Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby, Hurry Up!

1. Bored 2. Frustrated - hurry up!
3. Ok ouch 4. Breath
Want to play? Join in the fun - My Little Drummer Boys.

EDIT: Sesame arrived at 11:21 that morning. You can read all about it here.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Piquing My Pinterest Blue Hair Edition

I've got a few hair lusting designs and colours that I've found on Pinterest which I'll show over the next few weeks.

For the last few years I've been wanting blue hair. I've had black, brown, pink, orange and blonde instead. Blue looks amazing but more high maintenance than pink which scares me as that was unbelievably hard to maintain.
1. My favourite. Seriously I NEED this hair colour, silver blue. Anyone know an amazing colourist?
2. I love not only the colour but also the curls and the garland. So cute!
3. I love this photo. I love her hair. I love her lips. I love her eyes. Dammit I want to be her.
4. I love the darker blue with the lighter tones. Where the colour may not have taken like wanted looks so good. The green bows are gorgeous too!
5. If I had long hair I'd do this. I'd have to go watch Glow's curling video multiple times to get my hair to look so pretty as well. It's such a nice subtle way to add some interesting colour to hair. I'm not known for being very subtle though...

I'm joining up with Tina and a bunch of other Pinterest addicted bloggers. Check them out here.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today I am sorry. Every day I am sorry about something or many things. Eden has me publicly apologising through her Fresh Horses Brigade.

I'm sorry that some mornings I can't get out of bed.
I'm sorry I'm not fun or run around with you.
I'm sorry that you get up early and watch movies all morning while I lay in bed.
I'm sorry I'm not a good mother all the time.

I'm sorry that you have carried the burden of my half of the workload while working two jobs.
I'm sorry that you feel like you have to do extra to make me comfortable like clean the house.
I'm sorry I make you feel like you aren't appreciated.
I'm sorry I fart too often in front of you.

I'm sorry I don't see you more often.
I'm sorry I'm not a better friend.
I'm sorry I'm not a better family member.
I'm sorry I don't buy you gifts often.

I'm sorry I'm stronger rather than weaker like you wanted.
I'm sorry I'm happy with and love my family.
I'm sorry I conceived both my children with ease.
I'm sorry I don't want you in my life or like you in any way.

I'm sorry I'm proud of my son.
I'm sorry I know I'll be proud of my daughter.
I'm sorry I'm proud of my family; parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents.
I'm sorry I'm proud of my friends.
I'm sorry I'll boast about the above.

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade
Are you sorry for anything?

Hello, I Want To Go To A Workshop

Hello Blogger Events are holding a Brisbane Blogging Workshop on the 11th March and I am DESPERATE to go. Ticket sales are over on the 28th February and I won't be able to afford it as, of course, everything has decided to break or be due in the last month. Throw in the mister getting underpaid as well, oh don't get me started on that! 

Anyway, Dani and Melissa have kindly offered one free ticket up for grabs. So this here is my entry.

Going to this workshop not only means seeing awesome bloggers again but also learning stuff. I like learning. Here's what my Workshop Schedule will look like (you can find the original Workshop Schedule here);
Oh and I haven't even mentioned the speakers. Some I've met and some I haven't but want to! There's the bloggers I can honestly say are lovely people in person as well as on their blogs; Melissa, Dani, Danielle, Jacqui, Kelly and Zoe. Then there are the bloggers I am yet to meet but oh so want to; Sass, Stacey, and Maddie.
Famous People!
I also know a bunch of Queensland bloggers are going too. I love the blog meet ups so I know the mingling times will be a blast rather than awkward. I know Melissa will grope someone to ease the tension anyway.
Awesome people!
All photos are from the Hello Blogger Events flickr or Suger Coat It.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sesame - Week Thirty-Eight

Dear sesame,

We first found out about your existence thirty-three weeks ago, approximately 231 days ago. My first blog post about you was back in June. That's a long time especially for someone as impatient as your mother.

