Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Guest Polly

I've arrived fashionably late for the Royal Wedding. Not this late, obviously, I was still there and saw them say I do and exchange one ring (what the f Wills?).

What did I think of the wedding? Catherine's dress was stunning, her sister is a bitch for turning up looking that amazing, Will's should have had a ring, Harry should have had a shot or twelve beforehand to calm the nerves, the Queen looked dashing, Phillip is just darling, the bells hurt my ears, there was too much singing, and Beatrice looked very... interesting.

I did miss Fergie. Apparently she was supposed to streak or something? I would have loved to have seen Elton sing and something to symbolise Diana.

Other than that it was lovely. They could have smooched for longer though. Hand holding is not groping either, but a bum grab would have been awesome especially if it came from Phillip to the Queen. Squeeze!

I chose a beautiful Valentino coat and Valentino clutch. Check out my dress. Wow! Elegant, flowy and just so beautiful!

Here's what my Polly wore to the Royal Wedding.

Wanna play along? It's fun, a little bit mean (limitless, free credit card anyone?), perfect procrastination and if you are anything like me you won't be able to stop at just one!

Check out other Polly Dollies at Danimezza. While you're there check out Danimezza's other posts. She is one happening woman!

My Favourite - Bedroom

I love beautiful things whether they are cheap or expensive.

I love meaningful things whether significant or insignificant.

My favourite thing in my bedroom is both beautiful and meaningful.
It is a glass bowl with a lid that belonged to my Opa.

It used to sit on his coffee table filled with lollies.
My dad has one too. Quite possibly the whole family has one each.

It carries many memories for me so when I received it after my Opa moved to his nursing home I immediately had to find a way that I can use it every day. It also had to be in a safe environment away from prying toddler fingers.

The best thing way I could think of using it was as a jewellery holder.
It now sits proudly on our dressing table holding my most prized jewellery.

Maybe one day it will hold lollies and become a favoured memory for munchkin like it was for me.

Fifteenth Day - 'The Addams Family' Theme Song

We are up to the fifteenth day! Today's challenge is 'your favourite TV theme tune'.

I love the Addams Family. There are so many sexy, odd, cool characters.

I always wanted to be Wednesday and even used to sleep with my arms crossed like she does. I was a nerd. With white blonde hair. There was no way mum or dad would have let me dye it black so I bought many black wigs to live my Wednesday fantasy. She just reeked of awesomeness.

What else made this TV show and movies so awesome was the theme song. Everyone knows it. In fact, I'm pretty sure I learned to click my fingers to this song. Awesome!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Fourteenth Day - 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' by The Beatles

Day fourteen of the 50 Day Music Challenge wants to know 'a song off an album that has brilliant album cover'.

My first thought was 'Sgt Peppers and the Lonely Hearts Club Band' by The Beatles. 
I can still stare at this cover for hours. It's so intriguing.

One of my favourite songs from this album is 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'. I used this song in film and television in high school and we have named our future daughter after this song.

It's brilliant.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thirteenth Day - 'Wish You Were Here' by Pink Floyd

The thirteenth day in the 50 Day Music Challenge is all about 'the song that contains your favourite lyrics'. 

I have three. I'm a song whore. I can not be monogamous with a song about anything. To my defence, I've never said I am. I'm a proud song polygamist. I'm also a polygamist with my afterlife husbands. I just can't help it, there are so many!

Anyway back to the song choice/s. I'm going to be mean and only tell you the one I chose (I may use the others later in the Challenge).

I chose 'Wish You Were Here' by Pink Floyd for the lyrics 'we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year, running over the same old ground, what have we found, the same old fears, wish you were here'.

Why I love those lyrics I don't know. I do know that I will be getting a tattoo related to those lyrics because I love them so much.

I had the pleasure of seeing Roger Waters live a few years back. When this song came on I was first one up on my chair screaming my head off embarrassing my dad and making him temporarily deaf. It was an amazing moment. One I will treasure forever.

