Friday, October 5, 2012

#OperationMOVE Final Week

Well I failed September of #OperationMOVE. It was a hard month and I really wasn't consistent with my training thanks to illness, the mister's surgery and the QLD roller derby tournament. 

October should be much better although I've already missed one night of training due to sesame being sick. I'm being a tad lazy with my exercise, again. I'll get back onto it though. In fact, I have big plans today.

I've decided that minutes aren't what counts to me anymore but rather effort. The old quality over quantity. I'm choosing fifteen minutes of torture over an hour of comfortable moving. An hour of torture would be great but I don't have the stamina. Yet. October will be my fitness torture month. 

Let's get moving fast, hard and sweaty.


Just like everyone else I LOVE comments and they make me SMILE. I'll reply as soon as I can, but please know that I appreciate and read EVERY single comment. Thanks xxx


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