Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Day.

7:30 - I wake up still sick but the mister worked the night shift and looked after the kids yesterday while I was sick so it's more than fair that I get up with the children this morning. I get breakfast ready for the kids and read some blogs.

8:30 - Cooking and cleaning is so much easier with Daft Punk. I'm loving their new album so much. 

9:30 - The mister is awake and we have breakfast together while watching The Block. The kids run crazy playing together. Loudly. I hockey tape the fridge so sesame doesn't keep opening it, something she does at least five times an hour. Lunch and dinner has been cooked already which feels fantastic. 
Breakfast and The Block
10:30 - The first load of washing goes on while we all play soccer outside.   
Soccer fun!
11:30 - The mister and lufflump go to the shops to get essentials. Sesame and I laze around eating grapes talking about how crappy Postman Pat is. Sesame goes down for a nap so I tidy and clean.

12:30 - Hang washing out and put another load on. Watch some documentaries on ABC iview while catching up on some blogging. The mister and lufflump come home with goodies like chocolate, V, apples and other groceries. Sesame wakes up. Her and lufflump help us make some soda waters with the Sodastream or at least try to but the gas bottle the mister just bought was empty. Back to the shop for him later.
1:30 - I have a nice hot shower. We all have floor play with lots of cuddle attacks. We start filling the water feature for the fish as its gotten way too low. I feed the fish some peas which they love. The mister's mum comes over to drop some stuff off including my birthday present!
Awesome birthday present! Bearing press FTW.
2:30 - The mister and I clean my skates, wheels and bearings thanks to my present, a new bearing press. It's so lush and easy to use. The fish are back in the water feature and happy. I hang another load of washing out and put another load on.

Refilling the water feature.
Disgustingly dirty.
3:30 - Afternoon tea is lots of watermelon for all of us. We sit around talking and eating it together. Lufflump watches Transformers while the mister and I watch Deadliest Catch and sesame reads books in her room.
Deadliest Catch.
4:30 - Hang the last load of washing out. There's a spider attached to the clothes line so I hang most of it inside. The spider can stay. I get a phone call that my glasses are ready so I make an appointment for my dad and myself to get them fitted tomorrow afternoon. I call dad excited to tell him.

5:30 - It's time for me to get ready for training and walk to my wife's house to get a lift. The mister has a roast pork on which smells delicious! Sesame is a bit unsettled which means lots of lovely cuddles until she falls asleep.

6:30 - 8:30 - Roller derby training with some awesome people. It's very informal and we work on what we need to. It's great to practice, practice, practice.

9:30 - Home to drama on the webs. Some people don't realise how much their words can affect others. Need food, shower, some TV and sleep.

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