Serenity, Acceptance, Courage, Wisdom and Anxiety

I am not religious. I find religions interesting, like I do cults, but it's just not for me. The closest I've ever gotten and will ever get is Buddhism. To me, it's a lifestyle choice rather than religion. If you are into religion and it enriches your life then I'm happy for you and think you should continue your journey. I'm not here to judge, unless you are into scientology. Blame Tom Cruise.

Anyway, regardless of my non-religious quest in life I, like everyone else in this fine country, have encountered religion. I have taken some aspects of it, like 'love thy neighbour' and 'murder is bad', and incorporated them into my daily life. 

One I am trying to incorporate more is the Serenity Prayer.
I first heard and muttered the Serenity Prayer at a detox where I did my TAFE work placement at. It didn't change my life instantly but I did fall in love with it.

I'm a control freak and have anxiety due to my control freakiness. This 'prayer' speaks to me and really I should have it tattooed to my inner eyelids so I can read it when I sleep. Maybe not. Ouch. Ok, I should have it repeated all night into headphones so I can hear it while I sleep. Yep, that sounds less painful, believable and workable.

The Serenity Prayer is;
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things I can 
And wisdom to know the difference.

I have wisdom. Yay! I thought the dentist removed that. Four times.

Ok, good start so far.

I think I have some courage. I have made some great changes in my life which have benefited not only me, but also my family. 

Ok, two out of three ain't bad.

Now, serenity and acceptance. Notice how I went backwards? That wasn't by accident or backwards thinking. It was to make me feel better and put off the obvious fact that I haven't yet achieved serenity or acceptance. How do I know? One word. One horrible, cruel, demeaning, unnecessary, powerful, debilitating, irrational word. ANXIETY.

I think I described anxiety pretty well right there. Here it is again anyway. To me anxiety is horrible, cruel, demeaning,  unnecessary, powerful, debilitating, and irrational.

It's not only all that to the sufferer but also to their family. That's why I couldn't continue suffering so much anymore.

It's no coincidence that munchkin really came out of his shell at daycare around the same time I began my medication. I am more relaxed, active, sociable, calm and involved than ever before. So is he.

I still have my bad days and I still get sick and worry sometimes. The difference is now I have the confidence to look myself in the mirror and believe when I say that I have nothing to worry about. 

Now, I believe myself when I think that those who judge me do so because of their emotions and perceptions rather than my actions and beliefs. 

Now, I believe that I am a good mother regardless of the amount of scrapes and bruises on my son because he got those living life, having fun, learning and being active.

Now, I believe that I'm a good person who deserves a good life with good people.

I still need to believe more but maybe serenity and acceptance isn't too far away.

*I mean no offence to religious people, scientologists (except Tom Cruise) or dentists.

For more about my anxiety go HERE.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Legs in the Air

Want to play? Join in the fun - Faith Hope & a Whole Lotta Love.

Twelfth Day - 'Cows with guns'

The twelfth challenge in the 50 Day Music Challenge is to post 'a song that makes you laugh'.

There were a few songs that came to mind but one that REALLY stood out was 'Cows With Guns'.

If you haven't heard it, listen and laugh!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eleventh Day - 'Heartbeatz' by Styles & Breeze

I had trouble with the eleventh challenge 'a song that reminds you of your best friend'. The reason? I have many best friends. Friends that I don't have to see or speak to everyday to know they are there for me as I am for them.

I chose a song that instantly came to mind when I thought of this person, Puff. That song is 'Heartbeatz' by Styles & Breeze.

Puff and I used to sing this song VERY loudly anywhere and everywhere.

When munchkin was little and first standing he would dance to this song.

It's a fun song, just like Puff.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Point and Shoot

I cheated. 

I didn't take any photos yesterday, my mum did but she has them all on her phone. 