There are now only thirteen days until you are due to enter the world. I thought you were ready last night. I've actually been a bit sick all week so I'm expecting you to start the process any day now. I expect it to be quite painful, more than it was with your brother. I expect to not be able to sleep because I'll be too infatuated with you, just like I was and am with your brother.
Got the pregnancy itch!
This pregnancy has been totally different to what I experienced with your brother. Good and bad. With you I've been sick, lethargic, had low iron and blood pressure and a sore pelvis which has been quite unpleasant. On the other hand I've also been able to feel you from twelve weeks and you've given us all such entertainment with your wild and obvious movements. I also gained more weight with your brother which I didn't exactly enjoy.

I cannot wait until you are here. Here in my arms. Here in your daddy's arms. Here getting hugs and kisses from your brother. Your grandparents are aching to meet you too.

A little girl. I know you'll be tough. You can't be in this family and not be a little rough, especially if your brother and father have any say. I think you'll be sensitive but with attitude. It seems that's what is happening already. You definitely have attitude!

I don't care when you arrive or how. All I care is that you arrive healthy and as happy as you can be.

I have hopes and I have dreams for you. I hope you are healthy and I dream that you follow your dreams throughout your life. I hope you will be happy. I hope you will be who you are and ask for help when you aren't. I hope you will feel the love we give you, the three of us and your extended family. I dream of a long future for you full of health, wealth, love and laughter. All the hopes and dreams a mother has for her child I have for you and your brother.

My little girl, I cannot wait until I can't fall asleep because all I want to do is stare at your beautiful face.

Love your mummy

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Those Days

Ever had days where you wake up just wanting to go back to sleep away the day?

This morning was one of those days. I woke up with lufflump before light feeling unrefreshed and dry retching. I asked the mister to get up with lufflump while I sat on the bed crying uncontrollably.

I drank some water and decided that the mister and I needed to do something today other than just sit around. A shower for us all and we were out the door taking lufflump to daycare. I felt a trillion times better so the mister and I went on a breakfast date.

We went to our favourite coffee place, Campos. We've never actually eaten there before and both of us were a bit iffy about it;
What if the food was gross and our idealistic view was crushed?
What if the service was bad and our idealistic view was crushed?
What if the coffee was bad for once and our idealistic view was crushed?

I can confirm that our idealistic views were NOT crushed and we left extremely satisfied. Not only was the food amazing but so were the coffees and service. What we both love about Campos is the staff are so excited about their products and want to help you in every way possible. They seem genuinely excited about sharing their knowledge.

Not only will we be going back for breakfast or lunch but we'll spread the word. I haven't been paid anything to blog about this company, I just believe in letting everyone know where to get good quality coffee especially in Brisbane as coffee can be TERRIBLE here. I also believe in quality meals and service. For example, there's no way I'll be blogging about my lunch yesterday as everything but the company I was with was mediocre.

After breakfast the mister and I were relaxed, satisfied and feeling a hundred per cent better. We came home and rather than focus on the mess around us; the toys all over the floor, the washing piling up and the kitchen mess, we laid down on the couch and watched movies. The internet went down so we also napped.
Accidentally opening Photobooth means silly photos
I'm so glad I forced myself to get out of my rut, get out of the house and do something enjoyable. A nice change of scenery. If I'd stayed home I most likely would have felt overcome by the mess, frustrated and wanted to stay in bed all day, not only bringing myself but also the mister down.

Have you pushed yourself to do something and be pleased with the result?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Family Day

Redcliffe Lagoon
Redcliffe Lagoon
Lufflump driving out the same driveway I did when I was his age
Want to play? Join in the fun - My Little Drummer Boys.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blogging Inspiration

It's 5:30am and I can't remember why I started blogging. I can remember dates and such but I can't remember where I heard about blogging, whose blog inspired me first to begin. I didn't include any of that information in my introduction post on my last blog. Why didn't I include it?

