Monday, February 25, 2013

The Week That Was

The little man is loving having a dining room table again. He's been obsessed with Japanese Pork Curry from Hanaichi and asking for it every night. (Ignore the boxes, I have no idea what's in them).
Someone decided that stabbing himself in the face with a pen and then rolling off the bed into the corner of the bedside table awake were good ideas. His lovely face bruises tell a different story.
Poor sesame has had a horrid week teething. I think her back teeth have broken through. I've sorted her cloth nappies out and we are saving money yet again. There's something gorgeous about cloth nappies.

I love our alone days. We vege out, I do chores and watch movies, she plays with everything she shouldn't and climbs anything she can. She's not allowed in our bedroom alone after pulling the bedside table down, thankfully not on her but I don't want to risk it.
This right here is a $3 Coles packet cake. A bargain that needed a total of 300g of butter, 3 eggs, melting chocolate buttons on the stove and cooking for 75 minutes. A bargain that may taste delicious but we will not buy again. Give me a $6 ready made cake.
Lufflump dressed himself for daycare.
Comfort is key. So is promoting roller derby teams.
I discovered you can take photos when filming on your iPhone.
This is what we needed when lufflump went through his olive stage.
We have yummy coffee again.
This outfit was $10.50 at the Supre Factory Outlet. Bargain.
Sesame can sleep anywhere. It runs in the family.
Derby is back for the year. So exciting!
Lucy decided that running around was better than sitting and watching the derby.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hiatus over?


What has happened during those short four months?
Our only real 2012 family photo.
We left our tiny two bedroom unit close to the city and moved to a large three bedroom house half an hour from the city. Best move ever. Our house is awesome as long as you ignore the leaking roof and the little plumbing issue.
Our old unit block and our new house.
Little miss started walking around ten months old. Running and climbing at eleven months.
Climbing on my favourite chair
Her teeth have been giving her hell and she'll chew on anything, eat everything.
The kids love biltong, perfect teething snack.
She can say 'dada', 'mama', 'hi', 'icky', 'ta' and a lot of garble. She is a lot of hard work and if she were our first child, she'd be an only child. A very loved only child.
Couch cuddles.
The baby boy is almost gone.
Rock on!
He's going to daycare three days a week with soccer on one day. He loves soccer and is good at it too. His speech is better but still needs some work. He has a handful of extremely clear words which is so exciting. Speech therapy is starting back up soon so hopefully his speech improves in time for prep next year.
Dinosaur hair.
He is still obsessed with dinosaurs and cars. His room is a shrine to both. Sometimes the lounge room too.
Some of his dinosaur toys.
I got some lovely new skates (thanks dad). They are beautiful Riedell 495 boots, Roll Line Mistral plate with my 88 Atom Jukes. So pretty and skating is so much easier.
New skate love.
I gots me a derby wife at Rollecon AU. She's amazing and so talented.
Ginger Paws and Miss Maims sweaty after a Quadzilla jam skating session.
Rollercon was awesome. Learning from such talented skaters was such an honour. Smarty Pants is amazing and I love her coaching style, she includes everyone and explains every drill so well.
Being a total fan girl with Smarty.
The mister is amazing at skating. He's fearless and I'm highly jealous.
Sesame is turning one. Sorta. As she is a leap year baby we have decided to celebrate her birthday on the 1st March.
The mister and I will celebrate our five year anniversary with a week away in Melbourne for Formula One. So excited!
Lufflump is turning four. Too soon.


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