Friday, December 23, 2011


I have high hopes for 2012. It's going to be challenging, adventurous, fun, full of love and new opportunities. I just know it. 

I have a few goals I'd like to accomplish, both personal and blog related. I try not to start the new year with expectations or goals that will most likely get forgotten about by February, but next year I'm determined to make some changes. Hopefully by blogging it I'll hold myself accountable.

My personal goals are;
  • Complete my 26 Before 26 list
  • Begin a 27 Before 27 list (SCARY!)
  • Do more charity work, ideally something similar to St Kilda Mums
  • Be more active and mindful daily
  • Romantically connect with the mister more
  • Catch up with friends and family more often
  • Be kinder to my body, mind and loved ones
  • Stay more on top of the housework and organising
My blogging goals are;
Throughout 2012 I'll come back to my goals and see how I'm doing. I might even add new goals along the way. 
Have a rocking Christmas!
Now I'm on a blogging break until the 3rd January. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Years. Enjoy any holiday, big or small, you are having and laugh a lot with loved ones.

Sesame - Week Twenty-Nine

I didn't post last week due to being struck down with gastro. Sunday came and I had a whole new lease on life, got the house back in order and played lots of games with lufflump. It was wonderful. Amazing what a full nights sleep can do!

On Monday we had the 3D scan like we did with lufflump. It wasn't that exciting, actually quite deflating. We all wondered if it was the lady doing the scan, me spending most of the time walking around trying to get sesame into a better position or that we'd done it before. Anyway, the photos are indeed treasured. The similarities between lufflump's and sesame's are amazing!
Sesame left, Lufflump right
On Monday sesame was hiding her head below and in my right hip while kicking me in the ribs. On Wednesday her head was in between my ribs while kicking me in the hips. She keeps turning every which way so who knows how she is laying now. I can never tell.

I had my 28 week check up and glucose test this week. Everything is ok with sesame, she's measuring well with a strong heartbeat. The glucose drink made me really sick and after the blood test I threw the whole drink up and then some. One of my AMAZING midwifes made me Vegemite toast with an ice cold water and put me in one of the birthing rooms to sleep it off. After half an hour I was feeling better and went home. I can't describe how much I appreciate the midwives I have, they are beyond wonderful.

Stupidly I didn't read the instructions for the glucose test properly and had a banana for breakfast which is full of sugar. My glucose levels were 7.8 which is .1 above normal so I'm booked in for another glucose test, one I need to fast for. Most likely it'll come back normal and the banana was the cause for the slightly high reading but best be safe than sorry. 

My iron levels came back a bit low too at 107. On advice from my (amazing) midwife I'm now taking FGF tablets. I'll make sure I up my nut and red meat intake too. Hopefully that means I'll have more energy once my levels rise. That'll be good for the nesting period!

I've bought a couple of things this week for sesame too. One being a simple pink singlet but it's so adorable! It's so little and girly with the little frills around the arms and neck. Oh gosh, the mister is right, he may need a third job! How can I go past all these adorable clothes!? Dangerous indeed!
Awesome night time bathroom mirror shots (fail)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Polly

Miss Polly is on holidays, Christmas holidays. Thea's Polly is also getting dressed lovely for Christmas, giving me some Polly loving!

This is what she'll be wearing Christmas day with the family. Comfy and practical yet with a touch of glam. Much like the celebrations. 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!!
Christmas Polly by tutuames

