Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Monday

Mondays aren't usually the brightest days so I thought a happy start to the day would make at least me feel better about the day ahead (usually a cleaning day). So here goes. If you want to join in please link to your post in the comments. Smiles :)

"What unites all beings is their desire for happiness"
Dalai Lama


  1. So true. Aren't we all up so early this morning! Everyone has posted on their blogs already and it is only 6.30am. Unless they're smart and schedule them... and I am the only dope who actually does her post on the spot, in the moment! A-M xx

  2. Hi Ames

    I LOVE MONDAYS :)))))))

    Sorry I do sound a sick person don't I, I've always loved Monday's.

    It's the fresh new start - I think. The new plans, the intentions (you know they never get completed) - but all the new fresh mental lists I have.

    Have a lovely day too (cleaning if it may be).

    L x

    (PS how do I link thingys that you said to do :(


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