Monday, October 8, 2012

Best Of The Past Week

The mister has instagram finally! His username is lordchappington!
I did three pull ups!!! Such a good feeling and I can't wait until I can do ten!
Sesame had a sick week. How does one little baby have so much snot?
She's also on the move. Not quite crawling but so close!
Personal space? Not when you're a mummy. 
Every day should include potato gems in gravy.
These girls (Anastasiya and Valeria) have over a hundred thousand fans. Amazing makeup but wow...
Sesame needs this shirt. She has no choice really.
Clueless reunion! Where's Paul Rudd though, he's delicious? Stacey Dash - what a hot mama.

Must have.
Loving this for Halloween? Or everyday?
Amazing roller derby wedding photos! I'm so in love.
Oh wow I want these. Today. No, yesterday! I love this article featuring them on Offbeat Home.
Most gorgeous!

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  1. Thanks for the plug (Roller Derby Wedding Photos!) It's cool to have people like what you do! Love your page!


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