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Shopping Tips

I've had this in my journal for a few weeks BUT I've left it too long to make much sense this year but these tips can be for any/every year. 
This year our household has been in Christmas denial including not putting up any decorations. A lot of other people in our lives, especially little people, are not in denial of any kind. Christmas is still happening which means shopping must be done. Here are my hot shopping Christmas tips;
  1. Shop early in the year and lay-by. We use the July toy sales to buy for Christmas and the next years birthdays (luckily for our family all birthdays are before July). This option also reduces clutter and the need to hide Christmas gifts from little snoops. It's been a good option for our family so far but with lufflump getting older and pickier with his toys it could get harder. The kid wasn't into dinosaurs when we put the lay-by on but the rest of the family can make up for what we miss out on.
  2. Shop early in the day and never on weekends in December. If you must enter the shopping centres in December try and shop before 10am Monday to Friday. Obviously this won't be easy for those who work but if you can do it, do. The shops seem quieter early in the day too. Avoid Thursday night shopping if you can, it's bedlam. Also, try to do all your shopping before school holidays. I know I may have a child but it doesn't mean I like children or groups of teenagers.
  3. Shop Online. Buy as much as you can online but make sure you check out their shipping times so you don't miss out. If you're organised try and buy in November. Unique stores on madeit and etsy are wonderful for special gifts but again be careful to read the seller's shipping conditions, the last thing you want is the gifts turning up in January. Westfield and a lot of other stores have online stores so you may be able to shop online rather than setting foot in the centre. Please watch out for scams though, make sure wherever you purchase from are reputable. 
  4. Make gifts. I'm not arty or crafty. I try but most times I fail. That doesn't mean lufflump or the mister aren't crafty though which helps. Since lufflump was born we've made gifts for his grandparents and great grandparents. They include photo frames, photo calendars, hand and feet casts and painted canvases. Not only has it saved us money, lufflump has fun doing them and the receivers love them and they really are priceless gifts. It makes Christmas time less stressful as they can be done at any time, we usually do ours in November.
  5. Handmade gifts for the grannies
  6. Buy a charity donated gift. Some people don't like giving or receiving these gifts. We've received them before and were more than happy. It's easy to do and it's going to people who really deserve it. I'd love a million things this year but don't really need them or have the space. Also these are the perfect gifts for the person who insists they want nothing, the extremely fussy person and the returner. Personally, I like the Oxfam gifts as they are specific where the gift is going and to who. Plus they state what percentage goes to admin, advertising and the receiver.
There is still time if you are in denial. Some online stores are doing quick deliveries so your gift arrives before the big man. Otherwise kind of forget that Christmas is even on it's way, like we are.

Are you ready for Christmas?

Monday, December 19, 2011


Where has this year gone? It's flown by and to be perfectly honest I'm more than happy to see it go. I'm well and truly over it. Of course it hasn't all been bad. Here's a recap of our year.
New Years Eve
  • The mister completed a Certificate 3 in Diesel Mechanics to help with his entry into the airforce. His final attempt is early January. I freaking hope he gets in, he'll be a credit to the RAAF and we'd finally be able to have some plans.
Family holiday to my grandparents near Port Macquarie
  • He also quit his old job where we used to live. They were asses and the business has since closed down. It was all a big mess and I'm glad he got out when he did. He also got a new job, working two jobs again. We weren't struggling as such buthis first job is dependent on university semesters meaning his hours dwindle to nothing during the holidays. I didn't realise how many holidays uni students get! He loves both jobs and they've both opened up a lot of opportunities doe him which is just wonderful.
Hair changes!
  • I kicked ass in uni then dropped out (again). My head, heart and soul just wasn't into it when I fell pregnant. I was doing a boring unit and had no motivation to do uni work. I will get back into it eventually, I know I have time.
Birthdays - mine, lufflump's and the mister's
  • I started blogging again and fell in love with twitter. I also fell in love with the blogging community and some brilliant bloggers. I've formed some wonderful relationships with bloggers and companies alike. Everyday I learn something new; about blogging, people or myself and that's the main motivation that drives me to continue.
Blog meet ups - HelloEvents + NuffnangKellogg'sHelloEventsHelloEvents Christmas
  • I fell pregnant unexpectedly and a few years earlier than planned but nonetheless welcome. It hasn't been the cruisy pregnancy I had with lufflump with evening sickness in the first trimester and some scares, but it's been easier than some. We found out we're having a girl and our family will be complete. Now to keep trying to convince the mister to get the snip...
  • I began medication for my anxiety. I've written about it before on here and at Mum's Word. It wasn't an easy decision to continue while pregnant but it's helped regulate my mods and lower my anxiety enough to (hopefully) not have stressed out the baby and my family.
Protesting for our environment's health
  • Luflump really has grown a lot this year. He's very sociable and is happy to chat to anyone, whether they can understand him or not. He loves daycare more than ever and is now in the big kid's room. He's very sure of himself, his wants and isn't afraid to make it known. We're still co-sleeping even after spending a lot of money on his own bed but we all sleep better together.
Lufflump's firsts - magazine spread, movie, big bed, swimming lessons
  • We wanted to move to somewhere bigger but after months of looking around we've signed on for another year. Brisbane is getting pricier especially if you want a courtyard, dishwasher and air-conditoning. While we don't have the latter we realised that for the price we are paying, where we are were pretty well off and don't need the extra in our electricity bill.
Lufflump's had a good year!
  • It hasn't all been wonderful though. My grandma had a stroke, the mister's grandpa has been unwell and my Oma has been very sick. Friends, family and the mister's home town were affected by the floods. ALl three of us have had multiple hospital trips, some minor and some not. The mister and I have both lost friends to life. My Opa and a beautiful little baby girl died leaving behind broken hearts coupled with relief that no longer they were to feel pain. There's also been money and life stresses, unhappiness with services and people - you know the usual bullshit encountered in life.
2011, I'm more than glad to see you go. You've thrown some horrible arrows among the good. One of my most hated years indeed. Thank you for the good and fuck you for the bad. I hope 2012 learns from your mistakes and doesn't follow them.
Are you happy to see 2011 go? 

