Friday, February 24, 2012

Sesame - Week Thirty-Eight

Dear sesame,

We first found out about your existence thirty-three weeks ago, approximately 231 days ago. My first blog post about you was back in June. That's a long time especially for someone as impatient as your mother.

There are now only thirteen days until you are due to enter the world. I thought you were ready last night. I've actually been a bit sick all week so I'm expecting you to start the process any day now. I expect it to be quite painful, more than it was with your brother. I expect to not be able to sleep because I'll be too infatuated with you, just like I was and am with your brother.
Got the pregnancy itch!
This pregnancy has been totally different to what I experienced with your brother. Good and bad. With you I've been sick, lethargic, had low iron and blood pressure and a sore pelvis which has been quite unpleasant. On the other hand I've also been able to feel you from twelve weeks and you've given us all such entertainment with your wild and obvious movements. I also gained more weight with your brother which I didn't exactly enjoy.

I cannot wait until you are here. Here in my arms. Here in your daddy's arms. Here getting hugs and kisses from your brother. Your grandparents are aching to meet you too.

A little girl. I know you'll be tough. You can't be in this family and not be a little rough, especially if your brother and father have any say. I think you'll be sensitive but with attitude. It seems that's what is happening already. You definitely have attitude!

I don't care when you arrive or how. All I care is that you arrive healthy and as happy as you can be.

I have hopes and I have dreams for you. I hope you are healthy and I dream that you follow your dreams throughout your life. I hope you will be happy. I hope you will be who you are and ask for help when you aren't. I hope you will feel the love we give you, the three of us and your extended family. I dream of a long future for you full of health, wealth, love and laughter. All the hopes and dreams a mother has for her child I have for you and your brother.

My little girl, I cannot wait until I can't fall asleep because all I want to do is stare at your beautiful face.

Love your mummy


  1. Awww - gorgeous! All you preggy bloggers are making me clucky and REALLY impatient to get up the duff again! lol
    I'm sure everything will go well - you look fantastic
    Good luck! Can't wait to see the newborn pics :D

    1. Hahaha thanks Kel!
      I'm sure when you're pregnant again I'll be exactly the same, CLUCKY!

  2. oh my gosh oh my gosh 13 days! im beyond excited for you!!! Will be thinking of you!!!!

    1. I've been predicting all along that today will be the day. Nothing yet so she's stubborn just like me ;)
      Thank you!

  3. Mwah Mummy! You are ready and I know you will be blissfully gazing at your beautiful daughter very soon. Xxxxx


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