Monday, February 6, 2012

Dream Hospital Bag

Although the birth centre stay is only short we still need to pack a hospital bag.

I can guarantee my hospital bag and contents are not glamorous. In fact I've bought the largest pairs of undies for a whole $1 to wear after the birth and simply throw out. That's how unglamorous I'm willing to be. Cheap clothes, underwear and anything that can be thrown out if it gets too much lovely gunk on it without feeling guilty.

I'd love to be one of those woman who have a glamorous hospital bag though so I'm going to do a dream hospital bag.

Starting with the all important bag which of course has a skull on it;
Lucky 13 Skull Overnight Bag $34.00
Next some pampering stuff to make the experience a little bit better. They can also be used afterwards by both the mister and me as long as they don't get gross;
Muscle Roller, Bath Pillow, Ultra Soft Wash Cloth from Body Shop
Shower and body essentials from the Body Shop which means quality, safe products;
Coconut Shower Cream, Vanilla Body Butter, DeoDry Deodorant from Body Shop
Massage oil and hair pampering again from the Body Shop;
Massage Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner from Body Shop
A lovely lace number that can be worn while giving birth, a pj set to wear after the birth and a tunic that can be worn to glam up while still at the hospital or on the way home. These are all from Peter Alexander. Quality clothes that look damn good;
Lacey Oversized Top, Daisy PJ Set, Summer Floral Tunic from Peter Alexander
Comfy, good quality clothes to wear home from the hospital. These clothes are light, loose yet look good;
Wrap Cardigan from Witjuti, Lounge Cape from Wellicious, Lounge Pants from Witjuti
The next necessity is of course maternity bras and undies;
Maternity Bra from Cake Lingerie, Undies from Bonds, Maternity Bra from Cake Lingerie
Hospital towels are fine and dandy but some extremely soft towels would be lovely as well as a beautiful throw for either the mister and I to use during labour. Lips can get dry quickly while in labour/giving birth so Lucas Papaw cream is a must plus it can be used for almost anything;
Bath Sheet and Throw from Laura Ashley, Lucas Papaw Ointment from Woolies
Can't forget the baby! Sesame would be dressed in light colours because she wouldn't have any exploding poos or spews. She'd look ADORABLE in these clothes;
Jacket, Booties, Dress, Leggings from Pumpkin Patch
Last we need snacks and reading material. iPhone has books, movies, music and social media to keep both the mister and me occupied. You never know how many snacks you need or exactly what you'll feel like on the day so this HUGE picnic pack is awesome as well as Coke. Always need Coke;
iPhone is mine, Picnic pack and Coke from Coles
I'm sure I've forgotten something, I always do. Luckily we live only 15mins away from the hospital and family members can always bring what we've forgotten. I left out the really boring stuff like maternity pads, breast pads, nappies, toothbrush and toothpaste - you know the boring essentials.
What would have been in your dream hospital bag?

Disclaimer: I don't own or have received any of these items from these companies. Oh except my iPhone which I purchased with the mister's money. I would like these products though which is why I'm blogging about them. They are pretty, yummy and smell nice.


  1. Your own pillow, you will rest so much better with your own.

    1. Oh yes definitely! One important thing I forgot. Thank you :)

  2. If you want a glamourous outfit for birthing, my friend Lucy (Lulu Unperfect) wore a sparkly pink strapless dress to birth her babies. Super funky :)

    My hospital bag is boring as, though I have to stay for up to 5 days being a c/section. YUCK!

    1. Oh that is adorable!

      At least you can relax a bit and not feel obligated to run around after everyone :)

  3. Hi Ames


    that's nice glamourous bag contents.

    I love the black and purple maternity bra - couldn't find anything like that when I needed it.
    Even the Elle MacPherson ones weren't that glamourous and looked more like a very large sports bra, ready for netball.

    have a wonderful day

    (ps - beautiful new look for your blog - very nice and fresh. It looks a very happy place).

    1. sorry - too quick there :)

      x Loulou

    2. Yep my maternity bras are not pretty ones. I just can't justify spending that much on bras that won't work with most of my outfits. Damn practicality.

      Thanks lovely!

  4. I haven't even started to think about my hospital bag yet.. I really should soon, although I still have 7ish weeks to go. I'm a bit in denial still I think!

    I LOVE those maternity bras! Very glamorous, maybe they will be my first purchase for my hospital bag...

    1. I've bought some stuff for mine but it remains unpacked. Probably should get around to it. I think I'm in denial too.

      They're beautiful bras :)

  5. When I finally get preggers again and I need to pack my hospital bag I am coming back to this post! Everything on it is exactly what I would want!!
    You rock, awesome woman :-D

  6. Love it! :) This certainly looks like the dream hospital bag!
    I'm now following your lovely blog after finding you through Digital Parents... come say hi at Just For Daisy! x

    1. Thanks so much Rebekah! Thank goodness for Digital Parents :)


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