Thursday, August 25, 2011

Date Day

The mister is still working heaps. I'm still irritated that we don't have our weekends together BUT he has cut down his hours so at least I see him for more than an hour on the weekends. Plus I'm not sick anymore so it's not a massive deal looking after Lufflump. Wow I sound like a babysitter rather than a mother. Bad mother.

Anyway, last night I was thinking that the mister does SO much for me yet he hardly does anything for himself and he deserves SO much. I told him we were going into the city for a pampering day. Me to get a manicure and my eyebrows done and him to have a massage. He didn't want a massage, he'd rather shop. What is it with guys and pampering? So we headed into the city for a city day.
New eyebrows
I got my eyebrows done at Benefit Cosmetics. While they are darker and thicker than I'm used to, I like them. The girls were lovely too which always makes it a better experience. I also got two maternity bras, a Jim Morrison (male) shirt and an awesome singlet with built in bra. The mister got a shirt and awesome headphones. We also had a delicious lunch at a restaurant we love. The first time we went there we sat at these half tables and I knocked my whole lunch off the table onto the floor. At the time the mister and I were having a conversation about similar experiences where we both thought the customer should have to pay for another meal/drink. The staff were amazing and quickly brought out another meal which they gave to us for free. We are now loyal customers. One shitty thing did happen; I finally got the balls to get snake bites (piercings on both sides of my bottom lip), after fifteen minutes of talking it out with the piercer I remembered I was pregnant. Of course that means they can't do them so now I have seven months until I can get my balls back. Dammit!
Ignore the dirty mirror and check out those pregnancy boobies!
The day wasn't made wonderful by what we bought or paid for. It was wonderful for me because it felt like we weren't parents, we were a couple again. Today I fell more in love with my wonderful man. He didn't get pampered or feel like a king like he deserves, so I asked him what would make him feel like a king. The simple things obviously, he wanted the house back in order. So I've spent all afternoon and night doing just that for him. I even did the shitty jobs like taking the rubbish out and organising the bills. 

I can't wait till he comes home. My king can relax tomorrow before he embarks on an eleven hour shift.


  1. Hi tutu

    SO glad you had a lovely day together - it is so important!

    Snake bites - you've taught me something - from my sheltered street life.

    owwwww is all I can say


  2. That sounds like the kind of thing i wanted to do last weekend with Mick - be a couple again while Flynn slept over at Grandma and Poppys.... until the stupid man went to a mates house for an " hr or two " in the afternoon and called 8pm for a lift home, smashed off his chops! Luckily after a big cry and a bit of woe-is-me i forgave him...

  3. Aww, you're so sweet. It's so hard to stay connected, especially when one of you is sick and the other working loooong hours. Throw in a kid or two (or a half, in your case) and you have a recipe for lonely, both of you.

    I'm so glad you got to reconnect. I'm thinking (depending on how bad my boys' colds get) of stealing Joel away for dinner and a movie this weekend. Just some 'us' time.

    You look beautiful in that pic. It jumped out at me from my reader, so pretty.

  4. You lok gorgeous! Preggo boobies are a bit wonderful too! I'm glad the two of you got some times together, it can be really hard in day to day business to just take some time out!

  5. P.S. Your new blog design? SO YOU and so great! Melissa has done a great job!

  6. Yay for date days! You just reminded me thar husband & I are LONG overdue for some alone time. How wonderful are benefit? They are helping me make my eyebrows more similar. Who did u have?
    Love to you 3 & a 1/2.
    Nat. X
    Ps playdates soon when I'm not innundated with work. (stupid everyone going away all at once!)


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