Happy Monday

"There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one."
Jill Churchill

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Piquing My Pinterest Christmas Cake Edition

It's almost Christmas time so I'll be doing Christmas Pinterest editions, this one is interesting Christmas cakes.
I'm joining up with Tina and a bunch of other Pinterest addicted bloggers. Check them out here.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bleh Meh Gastro Plans

This has been my view for the last two days and will be for the next two as well. The mister has spoilt me and set up a bedroom office. I can lay in bed, tweet, facebook, watch movies, TV shows and blog. 

It comes in waves. I think I'm fine so I do housework like putting washing on, starting to unpack the dishwasher with the intention to follow through and finish. Then it hits me, like a wall. A wall of discomfort and pain then I'm locked in the bathroom for a while. 

It's been more than twenty-four hours now so I think I have the five day bug. Thankfully my mum is going to look after lufflump for the whole weekend so I can be sick and recoup.

Hopefully on Monday I'll be back to publish photos from our 3D scan. I have a big blogging week next week with the Bakers Delight competition ending, wrap up of 2011, plans for 2012, sesame update and some other little bits and pieces. I'll then be taking a break and hopefully launching a whole new look and new name for Tutu Ames. All very exciting, but right now I'm going to nap.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baby Brain

Last night it was hot again in lovely Brisbane. Lufflump and I were squashed on my side of the bed which is closest to the wall rather than the doors leading outside. We were two sweat balls mushed together.

I woke, checked that it was hot outside and moved to the other side of the bed, the cool side. 

A lovely cool breeze came and went. It happened again and again and again. I was in heaven thinking that I'd misjudged the still night. 

Until I realised the cool breeze was the fan. Duh.

I'm blaming baby brain.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Monday

"Oh yes, the past can hurt. But, you can either run from it, or learn from it."
Lion King

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Piquing My Pinterest Christmas Tree Edition

It's almost Christmas time so I'll be doing Christmas Pinterest editions, this one is interesting Christmas trees.
1. A Christmas tree made out of pillows! This would be so much fun at a Christmas sleepover. Just dismantle the tree while watching movies then put it back together in the morning.
2. A book nerd's dream. So effective! A mini book tree could be done too for an Advent Calendar. 
3. A vegetable tree. What a centre piece! A yummy one too. If we were having a Christmas lunch here I'd so be tempted to do that.
4. A Christmas tree mobile. So effective! Not really toddler friendly though and imagine packing that away so it doesn't get all tangled. Not sure I'd be brave enough to try it but it's a good idea.
5. Feather tree. Fluffy goodness! Very interesting and would be fun to have as a centre piece. You could even get different coloured feathers to make a rainbow or Christmas coloured tree.

I'm joining up with Tina and a bunch of other Pinterest addicted bloggers. Check them out here.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Sesame - Week Twenty-Seven

We are up to week twenty-seven and boy am I getting over it.

I'm feeling huge and sesame keeps getting caught around my hips which hurts like a muthafucking bitch. If I sit for too long it hurts, if I sleep on my sides it hurts, if I stand too long or twist around it hurts. Over it. My belly is extremely tight too unless I'm laying down and I can't do that all day (unfortunately).

I'm not having any huge food cravings and I can't even blame pregnancy on eating Nutella out of the jar with a spoon. I'm well known to eat condiments with a spoon out of the jars.

I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to the wonderful Jenn and Sarah for their wonderful indigestion cures. I've printed out the recipe Jenn put up and I've been downing Fruit Tingles like there is no tomorrow.
We've booked in for a 3D scan on Monday 19th which is SO EXCITING! I honestly can't wait. It's the only scan I don't have to drink a shitload of water before the scan.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Food!

