Monday, February 25, 2013

The Week That Was

The little man is loving having a dining room table again. He's been obsessed with Japanese Pork Curry from Hanaichi and asking for it every night. (Ignore the boxes, I have no idea what's in them).
Someone decided that stabbing himself in the face with a pen and then rolling off the bed into the corner of the bedside table awake were good ideas. His lovely face bruises tell a different story.
Poor sesame has had a horrid week teething. I think her back teeth have broken through. I've sorted her cloth nappies out and we are saving money yet again. There's something gorgeous about cloth nappies.

I love our alone days. We vege out, I do chores and watch movies, she plays with everything she shouldn't and climbs anything she can. She's not allowed in our bedroom alone after pulling the bedside table down, thankfully not on her but I don't want to risk it.
This right here is a $3 Coles packet cake. A bargain that needed a total of 300g of butter, 3 eggs, melting chocolate buttons on the stove and cooking for 75 minutes. A bargain that may taste delicious but we will not buy again. Give me a $6 ready made cake.
Lufflump dressed himself for daycare.
Comfort is key. So is promoting roller derby teams.
I discovered you can take photos when filming on your iPhone.
This is what we needed when lufflump went through his olive stage.
We have yummy coffee again.
This outfit was $10.50 at the Supre Factory Outlet. Bargain.
Sesame can sleep anywhere. It runs in the family.
Derby is back for the year. So exciting!
Lucy decided that running around was better than sitting and watching the derby.


  1. Life looks happy and well Ames, it's nice to see you back blogging.

    You're right there is just something about cloth my two have both been in full time cloth little mister from four months and miss from first ever nappy. I wouldn't have any other way. Love. It's saved us thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars and they're about to be used again on number three.

    1. Thanks Trudie, congrats on your exciting news!!!
      I've been slack with cloth nappies but I'll get back into it now we have a reliable washing machine!

  2. Love these photos! What a great and busy week :)


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