Monday, October 8, 2012

Best Of The Past Week

The mister has instagram finally! His username is lordchappington!
I did three pull ups!!! Such a good feeling and I can't wait until I can do ten!
Sesame had a sick week. How does one little baby have so much snot?
She's also on the move. Not quite crawling but so close!
Personal space? Not when you're a mummy. 
Every day should include potato gems in gravy.
These girls (Anastasiya and Valeria) have over a hundred thousand fans. Amazing makeup but wow...
Sesame needs this shirt. She has no choice really.
Clueless reunion! Where's Paul Rudd though, he's delicious? Stacey Dash - what a hot mama.

Must have.
Loving this for Halloween? Or everyday?
Amazing roller derby wedding photos! I'm so in love.
Oh wow I want these. Today. No, yesterday! I love this article featuring them on Offbeat Home.
Most gorgeous!


  1. Thanks for the plug (Roller Derby Wedding Photos!) It's cool to have people like what you do! Love your page!


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