Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'm Missing Her.

Day twelve: What do you miss?

I miss my puppy dog, Casey/KC. we lost her two days shy of eleven years ago. Two days before my sixteenth birthday. Talk about a shitty rather than sweet sixteenth.

Casey came into our lives as a pup. Well before then as she was born to family friend's dogs, a cattle dog and a dingo. A dog trainer's nightmare. The mix of dog I'd love to have again.
Six year old me with four year old Casey.
I chose her when I was two. I wanted the pure white dog who was called Squeak as she squeaked a lot. My cousin also wanted her but I was promised first pick and I got her. To an only child, she was my sister and my confidant.

Casey was one amazing dog. She had the dingo free spirit and ran away multiple times on adventures that found her being spray painted pink outside of McDonald's, fed steaks from owners of a 7/11, and countless trips to the pound including a long stay as they refused to euthanise her knowing we would come and pick her up (back before mobile phones were prevalent and the pound was open during the hours my parents worked). One of the pound employees was going to take her home if we didn't pick her up when we did. Casey thanked them by saying goodbye to them before saying hello to us when we picked her up.

I don't know how but I do know she understood the English language. I taught her how to cross the road safely, to bite someone who was wearing all black including shoes and a hat (which my dad's poor boss happened to on the day Casey nipped him), she knew when it was her birthday and would be pissed if we didn't have her present for her in the morning. She knew more than a dog should.

Casey was my soulmate. We had a connection like no other. She knew me more than anyone has and I knew her, we got each other.

I miss her every day. I wish my children got to meet her, feel her amazing spirit and soft ears. I wish she were here now licking my tears I wouldn't be crying for her.

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  1. A beautiful post. Dogs can touch our lives in such special ways.


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