Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm Back... I Think...

I think I'm back. I think I'm going to stop abandoning this blog. 

Where have I been? Physically, my mum's house and home. Mentally, bed. I've been sick. Bedridden with the flu, vomiting and then a nasty double outer ear infection which landed me in hospital. Lufflump has also been sick with a nasty case of the flu which also landed him in hospital. That was over a week ago and we are both still unwell. I can't hear quiet or long distant noises which is extremely annoying and apparently will last another five or so weeks. It's taken it's toll on not only me and Lufflump but our whole family. I couldn't even see my dad on his birthday because we were still contagious. 

Twitter has been my only contact with the outside world and even that felt like too much work most times. I became a hermit, not even touching a computer for over a week - the most time I have stayed away from one since I was eleven. Bed became my home, most days I'd wake around 8am, napped for five hours during the day then back in bed at 7pm. Friday was the last day of that. Today I only napped for a couple of hours. It's getting better.

I haven't answered emails and the ones I have answered I barely remembering answering. I have neglected wonderful people (I'm sorry) and I'm slowly getting back on board. Today was the first time I spent over an hour on the computer.

So that's where I've been (bed) for the last week and a bit. I'm back now and making sure I don't get sick again eating lots of fruit and drinking lots of mineral water or fruit juice.
Fruit salad and yoghurt dinner


  1. Oh miss tutu,
    I know how dreadful you've been. I am so sorry again for you - beyond awful!

    You still need to take a lot of time - don't rush - we'll still be here.

    Big hugs to you


  2. I did wonder. Feel better soon. I'm glad you're getting looked after. Is the little man on the mend? Take you're time. We're all here. Sending you lots of xxxx (from a safe distance).

  3. Feel better soon, Ames! Also, BELLY SHOT ploise!


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