Monday, March 11, 2013

The Week That Was

These are our morning faces. Always needing more sleep.
Lufflump fast asleep in the car in a strange position. Sleeps like his daddy.
Daddy was a pony and sesame loved it!
Sesame also loves looking at herself in my phone. She's taken some awesome photos and videos.
She's claimed my ($5) chair as her own. I have big plans to recover this chair.
A gunman managed to scare Brisbane CBD. He was shot in the arm and no one else was hurt. Bravo police. Riot cops have the hottest uniform. Reow.
I've decided to keep the pink. Light, fairy floss pink.
We went to roller derby and watched our league kick ass and win all three bouts they were in.
The kids had lots of fun at derby.
Mummy and daughter.
How adorable are baby shoes?!
This boy is such a boy.
In honour of International Women's Day which was on Friday 8th March, I've answered some questions that I found in this news article.
If you could change one thing about the world today what would it be?
I reduce the large CEO's and big money makers' incomes and distribute it to low income workers. I find it heartbreaking that people work hard all their lives and don't have assets or a retirement fund due to a low income. In other words I'd reduce high incomes and raise low incomes.
What is the biggest difference between your mum's life and your own?
Technology. When my mum was a stay at home mum she would have to call or physically go somewhere to socialise whereas now we can easily do it at home. Skype and digital cameras have helped distant relatives not miss out on the special moments and the kid's growing up.
What's the one thing that you could not live without?
Technology. My sanity relies on it. Partly.
What's the best thing about being you?
My children, family and friends. I am so very lucky.
What are you hoping for?
Immediate future - a lovely, carefree trip to Melbourne. Long term - a happy, healthy, successful family.
What's your favourite thing to do?
Roller derby training, roller skate, cuddle with my babies, laugh with the mister, sleep, eat good food, watch bad TV and generally spend time with my family and friends.
What's the best thing about being a woman/girl?
The ability to give birth and the immediate feeling after when you get to hold your precious baby for the first time. The roller derby community also celebrates being a woman/girl wonderfully.
Who is/was the best man in your life? What makes/made him so good?
I'm lucky to have more than one positive male in my life. My opa, poppy, dad, the mister and my child are wonderful men/boys. I've also had many positive male friends who've helped me be who I am today. I like to surround myself with positive people who like to have fun.
Who do you look up to/what inspires you?
As a mother I look up to positive mothers. Successful single mothers amaze me, I admire them greatly. As an aspiring roller derby sportswoman I look up to amazing skaters like Bonnie Thunders, Suzy Hotrod, Smarty Pants, Bonnie D'Strior and Australia's own Short Stop. I look up to the women in my league too, they are third in Australia and that's awesome!
What makes you feel sad?
Other people's pain. I couldn't and don't want to imagine losing a child, the fact that people have gone through that pain makes me sad. No parent should bury their child. It's devastating.
What's your best memory?
The first time I knew I wanted to be with the mister (at 2008 Future Music Festival watching The Chemical Brothers), holding lufflump for the first time, and sesame's birth.
Who would you most like to help?
People with dual diagnosis who so easily slip through the cracks. The system sucks for them.

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