I'd blogged before on msn spaces then on MySpace but never a real blog, just one attached to a profile or social media setting. I wish I could read what dribble I posted about back then but I can't access either due to my old email account being hacked and lost.

I think the main reason I began blogging was to record lufflump's first years. I wish I knew what or who inspired me. I know I started reading Melissa's and Holly's blogs early on so maybe they were the inspiration, I know they still inspire me now. Actually I've written about part of my blogging journey already. In there I did include the bloggers who inspired me to start blogging again.

I remember reading A-M's blog daily and wanting to be a part of her community, loving her photos and stories, everything about her blog was interesting to me even the so-called mundane posts (oh god I sound like a stalker, promise I'm not!). She was probably the biggest inspiration for me to get back on board blogging. She's still incredibly inspiring, after a very rough year she's come out on top with her boys and she's still got the same light if only a bit more enlightened.
Apart from A-M there's been bloggers who've helped through dark and light times. Those who've made me laugh and cry. It's funny how someone can evoke such emotions without realising it. I'll try and keep the list down;
Melissa; she's such an amazing lady. You know that light some lucky people have around them, a glow? Well she has it. She's not only supportive and lovely through her blog but also in person. She's also got a pretty amazing laugh and makes blogs look really pretty in her spare time.
Holly; my pregnancy sister. This lady is hilarious and truthful. No spinning shit from her mouth or blog. She unashamedly swears which could be one of the main reasons we clicked so well ;) She writes from the heart, loves her kids more than anything and I'm so glad she's home again, happy.
Amy; another pregnancy sister. Amy has been through so much lately, all good things too; marriage, new business and now she's growing a sibling for Flynn. We share so much in common even our first names. In fact I know if we lived closer we'd often catch up for lunch, you know in all her spare time.
Edenland - you can't outrun your shadow.
Eden; who hasn't this lady touched in some way?! Her writing, humour, caring nature, craziness - fuck it, everything about this woman is amazing. I think I've convinced myself her shit smells like roses, she's that awesome. She has this vibe that makes you me want to be a better person. She's herself in a way I wish I was.

I promised myself I would leave it at five but I can't so here's a few more;
Veronica at Mixed Gems
Naomi at Seven Cherubs
Nat, you need a button!
It's now 8:00am and I still have no idea what inspired me to start blogging. I'm glad I did though.

I'm linking up with Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade. It's pretty damn awesome.
Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Piquing My Pinterest Tattoo Edition

I love tattoos. I've got a massive list of what I want, each one meaningful to me. The mister and I are planning on getting tattoos for our four year anniversary mid March. I know what I want but I'm having trouble choosing which one to have first. Pinterest has helped with ideas of course. Here are some of my favourite tattoos I've found on there;
I'm joining up with Tina and a bunch of other Pinterest addicted bloggers. Check them out here.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Simplify Your Life Week Seven #syl12

I'm finally catching up on the Simplify Your Life challenge. This week is week seven! This year has already gone by so quickly.

I must say I really enjoyed this week's challenge; creating a vision board. I had a few magazines that I wanted to cull anyway so I cut them up before recycling them. I love Pinterest but there's nothing quite like cutting and glueing. It reminds me of school in a good way.

I started cutting pictures out without really focusing on what I was supposed to be envisioning. I did continue cutting out whatever I wanted using my instinct more than anything. I also just glued everything wherever I felt like it, no method to my madness! It worked out pretty well I think.

I did have to leave a lot out as they either didn't fit with my vision or on the actual board. Love, family, house, garden, exercise and healthy food are the main focus. I also added some red lips with lovely white teeth as I'd love to have lovely teeth again and the confidence to wear red lips. It symbolises confidence and saying goodbye to anxiety.

Just like my goals I've made an effort to start small. I don't want my vision board to be too over the top. I've made sure it's still ambitious with holidays, a lovely girly room and beautiful gardens.

