean.
Comfy jeans!
I love these jeans. They're super tight like leggings (I refuse to call them jeggings. I do not own jeggings) but comfortable. Oh and they're green! I like green, it's fun and fresh while still a bit tough and not pastel. Don't get me wrong I love pastel jeans but I don't think I could pull them off, they're very girly.
Ignore the bra strap please.
The shoes go perfectly! They were a gift from my SIL as they hurt her feet. They're a tad too big for me so they don't hurt and are quite comfy too. I'm all about the comfort!

This shirt is a versatile favourite. The colours mean it goes with almost everything and it's also comfy. The only problem is it's kind of see through so I do wear a singlet underneath. It's not the best for really hot weather but more than fine when there's a bit of wind around.

Hats are a must when having short hair. Constant bed hair can be passed off with long hair but not with my short hair. I find this is the perfect 'not cold but not hot' hat. In America I think they'd call it a fall hat.
This is the type of photo that happens when selfies are the only way to go.
Top - Trade Secret 2009
Singlet - Supre
Jeans - Cotton On
Shoes - Sportsgirl
Hat - Gift from my mum

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bike Riding Hurts

Magical contraption that makes a bike stationary. Bike seats hurt! Any tips?
Linking up with the wonderful Trish for Wordless Wednesday.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Best Of The Past Week

It was just us three for most of the week and was better than I expected. Such good kids!
Morning hugs/headlocks.
I even managed to get some essential reading in.
Sesame is so good at sitting up now!
Lufflump just wasn't content on picking his own nose while talking to daddy on Skype.
Stickers on the doors, why didn't I think of that before?
The mister came home Friday much to our joy.
The WFTDA Western Regions was on and we spent all weekend watching the awesomeness. A tweet of mine even got read out during the Rat City vs Bay Area bout.
The mister made my helmet pretty while the kids played outside. Summer is going to be so hot!
Best. Shirt. Ever!
Pinterest has some funny finds!
This post is why I love Offbeat Bride. My favourite shoes!
I'm a sucker and changing to Vodafone to get the new iPhone cheaper.
I love when technology collides into awesomeness.
I want this tattoo on my wrist.
I'm obsessed with leopard print at the moment. This dress is perfect!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week Three #operationMOVE

This was a hard week.

Not only was the mister away for his operation and recovery but I also didn't attend one derby training session so I was already two hours down exercise wise.

Looking after the two kids alone took most of my energy. Sesame deciding to wake before 6am most mornings wasn't helpful. This week was the first week I wished I ran or enjoyed walking. My anxiety flares up when thinking of going for a walk with both kids. A treadmill would be ideal. A free treadmill that is.

Anyway, this week was pretty much a write off. I did under four hours, the lowest I've done in months.

Saturday - twenty minutes arm strengthening workout (20mins)
Sunday - two hours roller derby training, five minute walk, fifty crunches, one chin up, ten reverse pull ups, ten minute blocking session with the mister (145mins)
Monday - twenty minutes reverse pull ups, push ups, crunches, fire hydrants (20mins)
Tuesday - thirty minutes push ups, crunches, fire hydrants, hip flexors, ballerinas (30mins)
Wednesday - ten minutes squats, ballerinas (10mins)
Thursday - forty minutes push ups, crunches, reverse crunches, squats, wall sits, derby stance holds (40mins)
Friday - ten minutes of light exercise (10mins)
Total - 275 minutes

Next week should be back to normal. I have my usual four hours of training so will, at least, be exercising more.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

How To Not Be A Shit Neighbour

1. Don't play with your noisy toy helicopter outside our bedroom window. Especially not at 1am.
It's even worse if it's my child's bedroom because then we all get woken up. I don't have much dignity left after having children so I'm not afraid to go outside in my dressing gown to yell at you.

2. Say hello in passing.
I say hello, you say hello. Easier said than done so it seems. Looking at the ground does not make me disappear either, it just makes me more pissed at you.

3. Don't ask us to keep our child indoors before 8am as you work night shift. Especially if you don't work night shift.
If you're the same shit neighbour from number one and two I'm going to make sure my kid is outdoors making a shitload of noise from 6am.

4. Offer a nice gesture without insult.
Saying we can use your side of the garage to park our car is lovely. Saying it'd be easier because ours is full of shit/junk/rubbish is not so lovely especially when it's neatly packed with boxes, furniture and toys not shit/junk/rubbish.

5. Don't put signs up about each resident using their own bins not others then leave a heap of cardboard boxes in the bin area. Especially in the rain.
Did I mention WE had to clean up the sloppy cardboard mess as well? Your sign fails miserably if you're a shit neighbour. If you're not a shit neighbour we'd all be a lot nicer and more helpful.

