Thursday, October 4, 2012

What I Wore: Tropicarnage

Tropicarnage is Queensland's roller derby tournament. It's also amazeballs.

The 2012 Tournament was held at Morayfield Leisure Centre, back around my hood. Eleven leagues from around Queensland and north NSW competed. I really want to do a review on the weekend, if I have time and energy as it was an amazing, full weekend.

It wasn't easy for me to choose what to wear as I don't feel quite comfortable enough in summer, short clothes. I had to also wear something comfortable as I was to be in them for up to twelve hours plus I was sure to be running around, sitting on the floor and on chairs and looking after sesame.

The first day, Saturday, was hot. Around 30 degrees and even the big ass fans (they are huge fans with donkeys on them, they're literally big ass fans) didn't stop the sweat. I really felt for the girls skating that day. I don't have a good photo of my whole outfit but it was perfect for the day, comfortable and cool with some derby thrown in.
I specifically wore this shirt for my derby pal who broke her ankle at a clinic we went to. She's a trooper!
Singlet - eBay
Shorts - Big W (Summer 2011)
Shoes (not shown) - Betts (2010)

The second day NBR were playing so I had to wear my support through a NBR shirt and teal striped socks. I also bought a Towns Villains (TVR) hat as the weather was too warm for my beanie hat. I'm in love with it, it's so comfortable! It was cooler the second and third days which I dressed accordingly to, wearing stockings then jeans.
Loving my new hat
Legs, I love stockings!
NBR love.
Singlet: NBR official merchandise (buy at bouts)
Skort: Skate Salvage American Apparel

Stockings - Probably Coles/Woolworths
Socks - A fellow Rec Leaguer (found these on eBay)
Shoes - Converse (about ten years ago)
Hat - TVRD official merchandise (buy at bouts)

The third day I decided to dress more for warmth and comfort. I still wore a NBR shirt but teamed it with jeans, flats and my new TVR hat.
Pop of colour!
Just me.
New various QLD derby league badges.
Singlet: NBR official merchandise (buy at bouts)
Jeans - Cotton On
Shoes - Sportsgirl
Hat TVRD official merchandise (buy at bouts)

It was one of the funnest weekends I've had. NBR didn't win the Grand Final but we were closer than last time. Next year it's ours!

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