I'm putting my vision board in the kitchen or above the TV to remind me to stay positive and focused. They are the main places I think I would notice it. Actually I'd probably notice it most in the bathroom but I think it'd get ruined quickly due to the moisture, so it's not going in there!

This vision board was so easy to do that I don't mind making bigger ones or one with the mister's input as well. Maybe the whole house can be covered with vision boards!
Bad quality photos: had to rush using the mister's phone
Have you got a vision board?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Sesame - Week Thirty-Seven

I missed last weeks update, oops! Damn illness again, this time it was some sort of cold. Poor lufflump was struck with bronchiolitis which I wrote about here

Good news; I've had so much more energy lately. I'm wondering if the Zoloft was making me lethargic as well as lowering my iron levels as I'm feeling amazing off it. In fact this week we went as a family up to Redcliffe and I did more than I've done in a LONG time, the mister even got to relax a bit while I was off playing with lufflump. That sounds terrible but it's true. Whenever we'd go on family outings I'd end up feeling sick or too tired to do anything but sit on my ass and watch the boys play. It sucked. I felt guilty, the mister would be exhausted and lufflump would be upset that I didn't join in. Hopefully this is a good start to change!

I'm actually feeling awesome off the Zoloft. Granted I've been a bit too snappy at the mister and I cry at the drop of a hat (no more Sunday Mail for me) but that could just be pregnancy hormones, right? I will start taking 25mg a day after I give birth with a reassessment at three months with my wonderful GP. 

We are on weekly midwife visits which is exciting! Our last midwife that we saw, Nicole, thinks I'll go early and said if sesame came right now she'd be happy. She also said she'll be a tall baby and was surprised at how big sesame feels. Apparently I feel all baby with not much fluid at the front. Sesame is still measuring two weeks small but so did lufflump and he came out 3.4kgs. She said she doesn't want me to go further than forty weeks, the ideal time would be 39 weeks which means two weeks! I'm getting more used to the fact she'll be here soon but, like with lufflump, I'm not sure I'll ever be ready.

I'm having major pelvic and inner thigh pains especially after walking for long periods. I must remember to tell the midwife that on Monday and also that my pelvic bone has a big crack in it, apparently broken from when I was a child. The mister thinks it's hilarious how I waddle around. I think it looks like I've got a third imaginary leg, I keep getting Rolf Harris' 'Jake the Peg' in my head when I walk like that but damn it's the only way that doesn't hurt. 

I packed the hospital bag yesterday. I'm only going to add to it now with essentials like pillow, nightie, bra and towels. The mister thinks it's hilarious that I've packed a bag the same size as last time when we are only staying in for six or so hours. My reasoning; I don't know what size she will fit into and I can't for the life of me remember what newborns temperatures are like (apart from frustrating) so I've packed a few outfits for her.

Now we wait. Hopefully she won't be as stubborn as her brother and make an early appearance!
Growth spurt currently in process (apparently)
How many adorable baby outfits did you take to the hospital?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Simplify Your Life Week Six #syl12

Although I've been enjoying these Simplify Your Life exercises and challenge I've been slack lately. I hate to blame so much on being sick (it's getting old) but the lack of motivation to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard has been the main reason I've been slack. Lately I've been filling my brain with sleep and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Anything mindless.
Now I'm feeling better and ready to make goals for myself and my family. Working with the values I used with the Wheel of Life, I chose goals for each value. It makes sense as I need to work on each one so I can personally be happier and to benefit my family.
Goal: Clean and organise daily, even just ten minutes a day.

Plan: Make cleaning or organising fun by playing music, singing songs or making a game of it. Get the whole family involved in different activities. Start with the little things; one thing per room a day (e.g.. shower one day, toilet the next).
Goal: Spend more time as a family actually doing stuff, not just sitting around doing nothing.

