Thursday, June 14, 2012


I miss blogging.

I really do but I'm just not thinking like a blogger anymore which is making it really hard to find inspiration to blog.

I should have lots to blog about like;

  • Lufflump's speech therapy
  • Sesame's growth
  • Recent trip to NSW
  • Roller Derby
  • My fitness progress
  • The Simplify Your Life challenge
  • The mister's application process to the RAAF
  • My attempt at 26 Before 26
So much to talk about but no motivation. I'm surprised I'm sitting here writing this. 

I miss connecting with my fellow bloggers. I miss the want to comment on every blog. I miss the accomplishment I feel when I write or hit publish. 

I want to come back but I don't know how. 

Oh I hate these posts. The ones that feel attention seeking but I promise this isn't what it is. I hope sitting here writing this will be a new beginning, bring a new lust. I am writing this all before a cup of coffee so that's a good sign (and a reason why this is purely blabbing).

If you've struggled with your blojo please, please share how you got it back. If you haven't struggled, I salute you.

Feeling like an alien blogging


  1. Happens to the best of us babe, and you've got so much going on in your life right now too! You'll come back x

  2. Ames, Just between you and me, I struggle daily. I just don't have the time to pump out spectacular posts, running a business, being a mum, running the house and driving my boys everywhere. When you are busy, it's hard to find the silence to sit and contemplate a post. You are not alone and I think a big break will do you the world of good. It's nice that you did pop in and share your thoughts. You're not alone pet. Oh, look at that little darling in your instagram feed to the right....she's a beauuuuuty! A-M xx

  3. Hey, and you're 26! There's too much to do out there to worry about blogging!... it will always be here... your youth won't be! xx

  4. Happens to me All.The.Time. I find that with so much going on sometimes it is hard to muster the motivation to rub two thoughts togethor in my head, let alone put words on the screen. so much external distracting noise, I can't organise my own internal noise.

    What I do is make a list (like you have) forge out some quiet time, sit down and think about what I want to say. Which works most of the time, but not always.

    Maybe you just need a break? Remember to be kind to yourself.


  5. I have taken various blogging breaks in the past. Some planned. Some not. I always came back to it but that doesn`t necessarily mean you will. But you might!!!

    Miss hearing what is happening with you especially as I am rarely on twitter. Hope all things in your life are going well babe!

  6. Your life is so busy right now that it's understandable. You're living it! I've struggled for a few months too. I'm lucky to get a post out once a week nowadays and my blog reading and commenting is sporadic at best. I miss it the same things about it like you but I also know it has to take a backseat to other priorities I'm Iiving with right now. I think I'm starting to be okay with that though the feeling of missing the community hasn't diminished. I'm not sure it will. Just write any which way that suits you for now. It's really ok. Blog your own race, at your own pace.

  7. I think most of us struggle with this - if it was not for the SYL challenge some weeks I would take a break - kind of like hitting the gym on monday sets me up for a better week, i have anchors with SYL and gratitude on friday...I will say I am keen to hear about roller derby and your family but do what is rigth for you hon!


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