Instead I took a photo of what munchkin did at daycare last week for Easter which was yesterday so I guess I didn't FULLY cheat.

To find out what we did yesterday for Easter check out this post.
Want to play Point and Shoot? Head over to sunny+scout and play :) It's fun.Check out the amazing blog too. All those wonderful photos, so jealous!

Tenth Day - 'Roadhouse Blues' by The Doors

I love the tenth challenge in the 50 Day Music Challenge, 'an awesome driving song'.

It was a toss up between 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen and the one I chose; 'Roadhouse Blues' by The Doors.

I LOVE The Doors. Jim Morrison is one of my afterlife husbands. So talented, mysterious and sexy. A beautiful man.

This song is best sung on a road trip. Loudly.

Happy Monday

Mondays aren't usually the brightest days so I thought a happy start to the day would make at least me feel better about the day ahead (usually a cleaning day). So here goes. If you want to join in please link to your post in the comments. Smiles :)

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"
Mohandas K. Gandhi

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Happy Zombie chocolate day aka Easter!

We have definitely eaten more chocolate than we should have, especially today. We started off with chocolate hot cross buns and ate chocolate bunnies and eggs all day. We did have a break from the chocolate with a lunch BBQ and salad. 

Munchkin, who doesn't usually like chocolate or anything sweet (apart from Magnum Egos), ate too much chocolate today, about four eggs. His poohs were not nice at all. I have a feeling his skin is going to break out in eczema too, poor baby. Luckily he prefers savoury to sweet.

We are staying at my mum's over the weekend looking after her after she had her gallbladder out. I invited my dad down today to have a family Easter together. My parents separated when I was six and I'm lucky that they are still friends so we spend holiday together. 

Munchkin had a treasure hunt when dad came over. I thought he'd be too young for it (he's two next month) but after he found the first one he had the hang of it. He had two of the eggs he found (out of twelve). Well he ate half and squished the other half into his hands before freaking out.

He didn't just get chocolate for Easter. Easter Bunny (Noni) bought him Peter Rabbit dinnerware and a Hoot toy, which he got early (from us).
I've had a stomach ache for the last two days from over indulging in cake and having to buy more chocolate as I ate what we originally bought. I did say over indulging. It's so worth the yumminess and endorphins though.

Mum has foxtel too so we are also over indulging on TV. At the moment we are all obsessed with cake making shows. One website you HAVE to check out is Charm City Cakes. I want one of their cakes. They are AMAZING. They have their own show Ace of Cakes which airs on Lifestyle Food. So worth watching.

I'm off to snuggle on the couch with the mister and read one of my new books.
I hope your Easter was fantastic!

Ninth Day - 'Million Years' by Alexander Ebert

I very rarely listen to new music. This is why the ninth challenge 'favourite new release' was so difficult for me. I went into iTunes new releases and listened to a bunch of songs until I came across this one.

It's beautiful.

It isn't like the horrible noise trying to pass off as music these days. Oh no, how old did I sound just then! It's so true though. Granted, there are some new amazing songs but it feels like there are more shit new releases.

Anyway, pleasure your senses and listen to Alexander Ebert's 'Million Years'.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eighth Day - 'Desperado' by Eagles

The eighth challenge in the 50 Day Music Challenge is 'most played song on iTunes'.

To be honest I didn't actually know this, I guessed it. I then went onto my computer, into iTunes to see if I was right. I was. By one.

My most played song on iTunes is 'Desperado' by Eagles. 

I adore this song, obviously. It's beautiful.

If you haven't heard it, educate yourself and listen.

My Favourite - Outside

We are very fortunate where we live. We are the only unit here to have two courtyards, one out the front and one out the back.

As the unit is relatively small the outdoor spaces definitely expand the space. It's wonderful for an exploring and active toddler.

We use our back undercover patio as our dining room/common room. There are three gardens, stones and stairs beyond that. It's wonderful.

