Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What I Wore: Dreamworld

Last weekend we ventured to Dreamworld for a good friend's 30th birthday. Typical us left getting babysitters to the last minute so we took lufflump with us. I'm so glad we did, he and us had such a ball. It was hot and we spent a lot of time near water and in the shade. Lufflump loved the log and rapids rides, anything with water and that kid is sold!

As it was so hot, minimal clothing was necessary. I bought a bunch of clothes from ASOS the weeks before and the final package arrived just in time. The mister and I both wore new clothes. He wore new shoes, big mistake, never wear new shoes to Dreamworld, even my jelly's gave me blisters. It's always nice wearing shiny new clothes though.
See the baby sleeping on the bed? Only way we could get her to sleep.
I'm a bargain whore, to the point where I end up spending a lot of money on a lot of items that I don't really need. That's how they get you and I'm a sucker every time.

This dress was cheap and not something I would normally wear but I am in LOVE! It's comfortable and the only complaint I have is the stupid zipper is a bitch to get up and makes me feel fat. The cut is quite flattering though even on 'fat' days.
This pose makes my legs look skinny, right?
I'm also trying a new thing. See that awesome head thingy, it's a bandanna from CanTeen. I've always seen girls wearing them, the cool girls. I've wanted to be cool for so long but I never knew how to do it. Thanks to my derby girls I am now cool! I love it, it's so easy to do and so much fun. Plus it breaks all the rules with this outfit, adding a third pattern to the mix.
Quick photos - bag and keys are on the bed ready to grab and run. The mister and lufflump were already in the car.
The skirt is a tad see through so I wore bike pants. It also prevented flashing on rides and when the wind picked up. Comfort is always a priority for me and the bike pants added that little bit more.
Necklace is back so sesame doesn't suck on it.
We didn't take sesame so I wore hoops! I forgot how much a baby pulled at EVERYTHING including earrings. I miss my hoops so wear them at any opportunity. If the mister is holding sesame the hoops come out. Vanity.

Oh and how pink has my hair faded to! Wow.
Dress - ASOS
Bike Pants - Target
Shoes - Jelly Beans
Bandanna - CanTeen

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