Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Death (Hasn't) Become Her (Yet)

Eden has a new challenge this week; funeral song. We have a busy day planned (birth centre appointment, Apple store to get my macbook and iphone fixed, groceries, housework - I really should be cleaning the kitchen right now) so I thought this would be an easy blog post to pump out.

I remember planning out my funeral in a classmate's book in year twelve. It included a glitter pink coffin, balloons, fairy floss and everyone wearing rainbow colours. I'm also sure it included Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel'; such a generic funeral song that I'm sure most girls in my class would have included it;
That was about nine years ago though and it's changed now. You play that at my funeral and it better be your choice rather than mine.

It depends how I die though. Fuck it, regardless of how I die I want my all time favourite quote from 'The End' by The Doors (from 4:48 in their live version);
Don't let me die in an automobile
I want to lie in an open field
I want the snakes to suck my skin
I want the worms to be my friend
I want the birds to eat my eyes
As here I lie
The clouds fly by
Other than that I would love to have one of my favourite Pink Floyd songs, Shine On You Crazy Diamond;
Also this song is a MUST! If I don't have this I'm going to haunt people.
Did I mention I have a strange obsession with death? I love skulls, cemeteries, hearses but hate funerals and am petrified not of death but of not living. I'd take one of those live forever pills so I would never leave the ones I love.   

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  1. I haven't planned my funeral, but I have been to a few now and two songs are forever changed because of hearing them at funerals. The first is Amazing Grace, especially if it's played on bagpipes. The second is Imagine by John Lenon. I can never hear those songs now without feeling sad and remembering the people are no longer with us. My step-Mum feels the same way about Amazing Grace, she hates to hear it now.

    1. I agree, those songs are apt funeral songs and I too can't hear them without feeling sad.

      Also my cousin sang 'Over the Rainbow' at my Gramps' funeral and I cry every time I hear it. I call it my crying song.

  2. Hello sweetheart ... bloody AWESOME song choices! I live all of them. And you.

    Thanks for joining in! XXXX

    1. Thanks wonderful! Live you for thinking of these memes, they are so good!


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