Monday, March 28, 2011

My Place and Yours - Where I Blog

Ok, I'm late. I know. 
I didn't want to miss out on this My Place and Yours before a new one tomorrow. 
So deal with it. I am.

So this My Place and Yours posed the question; Where do you blog?

This is where I blog;
Our desk. 
It is an Expedit bookcase with some alterations made into a desk. It has awesome storage as we have left the bottom four holes the same and use these black boxes to hold paper, stationery, cloth nappies and computer extras.

The back is a cork-board covered with a beautiful Ikea fabric (can you tell we love Ikea!?) and then covered again with drawings and pictures by munchkin.  

Ignore the 3Ms around. They were holding up star lights but munchkin broke them so they are down waiting to be fixed. 
Also ignore the lonely hooks. They were holding these which had pens, highlighters and paper clips in them but munchkin got hold of one and broke it so they know sit on our kitchen bench.

Instead look at that little storage basket that holds all our cords for the computer. Best thing ever.

We all have the flu at the moment so the tissues are necessary. The pretty little tissue box cover is from my Oma. While it is tacky, I love it! It's so pretty and every time I see it I am reminded of her, which instantly makes me happy.

Lastly, our beautiful Mac. She is amazing. I'm am fully converted and will never go back to a PC again. Want more Apple products please.

So this is where I blog. As I mentioned before tomorrow there will be a new My Place and Yours and you can find them all over at Hello Owl. Check out the rest of Danielle's blog. It is wonderful. I can't wait to meet her next month and find out all her secrets ;)

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