Thursday, August 4, 2011

Food Habits

I love food. Chocolate especially. The mister shares my love of chocolate and we are known to buy a weeks worth of chocolate and eat it in a day. I've heard it's good for you. Something about endorphins. I know you can get them while exercising but eating chocolate is so much better. Also, chocolate apparently sets off similar chemicals in your brain that falling in love does.

Lufflump, however, does not like chocolate. He's eaten it before but doesn't like it. He'd much prefer to eat savoury food like olives, chips and anything really salty. I think it was because I ate chocolate and cake all throughout my pregnancy with him. I caused his dislike of sweets. It works out well though. We, adults, eat the chocolate while Lufflump eats apples, oranges, olives or vegemite sandwiches. Apparently that's healthier than chocolate.
Eating Barbie is NOT recommended
Lufflump doesn't like a lot of things. In fact he refuses to eat a lot. He does love certain foods though like sausages. I think he could eat sausages forever. He also likes spicy food especially curries. Let's not forget yoghurt. He makes yoghurt companies rich. In fact we are looking to buy a yoghurt machine to save money, that's how much yoghurt he consumes. The only time he eats vegies are when they are on pizza.

I worry. The mister tells me I shouldn't, that his body will eat what it needs to, but I still worry. It's part of being a mother isn't it? I worry that he isn't getting the nutrients he should be from vegetables. I worry that he drinks too much milk and that he should be using cups instead of bottles. I worry that he eats too much vegemite, doesn't that have a lot of salt in it?

He does eat fruit, an apple and orange at least, every day. Sometimes he'll eat carrot but more often than not he just chews then spits it out (like an old man). 

I know this isn't a common toddler problem so please help me out with suggestions. What do you put in your kid's lunch box?


  1. Sausages, fruit and milk - it's pretty balanced. Stop worrying. :)

  2. I was told when my first was young by many mums, child health nurses and even the GP, that kids never starve. As long as they're not eating crap all day every day, and you continue to expose them to new tastes and flavours (or ones they don't like) regularly, they will get enough to eat. They instinctively seem to know what the need. Am sure your little one is fine, as long as you keep him away from the barbie dolls!

  3. Flynn loves fruit, but isnt so keen on vegies. He will capsicum and usually carrot - and he loves sweet potato! He also likes sausages and devon, and will eat small bits of most other meat. He smashes down spaghetti or mexican nachos mince.... i figure as long as he gets a bit of this, a bit of that.... he'll live.

  4. My daughter was the same, especially with yogurt and sausages! She still doesn't eat a lot of meat now, but I make sausage rolls with grated veg in them and drown them in sauce - that's always a winner.
    Homemade stuff works for us, I make our own chicken nuggets with veg, lots of hidden veg in pasta dishes, meatballs, even kebabs/shaslicks with sliced capsicum and onion because she thinks they're fun!
    Like Bronnie said, as long as you keep exposing them to different stuff eventually they will catch on. It's taken me 2 years to get my girl to eat mushrooms and now she loves them :)

  5. Lufflump loves a diet just like my two! Curry (Briyani is their fave), sausages, yoghurt and some plain rice is the ultimate in their book, ugh x

  6. Noah is the same with veggies.

    He will ahve veggies mixed in with his dinner {which we almost always eat with rice- if we are not eating pasta} - tonight we had beef stroganoff. It had onions, mushrooms, garlic root, asparagus and brocolli- I just cut them up fine. He ate it all and a yogurt.

    If I feel he needs more veggies through the day I make him pizza for lunch or quesadilla`s with ham, cheese and finely chopped veggies. Usualy put pesto or pizza sauce too.

    The other thing he loves is guacamole- so I mix up a batch and put it on sandwiches for him.

    These are just some ways I get him to eat veggies.

    Does tomato and cream cheese based pasta sauce with tons of veggies is always a hit here too- usually put capsicum, spinach, mushrooms, onion, celery, carrot in. Sometimes eggplant too. Basically anything goes!

    He is funny about foods he doesn`t recognize- at least at breakfast and lunch. So if he hasn`t had a particular fruit for a month and I try to give it to him again all hell breaks loose- all the stone fruit are out now but he hasn`t eaten any since December when we were in Australia so he refuses them all- I know if he tried them he would like them since he loves fruit but he won`t.

    Pain in the ass toddlers!


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