Friday, March 8, 2013

The Suburbs

Suburgatory is my new favourite show. It's a hilarious show about a father and daughter moving from inner Manhattan to the suburbs. The suburb they move to is full of fake, self centred people living in oversized houses full of maids.
I'm glad that Brisbane doesn't have the extreme differences between the suburbs and the city like America appears to have.

There is a difference between inner city suburbs and outer city though (in my experience). So much so that a list can be created, has been created.
Our old neighbours were shit. Even the good ones were rude. Our current neighbours are so very nice. When we moved in without connecting the electricity (don't ask) they let us use their outside plug for a few days. How nice is that!? They are awesome. We bought them chocolates.
We are paying more rent but we are in a place three times the size we were in. Technically that means it's cheaper, right?
To a skater that is hell important. Rough, narrow roads are dangerous.
I'm not saying they don't exist, I mean we have one, but Holdens, Toyotas, Mazdas and Fords are a lot more prominent. There's a lot more utes and real 4WDs, you know ones actually used as 4WDs not just people movers.
We don't but our neighbours do and everyone walks their own dogs rather than pay someone to walk them. If you don't own a dog, you are the odd one out. Us.
I prefer mid morning Thursdays.
Wide roads = skater's dream.


  1. Those rules change a little ago when you move from suburb to 'town '!

    1. I bet! Maybe a blog post in it for you? :)

  2. Road skating! We don't do that so much down here b/c we do have long bike tracks nearby, but I can see why you'd be so excited to have wider roads!


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