Plan: Every day we are all home together we should all be going out at least once to the park, pool or beach even if just for thirty minutes.
Goal: Be mindful daily.

Plan: Take time out to reconnect with what is going on during the day. Begin at each meal time and go from there. Sit down and talk to lufflump about what has happened so far that day and what he wants to do for the rest of the day.
Goal: Eat well and exercise daily, even just for ten minutes a day.

Plan: Have proper meals, three times daily, with healthier options like nuts, fruits, veggies and dip. I've asked for skates for my birthday present so I can prepare to enter Roller Derby.
Goal: Spend more time reconnecting with and visiting friends.

Plan: Do lunch, visit friends or have play dates at least once a fortnight.
Goal: Delve further into Buddhism.

Plan: Go to more Buddhist events around Brisbane, have sesame and lufflump blessed and read more books about Buddhism.
Goal: Budget, be firm, consistent and stick to it.

Plan: Work with the mister to form a new budget and stick to it especially with groceries. Maybe meal plan as well to keep down costs.
Goal: Build a small veggie garden.

Plan: Start little and do it with lufflump and the mister, as a family activity.

As you can see I'm not making ambitious goals just yet, simply because with a newborn coming I'm sure even these small goals will be difficult to achieve. Looking at them though I'm excited and think that if even half are achieved then our lives will be easier and more enjoyable.

Let Me Tell You A Trade Secret

I love shopping especially when I get bargains! Anything under full price is a bonus for me, especially when it comes to kid/baby clothes. I honestly cannot fathom spending a ton of money on clothes that will only be worn for a few months.

This is where Trade Secret comes in to play. They deal directly with the brands rather than be an outlet store which means no middle man and more savings, in fact up to 60% in savings. The mister and I have bought a bunch of clothes for us and lufflump many times. We like good quality, inexpensive clothes which is what Trade Secret has to offer. The best part is that they put both the retail and Trade Secret price on the tags so you can easily see the saving!
At the moment they are having a wonderful sale on Osh Kosh clothing. The clothes are so cute but be warned they are a bit on the big size. Lufflump doesn't fit into the size two clothes he got but hopefully he'll have a bit of a growth spurt and will be able to wear them in winter. 
Cute clothes for lufflump
I find it so hard to find inexpensive rompers in lufflump's size but what do you know, Trade Secret have them and they're part of the massive sale currently on. I've already got a whole shopping list prepared from the Osh Kosh sale catalogue for both sesame and lufflump. No doubt the mister and I will also pick up some clothes from there too!
More pink stuff!!
Disclosure: I received two shirts, three bibs, jacket and pants for Lufflump and Sesame courtesy of Trade Secret. EDIT: A voucher was also offered and accepted. All opinions expressed are purely my own.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Loving

The mister and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day with a lovely picnic in the mountains. We sat in the middle of the clouds with a slight drizzle. It was magical.
Our first Valentine's Day: 2009
This year we didn't do anything apart from chores before the mister went to work where they're having a big Valentine's Day dinner. The mister received a disgustingly soppy text message from me and he'd planned a big adventure day for us before he realised we couldn't do it, damn pregnancy! 

People think it's odd that we don't give gifts to each other every time we are 'supposed' to, like V Day, anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. We just don't feel the need to show our love through gifts. I know he loves me when I'm sick in bed and he's doing the housework. He knows I love him when I clean for him or let him sleep in. We know what is special to each other and we do it as often as we can. 

We are the couple that possibly says 'I love you' too much but it's always heartfelt. I find it impossible to sit on the couch without touching him in some way (usually my legs over his). We are affectionate when we aren't jokingly bickering.

What do I love most about the mister? 
He's thoughtful, loyal, works damn hard for his family, he's caring, kind, puts up with my shit and doesn't complain when I'm stuck in bed and the house is a pigsty. He loves us with all his heart and we know it. He is so humble though, I don't think he realises how much he actually does.

