Friday, July 15, 2011

Me, Me, Me

I like blogs. I like lists. I like combining likes.

I like Amy's blog, New Adventures In Dreamworld, and she combined my loves thanks to another amazing blog, Maxabella Loves. A whole bunch of other amazing blogs have also joined in (find them in the comments of this post). They interviewed themselves. Genius right!? Well, guess what? Yep, I'm interviewing myself. Right now.
I was so cute. Mum's hair was so bad.
My earliest memory is Expo 1988. I remember the big beetles on the massive white poles. That's about it. I think that's my earliest memory anyway.

My school report usually said Amy talks too much, if she listened and applied herself to the tasks she could do well. 

My first relationship was a disaster. My first serious boyfriend anyway. A disaster that taught me a lot about myself and relationships.

I don't like talking about maths. I suck at it, it bores me and I hate it. Please don't talk to me about it.

My most treasured possession is my teddy bear, Turner. I've had him forever, he's been to hospital and holidays with me. 

My father always told me he loves me.

In the movie of my life, I'd be played by I'd like to say Kate Hudson or Drew Barrymore. That'd be nice.

I wish I had travelled when I was younger and able to. I would have gone on a spiritual journey. Actually no I wouldn't have, that's what I'd do now. I would have gone on a massive pub crawl back then.

I wish I hadn't wasted so much money on shit when I was straight out of school. I was so dumb with money.

My most humiliating moment was umm... I don't know. Really I don't.

My guiltiest pleasure is good, unhealthy food. I don't call it guilty though as I don't feel guilty.

My last meal would be really big and delicious. I'd like to enter a food coma after eating wonderful, yummy food. Most likely churros, ice-cream, Grill'd burger, tartare sauce, chips and champagne.
Opa and me at Christmas
So there you go. Me interviewing me. 

What are your answers?


  1. that's a great post - very honest and amusing.
    I had a couple of head nodding moments myself :)



  2. THanks for the shout out! Also, way cute picture of toddler you.... and your report card sounds like mine, down to the name and everything :p

  3. Hehe, I like lists too. "My father always told me he loves me." That's utterly precious...
    You and your blog are cool. :)
    Ronnie xo


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