Thursday, May 16, 2013

Not Having Perfect Vision.

Day sixteen: Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it.

I struggled with this a bit. I'd never heard about 'lot in life' and then didn't know what mine was. Until I had to get new glasses and try contacts today. 

Welcome to how I overcome not having perfect vision

Pretty glasses. At least every two years. This year I got two pairs.
First pair!
Second pair!
Contacts. I'm trialling these for derby training. It's so hard in a pack with bad peripheral vision and having to turn around all the time. I'm excited but I love wearing glasses so will leave the contacts to only training.
Not having 20/20 vision can be a pain but it can also be a blessing. I'm glad my vision isn't perfect. It's fun!


  1. Go Amy - I usually only wear my contacts for derby. And a bonus is no fogging up when you get all hot and sweaty.

  2. Nice glasses lovely and good thinking with only using the contacts for derby. I love that you love glasses. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

  3. Agggh! I want to be able to wear contacts! I tried them out about a year ago specifically for the gym, and other situations when glasses are a pain the butt (like running). I have a stigma and some other vision problems which means that I can't wear contacts at all :(

    I've consoled myself by getting top private health optical cover and can now buy about three new pairs every single year. One for every outfit!

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