What do I love most about me?
My body has produced one beautiful child and is in the process of producing another child. To be able to give the mister and our families that gift is definitely something that I cherish. I also love the way that lufflump and the mister love me. For them to love me the way they do, I have to be doing something right!
V Day 2012
I'm linking up with the amazing Glow from Where's My Glow? who came up with the brilliant idea of posting what we love about ourselves. Some amazing bloggers have joined in too.

What do you love most about yourself?

Death (Hasn't) Become Her (Yet)

Eden has a new challenge this week; funeral song. We have a busy day planned (birth centre appointment, Apple store to get my macbook and iphone fixed, groceries, housework - I really should be cleaning the kitchen right now) so I thought this would be an easy blog post to pump out.

I remember planning out my funeral in a classmate's book in year twelve. It included a glitter pink coffin, balloons, fairy floss and everyone wearing rainbow colours. I'm also sure it included Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel'; such a generic funeral song that I'm sure most girls in my class would have included it;
That was about nine years ago though and it's changed now. You play that at my funeral and it better be your choice rather than mine.

It depends how I die though. Fuck it, regardless of how I die I want my all time favourite quote from 'The End' by The Doors (from 4:48 in their live version);
Don't let me die in an automobile
I want to lie in an open field
I want the snakes to suck my skin
I want the worms to be my friend
I want the birds to eat my eyes
As here I lie
The clouds fly by
Other than that I would love to have one of my favourite Pink Floyd songs, Shine On You Crazy Diamond;
Also this song is a MUST! If I don't have this I'm going to haunt people.
Did I mention I have a strange obsession with death? I love skulls, cemeteries, hearses but hate funerals and am petrified not of death but of not living. I'd take one of those live forever pills so I would never leave the ones I love.   

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Piquing My Pinterest Nursery Edition

I love looking at anything baby, especially nurseries. We won't be having one as sesame and lufflump will share the same room. Ours more than theirs most likely. We are using a hammock for sesame which will stay in our room until she outgrows it. She'll then (hopefully) sleep in the cot which will be painted from blue to pink.

Just a side note - I love the colour pink. I'm a girly girl so I'm going to most likely raise a girly girl if I can. I was, and still am, into Barbies. Lufflump is a rough boy, but that's just him regardless of how we've raised him (I like cars but never really had an interest in dinosaurs like he does). Lufflump also has pink, purple and other clothes that could be lumped as girl's clothes. He also likes dolls, granted his last Barbie type doll was stripped of her clothes before we got home and was thrown away as her legs no longer came in together but still he has dolls. If sesame doesn't like pink then that's fine, I'll wear it :)

Anyway, here are my favourite nursery pins I've found on Pinterest;
1. The orange and white with pink accents is just wow. If someone had described this to me I wouldn't be convinced it looked good but wow it does! I love the wall decals, so pretty! Also, I wish the orange walls in our house was this deeper colour than the yellow type orange they are.
2. More bright walls and gorgeous wall decals. I love this pink. Not to mention the white cot, vase, chair, mosquito net and sheer curtains. Not too sure about that carpet though, it looks like it would get stained easily and show every little bit of dirt. I love having tiles, no need to worry about any of that!
3. I love how different this room is. The black isn't daunting or somber but rather it makes the colours just pop. Not too sure the wall flowers would withstand a baby or toddler though but they can be moved. How awesome are the framed prints! Everything in this room just screams awesome!
4. Such a girly room. I love the patchwork and the light wallpaper. Also my dream cot is the sleigh cots - there's something about them that makes me smile. I'd love this room even if it was inside a closet, cosy and adorable. I wish we had closets at our house.
5. As much as I love the black nursery, this one is my all time favourite. It's perfect! I'm a lover of Montessori nurseries and this one has everything. The hardwood floors would be easy to clean, the rug is adorable and hardy, the floor bed, low mirror and the colours. Wow just wow! 


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