Our front courtyard is amazing. It's luscious, spacious and it's all taken care of by the caretaker's gardeners. Awesome!
The gate can be locked so munchkin can play out there as much as he wants without 'escaping'.
There is an amazing chair in the middle of beautiful plants. 

Munchkin loves to climb it and I love sitting there reading. It's our magical chair. The fairies left it there for our peace time.
The beautiful shrub has overtaken the three pots in there and I wouldn't change it for anything. It's beautiful.
See our magical peaceful chair. It's perfect. Better than a hammock.

When I learn how to meditate I will do so on this chair. It will become my peaceful, meditating centre.

I'm in LOVE with that chair. I wonder if they'll notice it missing when we move?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Seventh Day - 'Wanted Dead or Alive' by Bon Jovi

The seventh challenge in the 50 Day Music Challenge is 'a song that reminds you of a TV series'.

The mister, my dad and I are OBSESSED with Deadliest Catch. If you haven't seen it you NEED to. It's about Alaskan King Crab and C. Opilio crab fishing in the Bering Sea. It follows a bunch of vessels and their amazing crew.

Freaking amazing. 

We own every season and are currently drooling over the start of season seven which began last week. When my grandma had a stroke earlier this year I found myself telling the ICU nurse that I had been through a stroke with someone who didn't make it before so I understood. That person was Captain Phil Harris who lost his battle early last year. It felt like losing a family member. Did I say obsessed?

Anyway, 'Wanted Dead or Alive' by Bon Jovi is the theme song so every time I hear that I want to watch Crabs. Obsessed.

Easter Holidays

I'm going away! 

We are going away!
I'm going to the BEACH. Not this beach though. Click image for source.
Away from home and a computer with internet. Eek! Luckily I will have my trusted iPhone BUT I am such a noob with blogging on my iPhone so I won't be able to blog during the week away.

However, I am a MASSIVE fan of scheduling posts so there will still be posts like the 50 Day Music Challenge posts and some other ones. I'll be catching up on posting when I'm back. 

I have a feeling that I'll be reading and writing A LOT. That's the plan anyway.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday filled with love, happiness and lots of chocolate!
Click image for source.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pre-Holiday Fashion

Inspired by many fashionable bloggers (Danimezza, Styling You, Hello Owl, Lady Melbourne, and Hummingbird's Song) I am doing a fashion type post.

This is what I wore to the shops for our pre-Easter and holiday shop.
The skirt is from my mum (either her wardrobe or op shop), shirt is from Kmart, singlet under the shirt is from Supre, necklace from Diva and the shoes are from Betts.
Munchkin wanted to pose like mummy too. He LOVES the camera!
A horrid side on shot but it does show the beautiful skirt. It's wrap around in beautiful silk material. 

I'm a massive fan of wrap around skirts. They were my staple wardrobe item when I was pregnant. I love that you can dress them up or down and they can be worn on skinny or fat days.

The same day the mister had a pyjama party at his work and everyone had to dress up, including staff.

He wanted to wear my Peter Alexander pj bottoms which was NOT happening. The amount of alcohol that COULD get spilt onto my beautiful pale pink, cupcake pants. No way was I going to risk them being ruined so naturally this meant a shopping experience.

We went to Best and Less because they have the BEST pyjamas. So cheap and comfy.

I went a tad overboard buying pyjamas for munchkin but seriously they had them for $9 each and the shirt BUTTONS to the pants. Awesome! So he got three pairs of them. He also got some shoes, shirts and pants but most of that was at another store so it's ok.

Anyway, the mister chose some awesome Snakes and Ladders pants, some uggs and a diamante eye mask. 
He already had an awesome shirt from Threadless.
So there is my first 'fashion' post. 

Hopefully I'll be dragging myself out of the house during the holidays so I may have another one up my sleeve when I get back.

Glasses Polly

I love this weeks Polly Dolly theme as I wear glasses and have been thinking about going back to my lovely old pair just with new lenses.