I have a sweet tooth. Blame my father for being a chocoholic. 

The mister has a sweet tooth. Lufflump does not have a sweet tooth. Unless you count fruit. He doesn't like chocolate or anything overly sweet. I don't know where he gets it from. Strange child.

Christmas is the best holiday for desserts. We usually have at least a pavlova and trifle. Cheesecake used to be a staple as well, the proper German cheesecake too made by my Oma. 

I've never had a Christmas Cake or Fruit Mince Pies. Honestly. I can't be the only one right? Please tell me I'm not the only one. Thankfully Bakers Delight came to the rescue and I've now had both along with some lemon tarts. I did like the lemon tarts the best, but I still liked the fruit mince pies and Christmas cake. The Christmas Cake even came in a keepsake cake tin!
Fruit Mince Pie with ice-cream - second only to whipped cream!
My dad, the mister and lufflump all indulged too. In fact I had to fight the mister to get some in my belly, he was definitely a fan. We all agreed that the pastry was AMAZING! We had the Christmas Cake and Fruit Mince Pies with whipped cream, yum! I'll be more than happy to include these three desserts into future Christmases. In fact, I KNOW we'll be taking the lemon tarts to family Boxing Day celebrations. I'm not too sure it'll make it to the celebrations, we may eat them on the way in the car.
Cheeky dinosaur ate my lemon tart!
Bakers Delight have given me three $10 vouchers to send out to three of my readers which can be very helpful for Christmas. Bakers Delight has such a good range and I've never been disappointed with their service or products.
Christmas Cake - ours did not look this neat after I hacked into it.
To enter tell me your favourite Christmas dessert in the comments below. I'll choose the three yummiest entries (according to my tastes) to win a $10 Bakers Delight voucher in time for Christmas! Entries close midnight Saturday 17th December 2011Unfortunately this competition is only open to Australian entrants and only one entry per household please.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary pack of Lemon Tarts, Fruit Mince Pies and Christmas Cake courtesy of Bakers Delight. No financial payment was offered nor accepted for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Organising Kid's Drawers To Fill With Cheap Baby Clothes

We just signed our lease for another year. I don't know how we will fit everything in. I've been writing up plans, checking the Ikea website and trying to work out if we can afford more storage solutions. It's been exhausting. 

Then I saw the below photo on Pinterest and realised this may just work as we have everything already.
So I started on lufflump's clothes. It took me about ten minutes with 'help' from lufflump. Oh yeah before and after shots, baby!
Top Drawer
The top drawer was for shoes, socks and other bits and pieces. It's now empty! 
Second Drawer
The second drawer was originally tops, singlets and onesies. It's also now empty!
Third Drawer 
The third drawer used to be pants and shorts. It's now all of lufflump's clothes. It doesn't look like this anymore though. The socks just weren't working there and I wanted to separate his pjs from his day clothes. 
Third and Fourth Drawer
This is what his drawers look like now. Lufflump's third drawer has his long pants, shorts, t-shirts, singlets, pjs and a box with hats, earmuffs, bibs and belts. His fourth drawer has his shoes (most used on top), leggings and too big socks (back box), socks, wetsuit, wraps and his personal health record. 

I put them on the lower two drawers so lufflump can learn to choose his own clothes to wear. So far so good. We choose his clothes together and it's stayed tidy so far. It may not work for much longer but I'm hoping it will. 

The two top drawers are now free for sesame's clothes. We do still have to go to Ikea (yay!) to get a couple of packs of the boxes. I don't know how we are going to organise the two top drawers, yet.

We also don't have many clothes for sesame yet. My MIL and I did go to the Baby and Kids Market held in Brisbane a couple of Sunday's ago. I highly recommend attending them, we managed to get a whole bunch of bargains. We bought a Slinky for $12, some little toys for lufflump and a big bag of clothes for sesame (21 pieces) for $37.
Sorry for the crap photo but all the clothes
For our $5 entry we got free Masterchef magazine with Junior Masterchef cookbook and cupcakes. They also had a wonderful set up for the kids to play, watch cartoons and draw. Lufflump also got a balloon which entertained him for hours.
Have you been to the Baby and Kids Markets before? Grab many bargains?


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