Saturday, July 9, 2011


I'm losing my blogo.

Lufflump is not going to bed until stupid o'clock which means that I don't have any 'me' or 'we' time at night to be lazy, blog or watch inappropriate movies. 

Mothers, did your toddler do this; have their usual midday nap (two hours) then stay up way past their bed times (like to ten or eleven pm)? What did you do? I've tried dropping his midday nap or at least shortening it but he is so cranky and falls asleep on the floor. Last night I had enough and spent an hour getting him to sleep but I missed The Block and that can't happen again. HELP!
He seriously can sleep anywhere
I'm also stuck on what to write about. I went through my blog to give a post to someone so they could use it as a guest post on their blog and you know what!? There isn't much on here. So now I'm thinking, what did I post on here before? Am I really a blogger? What is a blogger?

So I need some time out. Not a week or anything but I think that I will have weekends off. So now I blog Monday to Friday. I think that will help as I'm not feeling so pressured.

Oh and I quit uni. Well, not really. I did my mid-term exam and only got 50%. I know I should be happy that I passed but bleh. I'm just not into it. I've decided to sit this unit out. Organisational Psychology is boring. No offence to organisational psychologists but I'd rather sit next to a bank manager at a dinner party than you. If you are an OP please change my mind and tell me how the hell you managed to study such a boring subject.

Seeing as it's a weekend now I will post this to say that I will no longer be posting on a weekend. That may change in the distant future but right now this is my new routine.


  1. Shorten his nap by only half hour, or try to move his nap to earlier in the day? *hugs* I need my me time or I get quite batty and awful to live with.

  2. Oh you are hilarious! ... and so honest. I couldn't of anything more boring than OP too. I hope someone writes in and gives you some reasons to like it. I hear you about the blog mojo. I mostly try to take weekends off now. Hey, if you're not a blogger then neither am I. You're a blogger girl... a very dedicated one. Hey, anyone who uses the words 'stupid o'clock' is a deadset hip blogster. Wrt stupid o' youngest, same age, did the same thing. It was hell. and then he woke at 2am and stayed awake for the day. Grrr. No advice. I just got through it sleep deprived, somehow. A-M xx

  3. Ok I'll try that again!
    I think taking some time for yourself is the best thing you can do. Remember that you'll be more tired and not feel great for a few more weeks and if not posting on weekends lets you stress less then I say go for it. I find it pretty hard to keep up sometimes, so that's why my rule is at least every second day. If I'm having an off day I just leave it, write down the random thoughts I have and hope I have a more coherent day the next - or I find a linky to link up with (Things I Know on Friday is a good one) or use that format for a different post.
    As for organizational psychology, I've never tried it but I think I'll steer clear!

  4. tutu blogo - come back!
    I feel your pain re the sleeping thing too - don't stress, honestly, don't. It has happened to me before and if I told you about what happened with my 1st child - HONESTLY you wouldn't have a 2nd HONESTLY!

    You know what - I think the weekend off is definitely what you should do - I'm only new to blogging (though secret reading for a long time), but I think I am going to have weekends off as I know I will run out of steam and consistency is the key.

    Even for 2 weeks perhaps do Monday, Wednesday and Friday - we'll survive!

    Also - whilst I'm here.

    You mentioned you wanted to give your blog a makeover.
    Well - give it one - take time off from blogging for a fortnight and perhaps do a new look - it might refresh you in all ways to have new thoughts for blogging


  5. We've dropped the "nap" and replaced with "quiet time". That involves chilling on the couch with a milk bottle, DVD & blankie, with the curtains closed. More often than not she dozes off and I let her nap for 45 min to 1hr. Then I open the curtains & turn the TV off & she wakes up slowly.

    I think it's not as deep a sleep, nor as long, but still avoid the major no sleep grumps & late night playtime.

  6. After visiting Tresillian sleep clinic last year and doing so,so well.... we have hit a bump in the road sleep road aswell.
    It might just be the weather, it might be eye teeth playing up, but the last 2 or 3 weeks have seen Flynn waking up at least once a night and not being able to go back to sleep in his own bed... which means we've fallen back into the old " oh, he can just hop in here with us for a few hrs " trick. However - co-sleeping is so NOT my thing. There is only so many kicks in the back and hair pulling a mama can take...

  7. Of course you're a blogger. Does a writer with writer's block no longer call themselves a writer?
    Both hubby and I decided to not do work on the weekend. I think it actually helps you refocus come Monday morning because you haven't been thinking about your blog for 2 days.

    As for your toddler, all of mine did exactly the same thing. I just dropped the day sleep every second day.

    Congrats on passing your uni exam. Hey P's for degrees ;-)

    Love & stuff
    Mrs M

  8. I can't let her nap if she does she is up until 10pm & that kills me. Because I like to have me time.

    So NOW I keep her busy & just give her quite time we read books, paint or draw or I exercise while she plays. If she does sleep its usually in the car when we are about to get off gets off cranky but then becomes her nice self.


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