Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sesame - Twelve Weeks

We are there. Passed the horrid first trimester, finally. It feels like I've been pregnant forever although I sometimes forget I'm pregnant. It happened last time and I'll be the size of a house and forget again. Can I blame a bad case of baby brain?

I'm so glad I have energy back. I like the second trimester, apart from the hormones and big belly it's not like pregnancy takes over your body. Exhaustion and nausea don't take over your days like the first and last trimesters. I actually feel human again.

Oh and I've felt human as in womb human moving about. I didn't feel Lufflump until I was eighteen weeks pregnant but I swear I've felt Sesame this week. I know some of you said you felt the second baby a lot earlier than the first and I'm riding on that. I'm adamant I've felt Sesame move around. I like the first feelings as they don't hurt, there's no elbows or feet in awkward places.

My belly is definitely growing as are my boobs. Not complaining about the latter although I liked it when they weren't as sensitive. I've bought a Belly Belt pack so I can still wear my loved jeans. It works out a hell of a lot cheaper than buying maternity jeans too so the mister is extremely happy. I've also invested in some longer t-shirts that I'll be able to wear throughout my pregnancy. I still haven't bought anything else maternity (apart from a pair of jeans that collect every bit of lint and two maternity bras) but I think I'll wait until I'm bigger.
12 weeks 4 days
Please excuse the belly shots the mister wasn't home to take them.


  1. Ames I am in love with your pointy belly! I got bigger so much earlier with #2 and like you was definitely feeling flutters very early on. I think it's probably because I knew what they were, whereas first time I had no clue what to expect.
    Very excited for you :)

  2. Yay for second trimester!!

    Lovely belly :) I felt the last two very early on, I think you're much more sensitive to it after your first :)


  3. You have the cutest little bump happening. It's tiny but it's there!

  4. How cute. Is that bump?!

    Oh and I love the new blog look too!

    Congrats on second trimester!

  5. a little tutu is coming - will it always be sesame or will it move to cashew?


  6. Time is freakin flying by! I remember when you told me and I was all secret squirrel :P
    Your growing belly looks awesome xxx

  7. Thank you! Everyone keeps saying it's more a food baby than a human baby. I'm lucky and don't have a bump there usually so this is massive for me!

    I think it'll always be Sesame, it's sticking now :)

    Time is flying but it feels like I've already been pregnant forever! Another six months...


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