Monday, July 18, 2011

Sesame - Six Weeks

Today we had Sesame's second scan after the failed first scan.

I'm happy to say that there is only one Sesame and the heartbeat was normal for around this time. We couldn't see much at all which is disappointing but apparently I'm only six weeks, four days pregnant. I don't really care as we HEARD THE HEARTBEAT! We didn't hear Lufflump's heartbeat until I was about twenty weeks pregnant.
Sesame scan photo!
Lufflump came in this time and was hilarious. He was so serious telling us what was happening complete with hand motions and laughed when we all did. Such a funny little man.

This pregnancy is so different from Lufflump's;

One; I am so tired all the time. During my first trimester last time I was working 60+ hour weeks on a mango farm (in the office) in Katherine, NT. I had three days off the whole time we were up there. Now, I'm having a two hour nap during the day and in bed before nine most nights. The doctor said something about having a child to chase around but I think it's more than that. I'd like more energy please!

Two; I'm sick and I wasn't sick with Lufflump. I think I spewed twice the whole time and that was more from anxiety as I was catching flights those days. Now, I'm lucky if I don't get sick at all during the day. It's been mainly evening sickness which sucks as that's when the mister works. I'm now addicted to mints and drinking SO MUCH SODA WATER!
Thanks mum!
Three; Until I heard the heartbeat today I wasn't quite sure whether it was gas or a baby. A gas baby. Seriously, I've never farted this much in my life! 

Four; I'm an emotional mess. Oprah is unofficially banned. I can not get through one episode without hysterically crying. I think it's the music. I'm crying through the happy moments, blah moments and of course the sad moments. Unless I want a good cry I'm no longer watching Oprah.

Five; I've gained weight. I did gain weight with Lufflump early on but nothing like this. I wore my jeans until I was in my second trimester with him. I now wear maternity jeans. Seriously. WTF? I haven't gained any weight in a couple of weeks though. I think. My ass does, however, have a life of it's own.
Ten weeks pregnant with Lufflump
Five weeks pregnant with Sesame
So that's how this pregnancy is going. I have another doctors appointment tomorrow where she will refer me to the RBH Birth Centre so *fingers crossed* I get in. It's the closest I can get to a home birth which the mister is petrified of. In fact he's petrified of having to go through birth again. Poor guy. I wish dad's got similar hormones we do where they forgot the horror and just remember the outcome.

Have you had a baby at a birth centre? How was it?


  1. Look at your gorgeous Sesame belly! With any luck, mine will look like that before the year is out...
    And no, i didnt have Flynn at a birth centre, but i did have him without his daddy being present - my man is a sook apparently!

  2. I can really relate to your soda water addiction. I had the same with both of mine though mostly during the 3rd trimester. And yes, the gas (ugh!) with m recent bub was horrible. I think mine lasted about 20 weeks. I was SO glad when it settled! Here's wishing your undesirable symptoms settle real soon.

  3. You can still birth at home as your low risk. The birth centre is really good. Really really hard to get into though, more so now for everyone on the other side of the river as the catchment area has been cut way back.

    Good luck!! :D

  4. You are so little! Congratulations!!! Always so fun and exciting to get those reassuring signs.

  5. I had my son at a birth centre - it was great. My midwife let me birth the way I wanted and I got a water birth (which most hospitals don't allow these days).

    Congratulations on hearing the heartbeat :) It's always very exciting!

  6. I am not sure if where I gave birth is considered a birth centre but I did not give birth in a hospital- I gave birth to both my kids in a clinic.

    Noah was in a freestyle labour room but my labours were so quick with both boys it probably was not necessary- I as in a tatami/floored room with a midwife until it came time to push and the doctor came in.

    With Shion I gave birth less than 15 mins after I arrived at clinic and he was early so it was a giant panic because he needed to be transferred to a place with NICU.

    Breastfeeding help was good for N and mainly midwife care afterwards.

    Experience was good. No drug options in Japan either way.

  7. No birth centre stories for you, I'm afraid as I was high risk and they don't look at patients like me,lol.

    But. My 2nd pregnancy was similar = the fatigue. I know I had another child to look after, but OMG, I was so tired. And I put on weight from the word go. Soooo early, whereas with Alexander I didn't look pregnant until really late, with Sam, my body just went "Oh yeah, I remember. And then let itself hang out".


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