Monday, August 1, 2011

Conference #nonnb #nnb2011

While most of Australia's bloggers were at the Nuffnang Bloggers Conference in Melbourne on Saturday I was not. Instead of pre #nnb2011 drinks, conference and post #nnb2011 drinks I looked after a sick toddler, was sick in bed both Friday and Saturday nights before 7:30 and drooled over everyone's #nnb2011 tweets. It wasn't all bad though. I did nap every afternoon, spent most of Saturday home alone watching what I wanted to watch, got my hair done and spent time with the mister, Lufflump and my dad. Did I mention my early bed times? Bliss.
Home alone Saturday watching The Renovators
Do I wish I had gone to Melbourne? Honestly, no. Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to meet all the amazing bloggers who attended the conference but I know I would have felt anxious the whole time and sick in the evenings. I'd much rather see those amazing people when I'm healthier and can drink. I don't think dancing on tables sober has the same feeling as after a few drinks.
Having cuddle attacks instead of going to #nnb2011
The conference did get me thinking though. There are another two conferences for bloggers that I'm aware of and they are both in Melbourne. Another two I cannot attend. I just financially and physically cannot do it. I wish I could though. I wonder how many other people in Brisbane are in my shoes. Or in Adelaide or Perth or Darwin? Places that seem to be forgotten when it comes to blogging conferences. I understand the reasoning behind it (more bloggers in Sydney and Melbourne as well as businesses) but that still doesn't help me or other bloggers who aren't able to leave their families or travel.

So what if Brisbane had it's own bloggers conference? Of course people could travel from other states and areas to us and it's closer to Darwin than Melbourne is. Plus it would mean I and other Brisbane bloggers would be able to attend. There's a catch though. I have NO idea how to organise these things, I've never organised a conference let alone an event for bloggers. Sure, I have ideas like venue and numbers but that's where it stops. 

I'm putting the call out to the experienced, talented and knowledgable bloggers out there, would you like to help me hold a conference here in Brisbane? Maybe like a committee (is that the right word)? Or you could totally take over and do it yourself. As long as the outcome is the same I'm happy.

Please email me if you are interested in any way. Oh and you don't have to live in Brisbane, we can totally Skype!!


  1. Im happy to help however I can :)
    Event Planning is my specialty


  2. Miss Tutu


    I hope little poppet is ok now

    Well I for one would attend a brisbane conference - though sorry to say I can not have anything to do with the organising of it though.

    I do hope one day soon it could get here - though from what I have read it was quite a lot slanted towards a lot of the same category bloggers.
    As I wasn't there I can't confirm this but that doesn't sound the fairest of coverage.

    I will be on the promo tweeting side though if you need

    have a lovely day tutu



  3. Hope Lufflump is feeling better. Being a Darwin blogger, I would so be in for a blogcon in Brisbane. Melbourne is a pretty long flight just for the weekend, so something closer to hoe would make attending much easier. I have no idea how to plan these things though. If you figure it out, and need a hand, sing out, and I'll do what I can.

  4. I think it's very enterprising of you to think like this! There are so many fantastic bloggers in and around Brisbane. Happy to help out in any way :)

  5. Snap! I am also a Brisbane Blogger, & spent the weekend at home with a sick kidlet. I do wish I had of gone though, I really feel I missed out. Oh, well - next year, right?
    I think the best people to speak with would be Nuffnang? Great Idea to have a blog conference in Brisvegas!

  6. I didnt go either - firstly, Melbourne is over 10 hrs drive from where i live in central NSW ( and far too expensive to fly ) and secondly - i just dont feel like i'd fit in. Like my blog is far too small and insignificant to warrant my being there... does anyone else feel that way?

  7. Thank you for the vote of confidence and the offers of help.
    I'll be looking into it in the next few months and really get involved and I'll post about it too.

    Amy, you are so significant! This blog is newer and smaller than you. It's all about learning.

  8. I'm in BrisVegas too - there are regular blog meet-ups here but a conference would be very cool!


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