Thursday, February 16, 2012

Let Me Tell You A Trade Secret

I love shopping especially when I get bargains! Anything under full price is a bonus for me, especially when it comes to kid/baby clothes. I honestly cannot fathom spending a ton of money on clothes that will only be worn for a few months.

This is where Trade Secret comes in to play. They deal directly with the brands rather than be an outlet store which means no middle man and more savings, in fact up to 60% in savings. The mister and I have bought a bunch of clothes for us and lufflump many times. We like good quality, inexpensive clothes which is what Trade Secret has to offer. The best part is that they put both the retail and Trade Secret price on the tags so you can easily see the saving!
At the moment they are having a wonderful sale on Osh Kosh clothing. The clothes are so cute but be warned they are a bit on the big size. Lufflump doesn't fit into the size two clothes he got but hopefully he'll have a bit of a growth spurt and will be able to wear them in winter. 
Cute clothes for lufflump
I find it so hard to find inexpensive rompers in lufflump's size but what do you know, Trade Secret have them and they're part of the massive sale currently on. I've already got a whole shopping list prepared from the Osh Kosh sale catalogue for both sesame and lufflump. No doubt the mister and I will also pick up some clothes from there too!
More pink stuff!!
Disclosure: I received two shirts, three bibs, jacket and pants for Lufflump and Sesame courtesy of Trade Secret. EDIT: A voucher was also offered and accepted. All opinions expressed are purely my own.


  1. yay for trade this shop! My MIL lives around the corner from one so every visit requires a drop in hehe

    1. That sounds like an awesome idea! I take it you visit often ;)


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