I chose to go with something I would wear. Everywhere. The shoes may be a bit hard to walk in but they are HOT! I probably wouldn't wear the eyelashes as they suck with glasses but they are hot too.

This is definitely a comfort look that makes me think of The Beatles' 'Strawberry Fields'. The red just pops out. I like it!
Glasses by Tutu Ames

Wanna play along? It's fun, a little bit mean (limitless, free credit card anyone?), perfect procrastination and if you are anything like me you won't be able to stop at just one!

Check out other Polly Dollies at Danimezza. While you're there check out Danimezza's other posts. She is one happening woman!

Sixth Day - 'Communication Breakdown' by Led Zeppelin

The sixth challenge, today, is 'a song by your favourite band/artist'. 

I have so many favourite artists and bands so I turned to my faithful playlist on my iPhone, pressed shuffle and the first song that came on was 'Communication Breakdown' by Led Zep.

My parents have awesome taste in music, luckily, so I was brought up on the classics like Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Doors, Janis Joplin, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Meat Loaf, and Alice Cooper. I still adore this music and I'll often rock out to them while studying, reading, blogging, transporting and dancing with munchkin.

The video below is an awesome live version of 'Communication Breakdown'. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Between Sizes

Want to play? Join in the fun - Faith Hope & a Whole Lotta Love.

Fifth Day - 'Bad' by Michael Jackson

The fifth challenge for the 50 Day Music Challenge is 'song from your childhood'. 

I have many songs from my childhood but one that stands out is 'Bad' by Michael Jackson. It was my first record. No not album, RECORD. I got it for Christmas one year and we have the excitement on video. No, not DVD, video.

Michael Jackson was an icon. Whether you agreed with his private life or not, one thing that is obvious is his talent. Such an amazing talent. 

RIP Michael Jackson. Thank you for the music and dancing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Don't Do Headaches Well

Give me a stomach ache over a headache any day.

I have a headache right now that can't be cured by chocolate or caffeine or water. 

It's a real headache. 

A painful headache. 

An unfriendly headache.
Headaches are NOT attractive or friendly
A headache that won't be cured by panadol or nurofen.

A headache that will hopefully be cured by sleep.

Yep, I'm a sook. Unless it's a stomach ache. Then I'm tough. 

Please no stomach aches.

Book of the Week 5 - Eleven Minutes

I have a habit of choosing books that have prostitution or drug addiction in them. This is one such book. While browsing the Valley markets one Saturday a few years ago I came across this book. I love Paulo Coelho so I bought it without seeing what it's about. 

Eleven Minutes is about a young Brazilian girl, Maria, who is fascinated with love and sex. While on holiday she is approached by a man who tells her she can become a famous dancer in Switzerland. When Maria finds herself broke in a country she doesn't know, she turns to an ancient profession to make her money, prostitution. She meets a man, falls in love and learns immensely about her body, soul and mind. This is a story about love, heartbreak, dreams, adventure, sex and self discovery. 

Eleven Minutes is sad, happy, romantic and sensual. At times I felt sorry for Maria while at other I wanted to yell at her to stop being so naive, but throughout the book I liked Maria and wanted the best for her. Her view on love, sex, life, men and women are enlightening as are her lover's views. 

In the photo of the book you can see mini post it notes. A lot of them. They are for my favourite quotes. Almost every page has a favourite quote of mine. Here are a couple as a teaser;
  • 'When we meet someone and fall in love, we have a sense that the whole universe is on our side.' p.9
  • 'Love is not to be found in someone else, but in ourselves; we simply awaken it. But in order to do that, we need the other person. The universe only makes sense when we have someone to share our feelings with.' p.118

This book has taught me so much in regards to religion, culture, love, human nature and differences in perceptions. Just like 'The Alchemist' it is a journey, an adventure through your soul. It's a fascinating read which I recommend to everyone, male or female.

What are you currently reading?

