Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I've been MIA (missing in action) on here I know.

Lufflump is getting teeth which means he has been sleeping terribly with a temperature. We spent the weekend down at my mum's (complete with a trip to a Wedding Expo - a post is in the works) and arrived home Monday to a sick mister. Yesterday I slept when Lufflump slept then the mister went to work (sick) so there was no real time for blogging yesterday.

Today I've been addicted to Pinterest and organising our first Halloween party which is to be Zombie themed. 

The mister is still sick and Lufflump is better but still not 100%. His eyes are really odd and his cheeks are bright red. Teething sucks. I thought he already had his two-year-old molars but apparently they have two sets of molars if the two-year-old ones are through? Molars are cruel.
Vegemite toast, orange and rice crisps for dinner
The mister has gone to work because everyone else called in sick. Warning: whinging begins. I know he is working hard seven days a week so we don't have to worry about money and I appreciate that but I miss him. He has always worked long weeks but recently he had a few weeks off so I got used to him being home. It was wonderful having him home when I was getting evening sickness (which has thankfully settled down) but he started working seven days a week when I was still getting sick. I really noticed him not being here. I miss having dinner with him even one night a week. I miss having us time without having to do anything else. I miss being awake when he comes home. I told him today that for his health and our family he needs to ask for Monday nights off. Not only am I missing him but I'm also worried he'll burn himself out especially now he is sick. End whinge.

Want to check out some awesome zombie stuff I've pinned? There is some serious stuff over here.


  1. Oh tutu

    I am so sorry for little pops teethy problems - I remember all that not that long ago - and I am a total heart on my sleeve mother - I feel what they feel.

    It will pass I know- I once said to a doctor exasperated in my feelings at a consultation, I expressed how there seems to be "one thing after another" and she replied - it is always a roller coaster ride with children - you will have many highs and many low moments.

    take care miss zombie and take nurturing that my tutu will back by your side soon enough - it is so lovely to see you love one another so much.



  2. It's so hard to balance the work thing, money being a necessary evil and all, I hope the mister gets a break soon and you are all feeling better so you can spend some quality family time together. xx

  3. #1 Agreed - molars are poo.
    #2 I really wana see the Wedding Expo post
    #3 Hope your man listens to you and gets some time off - especially as you progress in your pregnancy, which will be hard for you...and the harder it is on you, the harder it will be for everyone else... good luck chicky!


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