Friday, June 29, 2012

Four Months

Dear Sesame,

Today you are four months old. I've said it before and I'll say it many times again but seriously where has the time gone? You are growing up way too fast!
Watching a movie with daddy
I'd really appreciate it if you stop growing. You are now in 00 suits and some other 00 clothes. Your brother was still wearing 00 clothes when he was eight months old. Granted you are in most 000 clothes but still please SLOW DOWN!
What you wore to roller derby on ice
Little Miss Attitude for sure. You must know everything that is going on, if you can't see everything you crack it. I think you hate the car because you can't see everyone and everything, hopefully once we turn you around you'll be happier. One time at a roller derby bout we tried to cover your ears as it was so loud, tried to get you to go asleep instead you cried and screamed until we turned you around to watch the bout. It's the same every time, you must see everything.
Loving the baby in the phone
You're sleeping a lot better now, in fact lately you've been spending the whole night sleeping n your bassinet only waking a few times for a feed. Please give your secrets to your brother so your father and I can finally have our bed back. Your naps are totally erratic but we aren't much of a routine family anyway so it works.
Rocking your head left to right to fall asleep
You love standing and prefer to stand rather than sit or lay down. I've heard all the 'don't let her stand or she'll get bow legs' lectures but you won't listen. The attitude just oozes out of you. I love it.
Standing tall
You are such a chatterbox too. The most I've heard you talk is to my grandma, your great grandma. It would seem that your brother and her are your favourite people. I'm sure you could watch and talk to them for hours. It's adorable.
Smiling at daddy
In the last few weeks you've found your hands and feet. Your fingers fing and you can move your feet when you want. Your dad and I love watching your amazement, it's hilarious!

Your teeth are giving you hell lately too. Panadol, Hyland's gel and tablets, teething rings and dummies are now a staple. It's so cruel how teeth hurt so much when it's a natural course for babies and toddlers. Horrible.
Cranky baby
We went on a road trip with your grandma and brother. The trip down was good but you cried a lot on the way home, you were just over it. It was horrible and the next road trip you'll hopefully be facing forward and happier. Everyone fell in love with you down there, I'm sure you captured everyone's hearts.
Having a stop on the trip home
You are such a wonderful little girl. An absolute pleasure in our lives. Thank you for choosing our family.
So damn cute
I love you baby girl xxx

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Holding Myself Back

I have self control problems.
I do really well but then I cave.
I eat healthy and then fall into 'bad' habits. This week I've eaten a croissant, apple strudel, McDonald's apple pies, Tim Tams and hot chips. More unhealthy choices than healthy.

I feel like shit, have low energy and little motivation to exercise.

The mister is working during the day and sesame is teething, ill and cranky making it that little bit harder to exercise. Just enough to make excuses, to sit and watch reality TV rather than be active.

Ok let's be perfectly honest, there's really no point not being. I don't want to get out of bed before the children and I don't want to exercise late at night when I'm able to. I feel bad asking the mister to look after the kids after he finishes work, although I do every Wednesday night so we can go to derby training. I feel most energetic around 9-10am and that's when the mister is heading to work this week.

They may look and sound like excuses but I don't want to hate exercising or it'll make getting fit really hard. That's why I do derby, it's fun and good exercise.

I know what I need to do and I need to do it today. My treat is now only going to be coffee, everything else will be healthy. If I can only do seated exercising I'll do weights. I'll do squats and lunges everywhere.

I've seen results and I want to see more.
30th March 2012 to 24th June 2012 
30th April 2012 to 24th June 2012
30th March 2012 to 24th June 2012 
30th April 2012 to 24th June 2012
30th March 2012 to 24th June 2012  
30th April 2012 to 24th June 2012
I've still got a lot to go until I'll be completely happy. I want muscles, strength and tone.
I will.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Roller Derby Training

Roller derby has my life by the vagina. I'd say balls but you don't need balls to play roller derby, you need a vagina.

I'm currently training two days a week for a total of four hours. Every Wednesday night and Sunday morning we all bundle into the car so I can skate my ass off. I haven't quite skated my ass off and I won't because in derby you have an ass from squatting low while skating.
Getting ready Wednesday night
So far I've done one round of phase one, six weeks of finding my feet and learning to not fall over or more correctly fall over correctly. I have two weeks left of the second round of phase one and I'm desperately hoping I'll pass my exam so I can go onto the next phase.

