Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Admirable Women I Don't Secretly Hate

You know those mothers that you hear or read about and they are just so wonderful it makes you so envious you kinda hate them? You then meet them and they are so lovely you can't hate them but you still admire and want to be like them? No? Me either because you know that would be petty and weird. But let's say you do know what I'm talking about, humour me.

I know some of those mothers from blogging. Two that I can think of straight away. Two mothers and women who I admire and secretly hate because they make me look terrible and lazy. No, seriously these women are so lovely that you can not hate them even secretly.

One is Naomi from Seven Cherubs. Yes, she has seven gorgeous kids who are so well mannered and behaved. She even takes all seven kids shopping and to dinner. I struggle with one, I couldn't imagine seven. Naomi is the brains (and beauty) behind the Happiness Project which brought over one hundred bloggers together about one thing - being happy. Her current project is Cherishing Cherubs which is all about appreciating the little people in your life. 
Naomi isn't just amazing on her blog either. No, she is one of the most lovely people I've ever met. She is cute, sweet and oh so nice. Every time I see her I want to give her a BIG hug. She's the type of person that radiates happiness and makes you want to be a better person. She's contagious! I may or may not have a mummy crush on her.

The other mummy I really admire is Kelly from Be a Fun Mum. If you are one of her 273 followers on Instagram you'll know why this woman is so admirable. Her photos are all about her and her kids doing stuff like going to the park, going on adventuresdoing craft and beaching it. They always seem to be doing something and I usually am still in bed while looking at her amazing photos. 
I met Kelly last week at the Kelloggs Mum Brunch and she really does glow. She also was wearing some awesome white lace stockings and I scared her little boy but anyway her smile can brighten up a room. She makes you want to smile and she has that Oprah thing where she makes you feel like the most important person in the world. I may or may not also have a mummy crush on her.

There are so many mothers and women who I admire but these two are the ones that stand out to me. I believe it's their positivity towards parenting, life and others. It's like they wake up on the right side of the bed every morning. They aren't pretentious either, it's just them living the best life they can for themselves and their family. That's beautiful and admirable.

Do you know a woman/women you admire but don't secretly hate?


  1. I feel that way about Naomi, too. I am amazed at not only what she is able to achieve, but how she does it. She is one of those mums I love to hate, but she is so damn nice! And helpful! How dare she be so nice...! She is definitely teaching me a thing or two about mothering, even if I have to be dragged there kicking and screaming. She is the kind of mother I aspire to be.

    And I love Kelly, too. For the same reasons. You are right, she has an amazing smile and is incredibly friendly. She greets you like a long lost friend. And she is so tall!

    I'm also a little bit in love with Eden, I wish I had her gift with words and her honesty. She is definitely my bloggy crush. But, shhhhhh! Please don't tell her....

  2. Couldn't have said it better myself!

  3. I have a few blog-crushes.
    I'm a stalker though, so if i spill the beans then they might find out it's actually me in the bushes outside their bedroom window :X

  4. Oh my goodness, you're gorgeous Ames. That is the nicest thing someone has said to me in a long time. Seriously brought tears to my eyes. Don't worry about my son, lol...he's going through a huge "shy" phase at the moment. Wish we could have chatted some more... so I could look at your beautiful skin and eyes...

    I love your spunk!

    I couldn't have described Naomi any better! She simply lovely.


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