Disclaimer: This is entirely my own opinion. I have not been paid by anyone for this review and have done it because I like the book. I also do not claim to be a writer, reviewer or anything other than a book lover.

Fourth Day - 'Just Pretend' by The Bens

The fourth challenge is 'a song by the first band/artist you saw live'. The Bens were my first band that I paid to see with my own money so I'm counting them. Who are The Bens? They are none other than Ben Folds, Ben Kweller and Ben Lee. 

I went to this concert with two friends from school, Amanda and Tenille. I went because I was in love with Ben Lee and Amanda said I would be in love with Ben Kweller. Her and Tenille were in love with Ben Folds. Amanda was right. Since that concert I have been in love with Ben Kweller. I have all his albums and have seen him live many times.

This concert was AMAZING. We were up the front right next to the stage at the Arena when it was still doggedly awesome. We waited ages outside in line while being abused by aboriginals. This side of the Valley was the scary side. 

We were young and naive yet we were so close to being out of school and being adults. We thought we knew everything. We loved everything with all our heart and soul. We drank everything like it would never be available again. We were teenagers.

Listening to The Bens still makes me smile. They still make me dance.

If you haven't heard of them please listen to the song below 'Just Pretend' and fall in love. It is worth every second of your time.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Point and Shoot

This is just a teaser of another post I'll be typing up when I'm not so sick.

Yesterday some wonderful friends and I went to a luncheon and this was dessert, well one of them anyway.
That's all you are getting right now. I'm going back to my couch bed to feel sorry for myself.

Want to play Point and Shoot? Head over to sunny+scout and play :) It's fun.Check out the amazing blog too. All those wonderful photos, so jealous!

Third Day - 'Let It Be' by Carol Woods and Timothy T Mitchum

The third challenge in the 50 Day Music Challenge is 'favourite album track'.

I figure this doesn't mean a released single and includes soundtracks so my favourite album track is 'Let It Be' by Carol Woods and Timothy T Mitchum on the Across the Universe soundtrack.

If you love The Beatles and haven't seen this movie I recommend buying it. We are onto our second copy as my arsehole ex housemate stole our first copy. Oh yeah it is THAT good!

I'm one of those people who instantly groan when I hear 'cover' and 'The Beatles' in the same sentence. I instantly get defensive and a song has to be damn good for me to like it. I'm one of those people who hates a song before I hear it, like, if I was told that Britney Spears did a Beatles cover I'd want to go even more stabby stab stabby on her face without even hearing it. I'm kind of hard to please in this area.

So, it was a major surprise when I fell in love with Across the Universe. I have the movie. I have the soundtrack. I often listen to it and I LOVE it.

When munchkin was really little (from about 3mths) and unhappy I would play this song and he would stop crying. 

This is one of my favourite Beatles songs and it is covered magnificently. I don't love it as a Beatles cover, I love it as a song. They made it their own and it's brilliant.

Happy Monday

Mondays aren't usually the brightest days so I thought a happy start to the day would make at least me feel better about the day ahead (usually a cleaning day). So here goes. If you want to join in please link to your post in the comments. Smiles :)

"Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted"
John Lennon

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Second Day - 'Evie' by Stevie Wright

The second challenge in the 50 Day Music Challenge is 'favourite single'. 

I have many favourite singles but the one that I have loved forever and continue to love to this day is 'Evie, part 1, 2 and 3' by Stevie Wright.

I remember taping it on the radio and the "DJ" cut in at the end. Boy I was pissed! Still to this day I expect it to happen every time I listen to this song. It's annoying but memorable.

Those were the times... ahhh...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

First Day - 'Lucy' by Hanson

Inspired not by friends on Facebook doing the 30 Day Music Challenge but by this lovely lady over here to do the 50 Day Music Challenge.

Everyone knows I adore music. The mister and I met through music and we named munchkin after a song. I also grew up around music. In fact I grew up with the lead singer of a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band (a good one). So yeah, I like music.