6. If you live above your neighbour's courtyard try not to throw rubbish/dirt/ash/water/alcohol over your fence. Especially if you can see their clothes hanging out.
I hate washing. I hate washing clothes I've already washed even more. If you've made me double up on washing prepare for some insults to be thrown your way. In hindsight I should have given it to you to wash again seeing as you made it dirty.

7. Don't have parties EVERY weekend if you live in a complex. Parties during the week are just as bad if not worse.
I understand I live in a young uni student area but every weekend? I'm going to call the police if you turn up the music after I've come over with a toddler and a newborn to ask you to turn it down. This could also be filed under the 'You know you're old when...' list.

8. If you move out please take your animals with you. As much as I love your cat, I don't want to be responsible for it.
If you are going to leave your cat behind please tell me so I know it's being looked after. Every time it rains I wonder where that poor cat is hiding out. I'd much prefer if it was hiding out with me. Oh and cats love smoked salmon right?

9. Don't get the water to the whole complex turned off without telling the other residents.
Children need water especially a newborn on formula. I need water in my coffee. Putting a bucket of water down the toilet is NOT the same as flushing. Preparation and knowledge are fantastic tools.

10. If you're cleaning your car/bike/boat/quad please don't take over the whole driveway so nobody can get into their garages. 
We have bits of grass that are wide enough to clean a car/bike/boat/quad, I don't understand why they don't get used. Not only does it mean we can get into the garage, the grass also becomes greener. Win for all!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best Of The Past Week

Naps make everyone happy
Sunday we all had pretzels and spent the morning outside before lufflump and the mister went to the movies.
Lufflump is a total super hero!
Sesame is a super hero just like her brother!
Outside has become our inside and everyone loves it especially these two.
FaceTime is awesome to connect with mum/Noni.
Iron Fist continue to make amazing shoes including these unicorn shoes.
Women's Health's Pinterest boards are worth following for pins like this.
Australian's own roller derby magazine, Hit and Miss, has awesome mercy that I'm eyeing off!
This week I've been obsessively watching archive footage of the 2012 Crossfit Games. Amazing athletes!
These recycled skateboard stools are amazing!
I'm totally lusting over these wheels. Really need a sponsor...

Monday, September 17, 2012

What I Wore: Outdoor Roller Derby Training

Roller derby has taken over my life.

I exercise to be fitter for derby. I don't eat better but if I did it would be for derby. I buy clothes to wear both normally and to derby. Tights have become my best friend thanks to derby. So have socks. Shorter hair is awesome under a helmet hence the big haircut (which I'm now bored of). I even bought a heap of studded earrings so I can wear them with my helmet. Goodbye hoops.

Monday night was the first time we trained outside on netball courts for rec league. It was a mad dash for some to change their wheels to outdoor or hybrids. I borrowed the mister's hybrids so I could lend out my outdoors. I'm not the biggest fan of my outdoors, they're a bit too narrow for my liking whereas the mister's Bruisers are wide and much easier to skate on in my opinion. 

Knowing that at some stage I'd kiss the rough ground it was not the time for skimpy clothes. Layers would protect more than bare skin but I was still going to be sweating so not too many or I'd end up with heat exhaustion. Oh the dilemma! Luckily bruises, blood and gore are a derby girl's trophy. 
I like black.
I chose my usual winter workout outfit. 3/4 tights, skort, knee high socks (stolen from the mister as the heel is where my skates meet my ankle, so comfy), sports bra, NBR singlet, Nike runners, beanie hat and the mister's Threadless jacket.

I found wearing tights without knee highs are uncomfy with my gaskets so knee highs are worn until summer when I'll be sporting rink rash from falling in just shorts.
WTF did red eye reducer thingy do to my eyes?
We did off skates training so the jacket didn't last long. Running, jogging, or in my case skipping, warms you up quickly. Oh and I am definitely not a runner. Asthma hit my like a ton of bricks and I had to sit out. Give me burpees, squat jumps and mountain climbers any day over running or jogging (said with a silent j).
I skipped a lot that night.
I'm vain. I wear makeup to training. Just eyeshadow and mascara and as it's already pretty smudged it doesn't matter how messed up it gets. Wearing makeup doesn't mean you take it any less seriously than the chick who wears none. If you don't believe me come watch a session. On skates, as I suck at off skates training.
Mah face.
On Monday night I fell over, I sweated like a lady and I rode the track like a bitch. It was a successful night indeed. Best part though was roller netball. You read correctly; netball on roller skates. Dangerous, intense and so much fun!

Singlet: NBR official merchandise (buy at bouts)
Jacket: Threadless (doesn't look available anymore)
Skort: Skate Salvage American Apparel
Tights: Target
Socks: The Misters'
Shoes: Nike Air Dictate 2 (bought at Amart All Sports)
Hat: West End Markets $6!


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