Saturday, July 2, 2011

Addicted. Obsessed. #TheBlock

I've kept a secret from this blog.

I don't like weekends. That's not entirely true. No, I don't like one thing about weekends and I do get bored.

7pm comes around and I'm not sitting in front of the TV with subtitles on and my phone in my hand. Why? The Block of course! I'm obsessed. 5pm comes along on weekdays and I get the jitters. I want it now! 7:30pm comes around way too quickly and if I'm lucky and it was an hour long episode it still goes way too quick. I've also watched it afterwards to see if I missed anything.
I am envious of the shopping, I wish I could do it tomorrow. I would love to paint our unit. Our bathroom is a gastly lime green and our living areas a horrid yellow that does not suit our furniture. If we could we would have changed it yesterday. 

It's not only that which intrigues me to The Block. I love the houses. Terraces have my heart especially after staying in Newtown. My dream is to renovate or live in my perfect terrace in the heart of Newtown. Mind you after watching further episodes of The Block I may not want to renovate anything anywhere.

The shopping and the terraces are not the only reasons why I watch The Block though. It's also the contestants; Polly and WazJosh and JennaRod and Tania and Amie and Katrina (links are to their facebook pages). Each couple are so likeable! Their personality's shine through in every way. I do have my favourites though, Katrina and Amie

The sisters are so much fun to watch. I love their positive attitudes like skipping and 'window' shopping during the first challenge. Plus so far I'm loving their style. They aren't afraid to be daring and bold, but still stylish as they showed in their first room that saw them onto The Block.
Katrina is also on twitter and she is so lovely. Always willing to talk and answer questions. It's easy to see she's loving watching her journey on The Block and is so thankful to have had this opportunity. I'm also enjoying reading her journey through her blog, Katrina Chambers. We also share a love for an amazing woman, A-M. Anyone who loves A-M is worth loving!

Do you love The Block? Who is your favourite couple?


  1. I love the block. The kids are addicted too.

  2. You know what? I think i would love " The Block " except that its on at the same time as " Masterchef " and my heart belongs to it first...

  3. Meeeee toooo! ... and you are lovely to me. A-M xx

  4. Ooooh - I LOVE the Block - I've missed so many episodes though, and it makes me sad! I have to find a way to catch up!!

  5. I LOVE the Block. I am still undecided in my absolute fave but its gotta be either Polly and Waz or Josh and Jenna.


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