It's been so much fun learning when I am more balanced, last time I really wasn't comfortable or confident due to being so unbalanced. I've still got a lot to learn before my exam but I'm a lot better than I was five weeks ago when I did it last.

What I can comfortably do;

  • Skate in roller derby position (knees bent, elbows against side, hands in a fist holding boobs in)
  • Single knee falls/slides
  • Double knee fall/slide
  • 180 knee slide
  • Baseball slide
  • Get up from the above falls/slides without using hands
  • Stepping
  • Weaving
What I need to work on;
  • T-stops
  • Transitions
  • Crossovers (almost got it, will have it done this Sunday)
  • Starts - running toe stop and duck run (smashing it this Sunday)
  • 5 laps in 1 minute

Last time I wasn't even close to doing any of what I need to work on. I couldn't stop at all doing t-stops, I was shit scared of crossovers and without crossovers I couldn't get 5 laps in 1 minute or 25 laps in 5 minutes.

Learning for an extra two hours on Wednesday nights is beneficial beyond belief. For example, last Wednesday I couldn't do crossovers properly, I was doing some type of stepping over one leg then pushing off causing me to lose my balance and kiss the floor. After the two hours I am now confident I can do crossovers properly and without falling over. Transitions are another story but this Sunday I am going to work so hard to do them safely and with correct form.

One thing that is really hard is doing everything on both sides. One leg is way stronger than the other. I can only do t-stops with one leg and transition (badly) on one side. Crossing over while going clockwise (to the right) is so damn hard too. Lucky derby is to the left.

I've also been reading up on the rules. So many rules! To help with this I'm starting to watch the league training scrimmages (practice bouts). Hopefully this will help and next season I might try my hand at NSOing (non-skating official - refereeing). Anything to get more derby time in and get to know the girls in the league (Northern Brisbane Rollers, I'm training with their recreational league).

To get my fitness up to what it needs to be I've been exercising six to seven days a week doing both cardio and strength. I've noticed a massive difference in my body, energy and really notice a difference having a day off.
One of my derby shirts
To help with motivation and ideas I've been active on SparkPeople. It's helping but not my only source of information. I've also been using Jillian Michaels, Turbo Jam, Zumba and Nike workouts as well. Anything to change it all up so I don't get bored. I find if I try and do the same workout over and over I start to slack off but if I alternate them I work harder. Skating is still my favourite form of exercise though and wish I could do training every day.

My week roughly looks like this;
Sunday - two hours training
Monday - one hour strength
Tuesday - one hour cardio
Wednesday - half hour strength, two hours training
Thursday - depends how sore I am, maybe half hour cardio or at least an hour skating
Friday - hour strength, half hour cardio or at least an hour skating
Saturday - half hour cardio
I do mix my weeks up and rather than have a day off I lower the intensity or minutes.

I'm loving having muscles. My arms and legs are getting smaller and harder. Cellulite is disappearing and my skin is becoming smoother. I'm getting stronger, no longer do I only carry the light groceries upstairs, I grab the heavy stuff first. I do squats in the shower, when hanging out the washing and clueing my teeth. It's a lifestyle change, one I'm definitely happy with!
Hello bruise

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lucky Elephant Candle

Candle for Trish who is tackling cancer today
Linking up with the wonderful Trish for Wordless Wednesday. Please keep her in your thoughts today.

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I miss blogging.

I really do but I'm just not thinking like a blogger anymore which is making it really hard to find inspiration to blog.

I should have lots to blog about like;

  • Lufflump's speech therapy
  • Sesame's growth
  • Recent trip to NSW
  • Roller Derby
  • My fitness progress
  • The Simplify Your Life challenge
  • The mister's application process to the RAAF
  • My attempt at 26 Before 26
So much to talk about but no motivation. I'm surprised I'm sitting here writing this. 

I miss connecting with my fellow bloggers. I miss the want to comment on every blog. I miss the accomplishment I feel when I write or hit publish. 

I want to come back but I don't know how. 

Oh I hate these posts. The ones that feel attention seeking but I promise this isn't what it is. I hope sitting here writing this will be a new beginning, bring a new lust. I am writing this all before a cup of coffee so that's a good sign (and a reason why this is purely blabbing).

If you've struggled with your blojo please, please share how you got it back. If you haven't struggled, I salute you.

Feeling like an alien blogging


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