Monday, April 8, 2013

The Last Few Weeks

I hereby accept the 'Absentee Blogger' award. I have no excuses and I haven't been slack in other areas of my life. Anyway, let's get back into it. Blogging will be my bitch. Again.

The mister and I went on a kid free holiday to the Formula One in Melbourne. It was lovely, we reconnected, drank and walked a lot.
Tough pink car for me.
I love Webber. Not Vettel.
The mister and I all rugged up as it was FREEZING!
We met some awesome people at the backpackers and stayed with a good friend of mine's and her lovely family. I got baby and bunny cuddles which was a major bonus.
Bunny cuddles!
I missed the kids terribly and I swear I'm the only person who wants babies to sit near me on planes.

Dad and I went to see Guns n Roses with ZZ Top and Rose Tattoo. They were fun but I'm glad we were sitting down, it was crowded!
Guns n Roses finale.
Lufflump and I have started at home kindergarten which we've both been loving. We are also in the process of changing his daycares. We need somewhere closer and hopefully cheaper. I'm also excited for him to be in a certified kindergarten program. We'll be leaving Montessori but we can still use it at home. His speech is improving daily and it looks like he will be able to attend a mainstream prep class next year.
Making egg people.
Sesame is growing up WAY too fast. She's climbing and running everywhere. She is such a handful.
Running. Wasn't she just born?
It was the mister's birthday and we made a card. Lufflump drew a lovely picture. We didn't even know he could draw people. He's surprising us daily with his skills.
The mister's birthday card.
Our house has a water feature in the yard which was pissing us off so we bought some fish! We still have more to buy and some plants but it's a start. Apparently I feed them too much but dammit I want $70 giant goldfish.
Our fish. Lufflump called them all Nemo.
A lot has happened, good and bad. My time is currently been taken up by Lufflump's schooling. I'm struggling with including sesame as well. I'm learning a lot as well which feels so good. I hope to start studying accounting next month which is making this month very busy.

I hope to share some activities we'll be doing every week so stay tuned!


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