Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting Fit Week Six

Last week was a really good fitness week. I would have liked to have skated more though but I can definitely see and feel an improvement. My biggest downfall was eating 500g of Pistachio nuts in a day. Could be worse.

Last week's goals;
- Do Wii Fit Plus at least once I actually did Wii Fit Plus four times for at least half an hour.
- Skate Sunday Loved it!
- Put skates on four days I put them on five days.
- Skate outside at least once I skated inside twice and once outside. I wanted to skate more but can't skate in the wet.
- Do 50 squats, 50 crunches, 50 jumping jacks, 10 burpees and 10 knee push ups every day Done.
- Minimum 1.5L water every day I didn't drink enough everyday and woke up a few days dehydrated.
- At least three shakes I had three shakes on Monday alone. Loving my shakes!
- At least one Ease into 5k work outs Done. Really should have done three to make it one week but I didn't.
- One workout video this week I did Jillian's 30 Day Shred. She's a bitch.

The Wii Fit Plus definitely had a work out last week. I did a lot of ten minute boxing, half hour cycling, and muscle moves. It's so much fun and I can see myself improving each time. I love seeing progress, it's very motivating.

I have to do a blog post on what we're learning in the rec league, I'm learning so much. I am loving it still. I can't see a time when I don't love it. I'm so amazed at how much I love learning skating techniques. Anything else I would have been frustrated and given up, but with roller derby I become even more determined to get the technique and want to skate more.
My indoor skate set up
The squats, burpees, jumping jacks, knee push ups and crunches are getting easier. In fact I'm going to add in ten jack knife workouts. I feel so much better after it and during it I push myself to do them as fast as possible. It's hard but getting easier which is my motivation.

I only failed one this week which was drinking water. A couple of times this week I've felt sick and I think it's from being dehydrated. Also caffeine isn't agreeing with me so coffee and coke is out of the picture. It's good as it means I'm not tempted.

Running is hard. Not only physically but also time wise. It's easy exercising at home, I can stop and help out if need be. Exercising outside running is difficult as I can't help out at home. The mister needs sleep so early mornings are out. Night time is out too as the mister works. During the day I could depending on how the kids are, what else we have to do and the weather. If it's too hot I'll have a bad experience and not want to continue. As it gets colder during the day I'm more inclined to go out running. I hope it gets colder quickly!

Jillian is a bitch. Her 30 Day Shred is tough! I did week one and was a mess afterwards. I'll be doing it as many times as I can next week. I'll try to throw in Bob's Boot Camp too as I enjoy that one. Crazy as it sounds I'm looking forward to them kicking my ass again, well the feeling afterwards anyway.

I'm keeping the goals similar to last weeks. Simple and easy. Of course I plan on doing more as well but these are the basics.

This week's goals;
- Do Wii Fit Plus at least twice
- Skate Sunday
- Put skates on four days
- Skate outside at least once
- Do 50 squats, 50 crunches, 50 jumping jacks, 10 burps, 10 jack knives and 10 knee push ups every day
- Minimum 1.5L water every day
- At least five shakes
- At least one Ease into 5k work outs
- Two workout videos this week


  1. Ames you're so inspiring. I love reading about your progress and reading what you did last week with TWO children is putting me to shame. I find Charlotte is such an easy excuse these days. Can't run cuz by the time Tom gets home it's too cold/dark/wet. Cant do indoor exercises because I don't want to wake her/she needs entertaining. It's a bit embarrassing really. I am registered for the blackmores half mara in Sydney in September and this week the running really needs to be consistent if I'm going to succeed. I think I need to put a post out there to help with my accountability and consistency. Thanks for a great post x

  2. You are a MACHINE! Wow - I love seeing your improvements from week to week - it is so inspiring!

    I have given running a back seat, I am just so very tired. Off to have blood tests this week - there has god to be a good reason for my tiredness.... Stupid, horrid, nasty hormones... they are evil....But enough about me.

    Well done on a HUGE training week! Would love to know what your motivation is... Is it health, size, head... what is driving you to be so AWESOME?

  3. That's a huge training week... feeling exhausted looking at it!! I must reda more on your skating as I loved my roller skates as a child and haven't skated at all in donkeys' years. Am enjoying the Team Friday linky, great to get some inspiration. Hope you feel good soon. Well done also for not letting anxiety take you over. Like you, I'd love NOT to take meds... but I want to live my life and I need to be calm for my kids and myself.

    Take it easy!

  4. WOW - good work Ames !!! Good on your for achieving your goals from last week - look at how much you have improved over other weeks when you battled to achieve your goals !!! Great stuff !!

    Have the best week ever !
    love, hugs and positive energy.


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