Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Heart My Body 2012 #iheartmybody

Last year I wrote a post for the I Heart My Body campaign and this year I'm doing it all again. The difference? I was pregnant last year.

I find when pregnant I'm a lot kinder to my body. Flaws are overlooked because it's expected not to be a total rake or perfect when pregnant. Flabby bits, cellulite, big legs - all there helping my baby grow. When not pregnant there is no excuse for all those flaws. They no longer become anyone's friend, especially not mine.
Pregnant with sesame
Bullshit, right?

I don't think I'll ever not have cellulite. It's a fact of life for so many women and men, why can't it just be accepted? Lufflump and sesame both have cellulite too, it's not just contained to adults. I know I've had it since I was a baby.

I've also always had big legs. Not huge but out of proportion to the rest of my body. Derby has showed me to LOVE my body shape. A big ass is awesome to block with. Big legs mean more power. The girls I'm most scared of in derby have an awesome booty. AWESOME. If you are a pear shape like me, you have THE body shape for derby. If you are a cone, square, apple, ruler - you name it, you have THE body shape for derby.
Derby helps me love my body
The mister always tried to hurt me (mucking around, I'd do it to him first) by grabbing my leg just above the knee and I thought it was so cool that it didn't hurt. Little did I know the reason it didn't hurt was due to being fat. Now that my legs have muscles it hurts like a bitch when he does it. I love it.

I think what people forget is that skinny people can be fat too. Weight is just a number, what you need to look at is fat percentage. I was, and still am, skinny fat. I'm working on it and my body shows that. I feel and look better than I ever have. I have muscles and I'm proud of them. Would I like them to be bigger? Sure and they will be, but I have to work at it.

We just bought a bunch of exercise gear; boxing bag with stand, captains chair, weights and a declined bench. I'm so sore from using them and I know I'm getting stronger with each rep, each extra rep than the day before. It feels fantastic. Hardly work when you enjoy yourself.

Am I proud of my body?
I am. I'm proud of the progress I'm making.

Do I have days when I hate my body?
No, but I do have days when I shy away from mirrors. When I try on something and I cringe. When I whinge about my upper thighs and how they aren't what I want them to be, how I wish they were. I don't hate my body though, it carries me and allows me to function. My body allows me to do my favourite thing - skate.
Plow stop
Do I have days when I love my body?
Yes, I look at how toned I am and how much progress I've made and am making. There are things I love about my body; my arms, my calves and my knees (do derby and you'll either love or hate your knees). I can't wait until I love my stomach, thighs and butt and I know with hard work I will.
Hello little muscles!
Knees and calves with bruises.
What would I change about my body?
My upper thighs. I would love them to be in proportion to the rest of my body. I'm doing exercises daily to help this occur.
Mah bodah.
I know I'm fortunate to have the body I have. I'm fortunate to have a good metabolism. I'm fortunate to be able to lose weight relatively easy. I'm fortunate to not have any major health problems with my body. But if I didn't have a good metabolism, wasn't able to lose weight relatively easy or had major health problems I'd still love my body, it's the only one I have and I have three choices - accept, change or hate. Two outta three ain't bad.


  1. Derby helps everyone love their body. I'm just lucky I already did. Your's rock Ames! ;) xx

  2. You are great at describing that 'journey' so many of us go on with our bodies - especially after kids. Derby does seem like an awesome way to reconnect with your 'physical self' (so to speak). I wish my knees were less temperamental! I don't think they'd be good friends with skates Great post.

  3. You have a hot body! You look amazing xx

    Thanks for joining in again this year!

  4. Wow! I just love how derby has helped you discover just how awesome your body is!

  5. It's not easy to admit what we do and do not like or prefer about ourselves,but you did it wonderfully!!Awesome that you enjoy Derby so much and reap the benefits of good health out of it!!!!

  6. You look smoking in those jeans!

    I have loved seeing your transformation since starting derby and seeing how passionate you have become about looking after yourself x

  7. Accept, change or hate. I think that says it all there really! I definitely have the ass for derby but certainly not the knees! I barely have the knees for walking up stairs! Love this, thanks for sharing.

  8. This is awesome. A derby body! You look smokin', by the way. Love your attitude. x

  9. Ahh you Derby girls are all kinds of amazing. Strong, fit and fabulous. Love the change in point of view from last year.

  10. I never met a derby body I didn't like. You guys are so toned and strong. Rocking those jeans, Ames x

  11. You make me wanna grab some skates and power on! Love what you said at the end: "accept, change or hate". It's taken me a while to love and accept my boobalicious body, but there's no going back to self-loathing for me. I can accept the cellulite, it's the chin hairs I can't handle ;) x

  12. Get it girl! Your derby ventures inspire me so much to find the fun in exercise x

  13. Ho won earth have you had another baby in the past year. Seriously though hun you look fabulous but you have earned it. xx

  14. Look at you, you look fantastic. x

  15. Oh I would just love to have a go at derby but it scares the life out of me!
    Your thighs look perfectly in proportion to me! You pregnant body is amazing, not a flaw in site. As for your post pregnant body... it is enviable!

  16. You are insanely hot, woman! And you rock the Derby like no one's business


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