Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sesame - Five Weeks

Today we went to have our dating scan of Sesame. 

Before I go on I'm going to bitch about that full bladder crap we have to go through. You'd think some woman would have peed herself during an ultrasound and dedicated her life to finding a way to have an ultrasound without a full bladder. I peed on the side of the road in Katherine (behind a stick as there were no trees) and still had a full bladder when I arrived at the hospital half an hour later. In fact I was told my bladder was almost too full.

Please some woman (not me) pee during an ultrasound and dedicate your life to finding an alternative to having a full bladder during a normal ultrasound.

I predicted seven weeks based on the first date of my last period (what the hell!?) so we were excited to be able to see the heartbeat and embryo of our little Sesame. Unfortunately, my calculations were wrong (suck that doctors weird ass timing) and Sesame is only about five weeks so we couldn't see the embryo. 

I had the normal ultrasound and an internal (my first) but we still couldn't see anything but the sac, yolk sac and the fact I'm pregnant. The ultrasound guy (technical term) said everything was normal and we booked in to go back on Monday 11th July. 
Lufflump's first scan - ancient technology
It means that I was only two weeks pregnant when I changed medication and somehow knew I was pregnant. I was just over four weeks when I took the test and wrote this post. It's amazing how much more in tuned with my body I am this time around. 

Why the belly though? It explains the lack of boobs but my stomach is growing so fast. It's one reason why I was so sure I was seven plus weeks. I guess my body just knows to prepare itself earlier. Eleven weeks earlier. Why don't my boobs know? Come on boobs!

I was disappointed to say the least. I was excited, now I'm a little bit worried.

Zoey at Good Goog conveniently tweeted this post especially for me coincidentally when I was starting this post (titled six weeks though). I think she read my (future) mind when she typed: "First time around I never for a minute thought anything would be wrong. Second time around I’m a lot more nervy." How did you do that Zoey? It's so true though, I'm more worried this time around. Is it because I know more this time or I know what could go wrong or my anxiety? Whatever it is it annoys me. I'd much rather enjoy this early time of pregnancy I didn't know to experience last time.


  1. Firstly - i am so with you on the full bladder thing. Just another painful indignity we women must suffer...
    Secondly - i think sonographer is the word your after..
    Lastly - i wish i could quiet your mind and still your worries but i cant, so instead i'll wish you luck!

  2. Full bladders can eat shit. Every scan I had with my son (and there were plenty because of complications) I was told to "go and empty, not all of it - just some".
    When you are busting, there is no "some". Once you break the seal it's over.

  3. Not to freak u out or anything, but I was showing heaps with my second pregnancy and went for a scan at seven weeks... TWINS!!!! Imma just sayin... :-)

  4. I felt I was near death with my last ultrasound/full bladder situation and when I finally got to the examination table I was instructed to go and empty my bladder as it didn't need to be full anyway. Well now, there's a little piece of information that I could have used in the beginning!

    I don't know what it is about the second. If it's that I was more aware of how many things could go wrong, if it was that it took us a whole lot longer to get pregnant, or just that after Riley was born I could no longer look at the jellybean in the abstract. Whatever it was I was a bit of a mess in the early stages.

    It probably didn't help that even as time moved on I couldn't feel anything because the placenta was in the way. I hope you enjoy as much of your pregnancy as you can!

  5. Well - I'm just thrilled for you - still.

    Isn't it lovely to see it all on screen there and blobby like :)

    I am gathering you are going to travel through pregnancy and go through your pantry for collective names as your baby 2 grows.
    Starting with sesame (seed) I assume :)

    have a lovely day


  6. Full bladder = fail. Internal ultrasounds suck too.
    Glad everything is perfect and going well :D Congrats again!!


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