Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dear Lufflump

Dear Lufflump,

You turned three on Saturday, happy birthday! All day I was thinking back to that day three years ago when you entered the world at 7:33pm. Everything was worth it the first moment I held you. You taught me what love really is and for that I thank you everyday.
Your third birthday
It's been another big year for you. The biggest change has been your status as a big brother. What a wonderful big brother you are too. You love your sister and from the way she watches everything you do I can see she loves you too. When she cries you hug her, kiss her, hold her hand or play cars on her and she loves it! You couldn't make me more prouder.
Such a good brother
You've begun speech therapy and we can all see a huge difference. You pick up on things so easily. You've already started signing 'more', 'finish' and 'pop'. In fact you're even talking a lot more. 'Daycare' is your new favourite word and at times you say it perfectly. While we regret not taking you to speech therapy sooner we are so happy you're getting the help now.

You also love to count. Noni's stairs are perfect for counting on, you count each step all the way to fifteen. For the last few weeks we've been asking you how old you are, instead of three you say you're five. Every single time. I think five may be your favourite number. Or eleven. You love to say them.

You love daycare still. In fact this week you've started going three days a week instead of two. Mummy and daddy miss you so much when you're gone but we know how much fun you have there. You bound out the door and run straight in to play every day you go. You excitedly tell us about your day, usually showing us what animal you played with or were.

This year your obsession with dinosaurs has expanded. You own so many dinosaur toys that I've lost count. Your favourite dinosaur movies are still the Jurassic Park ones and Godzilla. You've also really gotten into the BBC Dinosaur specials, your favourite dinosaurs are, of course, T-Rex and Spinosaurus. The killers. Dinosaur Train, Dinosaurs TV show and a handful of other dinosaur movies and TV specials are also watched frequently.
Along with dinosaurs you also still love cars and animals. Sea creatures are some of your favourites too. Sharks especially. Anything big, scary and dangerous. Sharks, elephants, rhinos, lions and tigers are your favourites. Usually your animal toys battle cars or dinosaurs. It's a mixture of scary, loud love. Helicopters are another favourite of yours. You spin your arms in circles to say helicopter and you love to draw them in big circles. In fact I'd say that dinosaurs in a helicopter would be your dream event.
Photo by Zoe from Little Swallow
Another big change is your hair. You rocked your long hair until you decided you wanted daddy's haircut. Daddy did such a good job cutting your hair and you now rock your short hair. Who knows what other hairstyles you'll rock over the next year.
Hair rocker
You my son are the light of my life. Always have and will be. This blog is as much for you and your sister as it is for me, a record of your young lives. I hope you enjoy reading it in the future and seeing what your life was like.

I love you.


  1. So special. He will love reading this as he gets older.

  2. Happy Birthday Lufflump you gorgeous spunk!

  3. Gorgeous post. Happy Birthday Lufflump!

  4. What a treasured memory this post will be when you look back. He is such a good looking boy! And very happy to hear he's coming along with speech therapy. He looks like a very happy & curious little lad! Happy 3rd Birthday!! Xx

  5. Awww - what a beautiful letter to a spunk little boy!

  6. lovely Ames and I love that pic of your little boy playing with his toys [outside]....it's gorgeous :-)
    Claire T xx

  7. A very beautiful post. I can feel your deep love for him through it. :-)

  8. Aw, what a nice post. He's adorable.

  9. The child looks very cute! (legendbjd.com)


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