Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BFF Time and Outrageous Prices on Used Goods

I have a BFF, best friend forever, Amanda. We met in Multi-Strand Science when I was thirteen and she was fourteen. Instant friends. We used to pretend we were trees to the teachers while wagging class, we were cool like that. 
Year 9
We used to get up to all kind of mischief like wearing Misfits make-up in public, wagging school to play bingo, using mattresses as surfboards down her stairs, watching scary movies late at night, having cake on River Phoenix's birthday and following boys at theme parks who looked like Kurt Cobain. As I said, we were cool. No we were awesome. And that was just at school. 

After school we didn't lose our awesomeness. Once we nearly crashed the car because a massive moth was flying around inside. Another time we dropped a friend off at her house and gained a massive spider which, while hissing, hung onto the car on the highway and bouncers at our local couldn't find it when we stopped there hysterically asking them to get it off. We've shopped at 3am Christmas Eve and gained an audience by dancing and singing through the shops. We've had candlelight dinners with coke in wineglasses. We've had sex talks in snobby restaurants. We've eaten amazingly bad Mexican until we vomited and spent the night in food comas. We've been camping together and both of us packed a pair of heels just in case. We've worked together at jobs both while at school and out of school and we can work well together when not gossiping. We've even been featured on a cover of a book looking like drug dealers. 
It hasn't always been smooth sailing and we haven't always been extremely close but we always know we have each others backs. We have the type of friendship where we don't need to talk every week to know we are friends. We even haven't agreed with each others lifestyles  yet still we remain friends. 

Amanda was one of the first people I told when I found out I was pregnant with lufflump. If she hadn't been living in Ireland I would have forced her to be by my side grossed out by birth. Maybe I wouldn't have, I do want her to have kids. She's lufflump's godmother and will be sesame's too. 

We both moved out of the area we grew up in as soon as we could and now pretty much live around the corner from each other. You'd think that'd mean we see each other all the time but we both have busy lives, her working and socialising and me being sick and raising lufflump. 
We buy matching sunglasses
On Saturday I finally went to her massive townhouse and we spent the afternoon together. We drank coke, gossiped, caught up on each other's lives and went shopping. 

I knew the area she lives in was expensive but it's unreasonable at times. We went op-shopping mainly. One store was cheap ($5-$30) but I swear it was filled with clothes that were rejected in their era. The sister store had all the beautiful clothes but I'm sorry but $525 for a second-hand 80's sparkle dress is ridiculous! It's used. Not vintage. USED. SECOND-HAND. It's likely had other people's juices on it. Most clothes there were over the $200 mark. No. Not right. 

We went into other shops. One an antique store that had a wall of death (butterflies), amazing chairs that have never met a child, a pink wrought iron uncomfy beautiful bed for $5250, lots of fur and old overpriced furniture. 

A French chic store where we were baffled with almost everything in the store especially the glass mortar and pestle which "could be used like a stone one but eventually it will break, it's more for decoration than anything". If you have a mortar and pestle for decoration WHY?! Get some flowers or candles. 

We ended our shopping adventure at Coles where we actually did buy stuff. So exciting! The mister and lufflump picked me up not long after. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my day with my BFF and we need to do it again soon. No more hardly seeing each other business. At least once a month we need to catch up and have an A Team adventure. 


  1. Aw, yay for BFFs!! Catching up with my sister keeps me sane :)

  2. How could you not have an unbreakable bond to have a friend like that.

    Isn't is an amazing experience to have had a friend like that for so long.

    Hmmm.. surfboarding mattress's - something tells me you girls were a bit naughty!?! :)

    thanks for the smiling post


  3. I am so happy you have a relationship like that.

    I thought i did but it turns out it was a lie.

  4. I feel that way after running amuck with my sister and my bestie. Thank gawd for good gal pals x

  5. So glad you have that relationship, its just the best hey xx

  6. So beautiful. I have the same bond with my 'sister'. It's the best, don't know how I'd get through without her.

  7. great post! friends like that are rare. hold tight.

  8. Great post! Friends that have and will always be there even when you dont talk for a while are the best :) Sounds like you had a great time :) I agree with the opshop. thats crazy!!

  9. Sounds like you guys had an absolute ball. How great to have a friend in your life like that! You're very fortunate! The ones where you can pick up the phone and continue the conversation as if no time has passed are the best! :)

  10. Makes me miss my BFF too. It's hard when you're in different worlds. None of my close girl pals have kids yet, so it's hard to get our worlds to coincide. But when they do... it's always like we were never apart.


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