Monday, March 4, 2013

The Week That Was

I'm already getting slack with posting! In all fairness my laptop only just let me import my photos off my phone and the iMac's keyboard is playing up. 
It was sesame's birthday weekend and she loved the attention.
Lufflump got an awesome dinosaur sandwich cutter. The first dinosaur unfortunately got decapitated in the cutter.
I made a mess in the kitchen all Friday getting the food ready for sesame's birthday party. I hadn't baked since 2011!
I also got my craft on. Minimal craft.
This is our new lovely rug. That is a huge nutella mark. Any tips on getting it out?
This is how impressed sesame was opening her presents.
Ermahgerd nerw ter!
If I scream at her she won't appear scary.
The mister mowed the lawn in the poring rain.
I tried fairy bread for the first time.
Lufflump played with bubble blowers.
We got to play with Aunty Amanda's fresh baby. Again. I got clucky then she farted.
The kids played nicely. Apart from that time or that other time.
We saw sunshine. For a split second.

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