Monday, May 14, 2012

Getting Fit Week Seven

Last week was a real write off. I started Zoloft again which messed up my stomach and made me really lethargic. If that wasn't enough I was then hit with the flu. The couch and bed were my best friends and I went through two boxes of tissues. Lovely.

Last week's goals;
- Do Wii Fit Plus at least twice Nope
- Skate Sunday Done and it was fantastic!
- Put skates on four days I only managed two days
- Skate outside at least once Nope
- Do 50 squats, 50 crunches, 50 jumping jacks, 10 burps, 10 jack knives and 10 knee push ups every day I didn't even do it one day instead when I hung the washing out I squatted instead of leaning over
- Minimum 1.5L water every day Nope
- At least five shakes Yes
- At least one Ease into 5k work outs I did one, a shitty one with mum on Monday. Our walking speed was quicker than our 'running' speed.
- Two workout videos this week Didn't even manage one

Total write off.

The only exercise I managed to do was skate Sunday, the pitiful Ease into 5k work out and climb the awesome spiderweb thing at New Farm playground three times. That thing is fun! I did have an eight year old bully the first time I went up but his mum told him off.
Being awesome at New Farm Park playground
As for diet? Well yesterday alone I managed to consume half a packet of chips, two pieces of Black Forest Cake, a piece of Carrot Cake, hot dog with onion and cheese, three pieces of chicken nibbles, soft drink and a banana. Real healthy.

Skating was awesome. Possibly the best week yet. We learned how to start (running on toe stops, duck run and pushing off), 180 knee stops and we even got to do our first 25 in 5 (25 laps in 5 minutes). I managed to get just shy of 23. Not too bad seeing as I was dehydrated and didn't exercise or skate all week. I've decided that I'll be doing this phase (phase one) again so I have the basics really down. So in seven weeks time I'll have the chance to do 25 in 5 again and I plan to smash it. 

I'm giving up the Ease into 5k too. I'm not a runner. I don't enjoy running and never have. Hell if zombies attack I'll chuck on my skates and skate from them. Running sucks. I don't need to be a runner to be a skater and I'm more than fine with that. 

This week I'm back on track. Definitely skating yesterday has given me the motivation I need. I may still be in bed but I'm having a healthy shake and plan on going for a nice long skate on the River Walk today. 

This week's goals;
- Do Wii Fit Plus at least twice
- Skate Sunday
- Put skates on four days
- Skate outside at least once
- Do 500 squats, 250 crunches, 250 jumping jacks, 50 burpees, 50 jack knives and 50 knee push ups
- Minimum 1.5L water every day
- At least five shakes
- One workout video this week


  1. Sorry to hear you have been sick - hope you are feeling 100% very soon !

    I love that you have given up trying to run because it isn't for you and isn't who you are - as soon as I realise what works for me things become easier - whether it is what exercise I want to do or what eating plan I want to follow - good for you !!!

    Have the best week ever and good luck with your exercise goals !

  2. Love your food list! Haha

    Don't give up! My fitness plans die after a day.. Your doing great :)


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