Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Kinda Heart My Body

Today is I Heart My Body 2011 day.
As my title says, I kinda heart my body. I've never really loved it although I was happiest with it when I was breastfeeding, I was finally in proportion and felt good about myself. I do love that it produces and carries babies so well, who wouldn't love that? Ok maybe a hooker who kept falling pregnant, that'd be annoying. Anyway, my body is currently carrying it's second baby and so far it's doing a damn good job again.
L - Isn't this the right way to do it?
R - Boring right?
Yes I have bumps, lumps, stretch marks, cellulite, flabby bits and ugly veins but most of that I could change if I put the work in. I'm just lazy and I like 'naughty' food too much. In fact my favourite breakfast would have to include coffee through a Tim Tam straw. Delicious!
The mister took these while I was yelling at lufflump
My biggest dislike of my body is the shape of my thighs. I put all of my weight on the lower half of my body. So while the top half is slim and trim, the bottom half is the opposite (thanks mum). If I was in proportion and a lovely hourglass shape I'd be happy. That means not changing my thighs though because shaving bone scares the shit out of me. Ouch. No instead I'd like big boobs constantly. Size C-D please and not just the skin.

At the end of the day though my body tells my story; lazy, chocolate obsessed mother who nurtured her babies. I have dark stretch marks on my boobs which tell the story of having no boobs to OMG BOOBS to deflated balloon boobs to BOOBS! I have scars, self inflicted and accidental that tell stories of pain, good times and misadventures. I have skin that tans beautifully if I care to venture into that devilish sun. I have working limbs that allow me to chase after and pick up my son, allow me to hug and hold the ones I love.
My belly, boobs and booty
My body has been kind to me now I need to be kind to my body.


  1. Good on you! I have so much admiration for everyone doing this. I certainly couldn't. I struggle with body image so much.

    I don't think you're thighs are that bad at all. They give you shape. I hate mine as well but my MIL says its just cause I focus on them, and that they are not that bad at all. It's funny reading these posts and hearing people point out flaws that are not obvious at all.

    You're gorgeous Ames. And I love your bump!

  2. Oh so beautiful!

    I also had the no boobs/what the hell these are HUGE boobs/where did my boobs go? thing... and I've never felt properly in proportion since!

  3. Beautiful Ames. You are so right we need to be kind to our bodies.
    I love your photos xx

  4. I think you look fab! Thanks for sharing your body love with us. I think we could all do with a resolution like your last statement :)

  5. Nawww I love this. Love the bump and totally understand the boob thing. Kida sucks to get excited about "milk implants" lol.

  6. It's so true that we need to be kind to our bodies - we need them to do & be our best! They truly are amazing things. Mine has changed sooo much since having 4 children. I'm still working on getting it back into a healthy condition. One day...

    {Love your pics}

  7. I am just so amazed at all of you who have joined in with this. You look great!

  8. Ames we must have breakfast together sometime... That's my fave too ;)

    Your body tells an amazing story about an amazing woman xox

  9. Great post, gorgeous! Also, aren't pear shapes supposed to be the healthiest in terms of long life & heart health?

  10. Great post! You are georgeous :) I loved what you wrote in the beginning about a hooker who keeps falling pregnant- made me giggle!

  11. you look gorgeous and your bump - just delightful!

    thanks so much for sharing and linking up!


  12. Ha ha, funny and georgeous with a beautiful bump :)

  13. I love that you didnt just post one picture - your all over the page! And so what if your a little pear shaped? Lots of women are and even us ladies you are ( according to the measurements ) hour glasses dont always feel happy with their thighs/hips/bum.
    But you, my friend, have one gorgeous baby nourishing body right there!

  14. The hottest pregnant body ever!

  15. You're bump is too cute! Naughty food is my problem too, and im feeling you on the hips! xx You're just Gorgeous

  16. Bump!!! Hullo Sesame!!!
    You have the exact same body shape as my sister and she finds it really hard to find pants that aren't tight on her legs and gape around her teeny tiny waist. Needless to say she gets a lot of things altered.
    You are amazingly beautiful, even when yelling :)

  17. I love your poses, and your mention of scares and stories makes me think of mine and how when we notice them I tell the stories of how I got them (the 3 on my face are from dog bites, the ones on my knee are from the operation which was originally caused after I won the 400 metres in Year 7, my chick pox scars have disappeared). Our bodies tell the story of us. Amazing.

  18. Love this!

    You're stunning. Especially with knock-knees, duck lips and pigeon toes ;) x

  19. Look at you spunky mummy!!! Sesame is coming along nicely too I see :)

  20. Hahaha definitely the right way to do it!!

    You look fabulous girl!
    And your little womb dweller belly *swoon* envious much!!


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