Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Buying For Two

We got our tax back today! Such good news especially as we were down to under $50 with bread, nappies, medication and dinner to buy. We bought more than that today.

When we found out about Sesame we went through what we needed to buy. We realised that mostly we needed new stuff for Lufflump rather than new stuff for Sesame. 

Today we bought Lufflump a new bed and mattress while also ordering in a bigger car seat for him. Sesame did get something ordered in too; a cocoon for the stroller. Exciting right!? 

We still need to go shopping tomorrow to buy a doona, sheets, bottles, and clothes (again most of it's for Lufflump) but today I can relax knowing that tomorrow the mister will be putting together this bed;
It even has flashing lights! Buy it here


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