Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Place and Yours - Tea Towels

This weeks My Place and Yours is all about tea towels. 
I won't lie. I don't have pretty tea towels. To me they are just a functional item. Don't get me wrong if I looked and cared I would get the prettiest ones. Instead we have green ones. Mind you these are my favourite, they work so damn well. I love them!

One thing I do adore is my new pot stand. My Opa just went into a nursing home and I scored some amazing kitchen stuff which included two of these. They are so gorgeous I want to hang them on my walls.

That counts as a tea towel right?

Every Tuesday there will be a new My Place and Yours and you can find them all over at Hello Owl. Check out the rest of Danielle's blog. It is wonderful. I can't wait to meet her next month and find out all her secrets ;)

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  1. Oooo NOoooo don't use that treasure as a T Towel. It's a pot holder, for holding hot handles in the days when pots and pans only had metal handles ;) It would look gorgeous on your wall. Lovely post ;)


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