The first challenge is 'A song from the first album you ever bought'. I can't actually remember the first album I ever bought but I do remember the first one I ever owned (records don't count).

That album is Hanson's 'Middle Of Nowhere'.

The song is 'Lucy'. 

I remember playing it on repeat while I slept and my mum would storm in and turn it off as it was driving her mad. I'm pretty sure she hid that CD for a while too. It's her own fault, she bought me the CD.

Without further ado, here is 'Lucy' sung by a VERY young Zac Hanson.

My Favourite - Bathroom

This is a bit of a strange one as my favourite thing in our bathroom doesn't actually have anything bathroomy about it.
Those photos in that frame are my favourite thing in our bathroom. 

My best friend made it for me for my 24th birthday last year. Every time I look at it I think of our family and of her.

Munchkin loves it too. He points to everyone saying who they are and pulling the faces he is doing in the photos.

Thank you Miss Paula!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Naked, Gok Wan and Danimezza Style

Danielle from Danimezza got the pleasure to meet the inspirational Gok Wan. The man who is transforming the fashion world one woman at a time. When meeting him she got a signed copy of his book which she is kindly giving away to one of her lucky readers. All she asks is a photo and story about your favourite body part. You guessed it, I'm joining in.

As soon as I read this I was all for taking a photo and writing about my wrists. They have been my favourite body part for years, about ten in fact. Why? They are skinny no matter if the rest of my body is not. They are so skinny that I can touch my thumb and little finger around them which for my unusually short pinky fingers is some feat.
Then I thought how lame it is that my favourite body part is my wrists. Seriously lame. Isn't there something else I like about my body other than my wrists which while being skinny aren't all that great in doing wrist things like picking up heavy pans. Yep, skinny wrists doesn't mean strong wrists. Who woulda thought?
As I was thinking this I wasn't wearing pants. Pants off Friday! Not wearing pants made me think of my butt and legs. Now I know Danielle doesn't want to hear about what we don't like about our bodies but I have to say something here.

On Wednesday I received a coupon email for non-invasive liposuction so I booked in. I spoke to the mister about it and decided to get it done on my thighs. After posting what I was doing on both facebook and twitter I received outcries from people who know me. Mind you I think only one of those people has seen me without pants. 

I was umming and arring about it anyway so I called back and spoke to the lovely girl on reception who told me she is a size 8 - 10 and gets it done so it could be beneficial to me. We spoke more and after me doing some feeling up of my thighs I realised that what I wanted to get rid of wasn't actually fat but bone. It doesn't take a genius to realise that taking away structural would be extremely invasive so I cancelled the appointment or rather the receptionist cancelled for me.

Why am I telling you this? Because I, and almost every other woman, needs to learn to love our bodies, to love how we are structurally built. I need to read munchkin's book that was Book of the Week 3 and learn to just not preach it but live it as well. We need to embrace our bodies, every part of it.

This is why Gok Wan is so amazing. He understands women's body shapes are unique and that you don't need to change them at all, just dress for your shape and style. Wonderful! But why does it take an amazing man to tell us? Shouldn't we already know? 

Regardless of my enlightenment I am still not going to lie and say I love my thighs and bum or my lack of boobs. I don't but I am trying. Although, I admit if I received a coupon for a non-invasive yet effective boob job I'd jump at it in a heartbeat. 

My favourite body part is my torso. It's tiny yet long. It allowed my son to lay with his feet in my ribs while I was giving birth. It elongates my body and makes it easy to wear high waisted and long length clothes. Munchkin and the mister hug my torso. Long torsos are not all that common or wanted, yet I love it.

I also love my shoulders, my long bony fingers, my ears, my back, my neck, my unusual toes and although it's still lame I do love my wrists.

If you have a favourite body part, love Gok Wan and want a signed copy of his book, Through Thick and Thin, join over here.


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