Thursday, March 24, 2011

Best useful apps (in my opinion)

Oz Radar - Using BOM and GPS you can choose the radar closest to your city and be one touch away from seeing whether you need to get your washing in or can do more. We started with the lite version but purchased it later as we love it so much.

Shazam - Need to know that song on the radio or on that show? Use Shazam while the song is still playing and it'll send through the song via iTunes. I've used this app on songs in kids movies and it's worked. It's free too which is even better.

Bump - Share photos, music, contacts, apps, calendars and social networks with friends for free via Bluetooth. All you and a friend do is go into the application, bump your phones together, choose what to share and share. The mister and I use this a lot to share photos - usually him to me so I can post them on facebook. It's free and easy as to use.
First page of my iPhone back in December
Convert Units - Convert angles, area, data, energy, force, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, time, and volume all for free. I often use it when watching overseas programs as they use different measures for units such as mass, temperature and length. It's easy as to use.

Toilet Map - Toilet map was created by the Australian government and shows public toilets, including service stations, close to your location. It eased my anxiety while travelling and is perfect for a toddler who is toilet training.

Wikipedia - Need to know what, when, why or how about almost anything? Then you need this app. I've used this app while travelling to find out such things as the difference between a crow and a raven, cyclone and tornado, and what Arizona would be like to live in (blame NBC Today for their real estate segment).

IMBD - Want to know what that movie is about or who that actor is? IMBD has everything you need to know about movies and actors. I've used this countless times, ok every time I watch a movie. It's perfect for impatient people (me) to find out what happens in the movie they are watching.

What are your favourite useful apps?

Seriously another disclaimer - what the hell? Why do I feel guilty? Consumerism has taken a hold of my soul! Anyway, I was not paid for MY opinion, however if you would like to pay me please do (I like money and gifts). The above views are mine and mine alone. If you want to use it then see previous, previous sentence (money and gifts).

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