Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sesame - Eight Weeks

I've missed a week. Sesame did have a seventh week in the womb but it wasn't very eventful.

I don't feel pregnant. I know I am but I don't feel it. I know I didn't feel pregnant last time until late in the third trimester. I'm still getting sick in the evenings. I stopped drinking soda water as my stomach ended up feeling like it was on fire every time I did. Cordial and water seems to upset my stomach too. I'm now drinking a couple of glasses of coke or other soft drink as it seems to have the right amount of bubbles. The mister actually picked up a couple of bottles of mineral water for me to try so I'll give that a go tomorrow when he's home.

I've been sooking when the mister goes to work which is every night. I know it's not fair but I'd gotten used to him being home more and now he's gone every night coming home when I'm asleep. I think once this sickness is gone (it hasn't been every night lately so fingers crossed that's a sign) I'll be used to him working and feel grateful again. Until then I'm going to try and bite my tongue.

Lufflump has been wonderful. If I'm sick we both turn everything off and head to bed to watch movies sometimes for three hours before he falls asleep. He doesn't even try and get out of bed which helps me so much. I can't wait till we won't have this routine anymore. It's not fair to him and I'm forever grateful that he has been helping me out whenever I tell him mummy feels sick.

I haven't gained more weight (that I know of) but I'm still not prepared to put my jeans into storage. It took me so long last time and I think that it will take until I swap my winter wardrobe for my summer wardrobe. So a while. I can't wait until I have a belly so I stop just looking like I have bad muffin top. Vain I know.
8 weeks
My anxiety has also sky rocketed and I have become a major hermit. I haven't left the house since last Wednesday (drive way doesn't count). I know it's because I've been sick and the last thing I want is to be sick when I'm out and about. Thankfully the mister understands and has been so helpful. Today he did the grocery shopping all by himself and bought a fancy steam mop thingy (it looks more like a vacuum cleaner).

I can't say I'm enjoying this pregnancy yet. I know I will. I hope I will. I know it's all worth it at the end so I'm more than happy to stick it out. I can't wait to hold Sesame for the first time. Just under 220 days to go!


  1. It WILL get better! I hope that is very soon!

  2. It sucks that your anxiety is acting up but i'm gona send you all my positive, confident vibes and hope that you feel able to get and about soon!

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  4. Thank you lovelies. I feel better each day. I can't wait till I can properly enjoy it.

  5. Oh gee that brought back memories! Shocking time. But believe it or not it doesn't last and the outcome is well worth it! I'm already hanging to do it all again. Coke is great!!! And jam donuts!

  6. Oh I hear you on anxiety :/ Actually I was much better anxiety-wise when pregnant! I wish I could stay pregnant forever! (without the whole giving birth and having a baby thing). But yeh, well versed in the hermit thing too. I hope you feel better soon! :)


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